The Express of Polarity or the Santa Clause of Politics.


During the previous 2008 campaign, I watched in absolute horror as John McCain  and Sarah Palin ran as Republican candidate and running mate.  Immediately, I sensed the stench of some idiot in some office somewhere thinking they could pass this off as a real campaign. Well first off, Palin should have had the Presidential slot if for nothing other than logical planning.  She was a fresh face who let’s face it…REPRESENTED women in a incredibly big way.  I mean McCain?  REALLY???  He reminded me of Johnny Knoxville’s parody of an old man on Jackass.  Of course I kept most of these thoughts to myself initially, until the interviews started. The first time I gave Sarah a pass.  I mean anyone can goof up an unscripted interview…until the next one came.  Then, I casually mentioned this in passing to another Republican friend. For this article I will call her Muffy.  She, like me had chanted Reagan’s name in the 80’s.  I as a young Repub about to vote…her an already seasoned and established voter.  She seemed to relate back to those days “with” Reagan, like some might about a dear old sweetheart from High School.  She was too excited with an upcoming visit of Ms. Palin to our Midwestern hometown to listen to any warnings of impending danger.  To her, this was a reason to relive the romance of the Politics of her youth.  This time through a savvy young female candidate.  It didn’t matter that Palin was nominated for second string.  You betcha yeah!  Well, I didn’t share her enthusiasm.  Not one little bit.  This compiled with the half-dead McCain was too much.

Here comes Barrack Obama.  There are some politically incorrect descriptions of his racial heritage, but this 43 year old is not about to use them.  It is too easy for anyone to use the race card as an excuse to vote or not to vote for a candidate.  So the media and others had to find a more important angle to thwart the Democratic effort to elect their candidate.  With a name like Barrack…I think you catch my draft. Let’s just say his citizenship and religious affiliation was a BIG issue.  So my friend, as many other Republican supporters did, attacked what they did not understand or care to.  In my friends blind love for Sarah, she defended her “down to earth” personality and simpleton attitudes.  I have privately thought my friend would have made a much better Liberal, as her heart bleeds so often for the supposed underdogs of the world.  She felt that I was a traitor of sorts for defying such a lovely example of a Republican.  I found NOTHING lovely about the insult of a party not preparing more efficiently for  an election.  It was not the Bush prepared organization, or even close to the glorious Reagan era campaign.  No…it had LOST something through the years.  Of course, so had my friend…and so had I.  Age does that.  Life does that. I had lost the innocence of a believing child in the “Santa Clause” of politics.  No, not a spell check error.  The truth, had finally come to light due to the wisdom of age.  But, I still wanted to believe.  She like the children on the playground of my youth, chided and taunted me for my disbelief in this entity known as the Republican Party.  In my confusion I caved and voted for John McCain in 2008.

Looking back to my belief in Santa Claus, it was much like my belief in the Republican party.  I saw signs that someone (not a fat man in a sleigh, we had no fireplace or chimney) was putting those  presents under the tree every year.  However no one could seem to explain why I didn’t always get what I asked for.  It is much the same in a voter’s result of an election.  You praise the candidate and request things of them and he or she, ahem…promises or not to give it to you and all who flock to their altar.  Well by this 2012 campaign I was a believer no more.

When you were a child did you ever pull on Santa’s beard?  I would bet most of us did at least once.  Well, during the 2012 campaign, I did something like that.  I figured it was a phonyesque (yes I invented that word…artisic license)  I approached my friend Muffy about this fact.  I pointed out that it was quite obvious and shameless of the party to pick a Mormon and a Catholic.  I pointed out that these are two of the biggest organized Religions in the world, and to oppose Muslim related opposition…well I think you catch my drift.  Well she did not and didn’t have a clue as to whether this was an issue.  She acted much as a 3rd grade friend I had (I emphasize HAD), who when confronted with the reality of NO Santa retaliated.  Like in the Santa case of 1978, Muffy condescended to me and insulted my intellectual integrity and deductive reasoning.  As of election day 2012, I once again caved into a strange form of Bandwagon polarity to vote for Romney and Ryan.  Much like 1978, I knew it wasn’t the real deal.  The alternative…was too scary, daunting, overwhelming and downright sad.  In the holiday film, “The Polar Express” the theme of “believe” is most poignantly portrayed by the main character.  I don’t know about you but the first time and every subsequent time I watched that movie I wanted to be the believing boy and not his parents.  But, life as in the movies has an ending.  It is time for the make believe to stop.  We need Government officials who believe in America.  We need to hear the bells of freedom in a nation of false Santa clauses.  We needs facts and not promises on the knee of an ever bending Government.

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4 Responses to The Express of Polarity or the Santa Clause of Politics.

  1. Amen…”ContinentalKid”” I think you just summed up the thoughts of a large sampling of generation X. As by complete coincidence I am also 43 years old. I can totally relate to the Palin thing. I thought America was more ready for her than McCain. I love what McCain did for his country as a soldier, but as a political figure he is somewhat lacking. On a side note… Santa Claus is very real. He left shit under my tree last year. jussayin… Nice article my old friend. Welcome aboard.

  2. Hey sweet heart from a femalefan keep up the stupendous content

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