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Originally posted on America Lost:
As I was watching Special Report With Bret Baier on FOX NEWS yesterday afternoon, I happened to see an interesting segment that had Baier reporting on the recent uproar Tea Party backed U.S. Senator from…

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Notice to Our Readers…The D.C. Clothesline is Moving

Just a quick word to let you know that the D.C. Clothesline is moving to its own domain at About 72 hours ago WordPress suspended us from posting new articles. It ended up being a mistake and they have … Continue reading

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Instead of a discussion on freedom, this time I am just providing information. The links below are useful to Conservative and Liberal alike. I have listed the 50 Commonwealths and States plus Washington, DC in alphabetical order. I will be … Continue reading

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Ft. Hood Massacre Survivors Betrayed By Obama Too In His Litany Of Treacheries That Just Goes On & On

Lets face reality people. Lets face the ‘real‘ state of our Union! It’s staring us all straight in the face & has been for a long long time. I know too that millions of Americans out there understand the same truth! … Continue reading

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Is Fred Phelps a Common Bigot? Or an Evil Genius?

Have you ever been around a highly skilled “manipulator?” You know how they work. They know exactly what to say to get exactly what they want from you. They can be incredibly sweet or incredibly mean, depending on the situation. … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts and Ramblings

So, since Dean’s been sick, other writers have been apparently busy, and I’ve had tests and other personal things going on, I figure I might as well just ramble away at what’s been going through my head. It might not … Continue reading

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Russian Author States “…the US 2nd Amendment is a rare light in an ever darkening room.”

Below is an article that first appeared in late December 2012. At that time I wasn’t tremendously concerned with how Russian bloggers viewed our changing form of government because I, for one, already knew about the drive toward Socialism in … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Newsdesk International:
On February 23, Conservatives and Tea Partiers plan to reignite the flame of 2010 next Saturday at rallies in cities and towns across America.  The event is being called the Day of Resistance. “The first…

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