Truth, justice & the American way? Not in Obama’s America as his Gay Gestapo wages war on Superman & target your kids!

   imagesCALKV1RR I have the distinction of having been born in the last year of that period of time known for having produced the generation we refer to these days as “Baby Boomers”:  1964. Growing up as an only child raised by a single Mom after my Dad passed away at the V.A. Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska when I was 2, I grew up somewhat sheltered under my Mother’s ‘overprotective’ dominance that I didn’t understand at the time until years (along with many ups & downs) later. As such tho’, I grew up with a fertile imagination which was nurtured & encouraged in my love of reading. And of all the various choices I had on my menu of literature ~in those younger faraway days~ Comic Books were the choice fare I nourished my imaginations appetite with!


Sadly, those were the days when a dollar could get you almost a dozen Comic Books, whereas these days ~from what I’ve seen of prices~ you’re lucky to be able to buy just 1 for under 5 bucks. Those were the days too when ‘super heroes’ were bastions of common traditional values. Sworn defenders of right in the face of wrong, holding themselves to uncompromising & steadfast principles of truth, integrity, justice, & simple decency. Those characters weren’t  given over to the pandering of political ‘special interest’ groups to advance seditious agendas meant to undermine traditional cultural values. What messages they did effort to convey on occasion were generally in discouraging drug abuse & overcoming prejudice in the wake of the 60’s & the Civil Rights movement. I’d never quite outgrown my fondness of the genre tho’, yet when my son came to live with me when he was 8 (he’ll be 21 in September), & I found myself becoming a full time single Dad where necessities took priority, the occasional Comic Books I indulged in once in awhile simply were not one of those priorities. I did try introducing my son to Comic Books (yeah, perhaps there was juuust a bit of vicariousness too in my motives since I could no longer justify buying them for myself), but he lacked my inherent appreciation of reading, summarizing to me once his opinion at what he thought of it in 2 words: “Reading sucks!” I didn’t quit in my encouraging him however, but you know what they say about leading a horse to water.



Now at 48 its been quite awhile since the last time I laid down money to buy an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Iron Man, Detective Comics Batman, The Justice League, but yesterday while I was checking my emails, a headline accompanying one of the newsletters I’m subscribed to immediately leaped out & caught my eye:

 ~”DC Comics Faces Boycott over Anti-Gay Superman Writer”~


I couldn’t believe it. Admittedly Comics of today are a whole different breed from those same characters whose exploits I grew up reading about in the 60’s & 70’s, as we’ve ~allegedly~ become more sophisticated in our tastes. I’ve been aware for awhile of the Progressives insidious infiltration into the Comic Book industry over recent years. Specifically that ‘splinter-cell’ faction representing the “heterophobic” gay militant part of their movement, insisting on homosexualizing established Comic book supporting characters if not the lead characters themselves. What the Hell?!

The controversy centers around DC Comics hiring of a well-known writer of science fiction named Orson Scott Card as part of a team of writers & artists to collaborate on their title; Adventures of Superman. Mr. Card as described in the following excerpt from the Feb. 12th, 2013 article by Todd Starnes @ FOX NEWS RADIO titled;  ~”DC Comics Faces Boycott over Anti-Gay Superman Writer” (Yeah, more of the Lefts ‘tolerance’ to those with differing views & opinions)~

~”Gay rights activists are calling for DC Comics to fire the author of a new digital Superman project because he is opposed to gay marriage.

Orson Scott Card, a well-known science fiction author, is part of a team of writers and artists assembled by DC Comics to create “Adventures of Superman.”

Card, who is Mormon, is also an opponent of same-sex marriage. He once called gay marriage the end of democracy in America. He once wrote that “the left is at war with the family” and suggested gays could change. “Same-sex attraction is not a strait jacket; people’s desires change over time; gay people still have choices; a reproductive dysfunction like same-sex attraction is not a death sentence for your DNA or for your desire to have a family in which children grow up with male and female parents to model appropriate gender roles,” he wrote in an op-ed.

And Card’s participation in the Superman project has sparked outrage across the nation’s gay community.”~

What gets me is these queer militants being oblivious to their own litigious & hate mongering rhetoric on the one hand, while on the other (as is commonly typical in dealing with the cognitive dissonance of these leftist hypocrites who conveniently fail at identifying those same traits in themselves) projecting those same characteristics they are guilty of upon those who, for having the audacity to disagree with them, they view as hostile opposition to their agenda (For the record too, I don’t view my rhetoric as litigious or hate mongering. I’m just not politically correct & I don’t give a damn)  Anyway, this ‘trait‘ of theirs is indicative in the next excerpt from this article:

~“He’s written publicly that he believes marriage equality would lead to the end of civilization,” the petition states. “We need to let DC Comics know they can’t support Orson Scott Card or his work to keep LGBT people as second-class citizens. They know they’re accountable to their fans, so if enough of us speak out now, they’ll hear us loud and clear.”

A DC Comics spokesperson released a statement to Fox News defending Card.

“As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that – personal views – and not those of the company itself,” the statement read.

Their defense of Card is not likely to quell the anger building in the gay community.

The website Queerty addressed the controversy in a column titled, “Why Did DC Comics Hire Rabid Homophobe Orson Scott Card to Write Superman?”~

Rabid Homophobe: Ahh, that treasured Badge of Honor for refusing to accept when ‘a guy looks at another guys hairy ass & sees love’ it’s anything but natural. What would these Gay Gestapo’s rants be without that term of endearment? Kudos to Card.  And to DC Comics too for standing by & supporting Card’s first Amendment Rights to freedom of speech! Ironic tho’ isn’t it, how these fascist heterophobic queer militants only believe in our Bill of Rights as it applies to their Rights alone, thinking in their delusion they have the ‘Right’ then to deny & censor the Rights of those who disagree with them? These are the sort of viciously inverted fascists we’re having to deal with tho’. This is part & parcel of that ‘fundamental transformation‘ Obama promised to deliver & this is the only ‘promise’ he has made good on! His choosing to ignore the defense of marriage act Bill Clinton signed into law. Obama’s homosexualizing our entire Military as he decimates & guts its ranks from the top straight on down. Not to mention either his recently expressed regard for gay illegals now too. Some ‘hope & change’, huh?


“I’ve had about enough of this ‘hope & change’ crap!”

Anyway, We’ve seen this sort of  incendiary rhetoric & aggressive behavior exemplified in other facets of the Progressive movement before however. Time & again when they cannot manage to successfully subjugate a system to meet their desired results, they just resort to chaos, intimidation, violence, & property damage to get their way. In short; total anarchy to coerce compliance. All of this is a point of contention for me. Especially after the recent controversy surrounding the Boy Scouts mulling over their decision of whether or not to lift their gay ban.

What exactly is the true nature of these depraved peoples motivations & focused interest in our young people of late?? I guess it’s not enough with their having over the years changed the very ethnicity of certain established Comic Book characters from their being originally Caucasian to black (i.e. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury of Avengers fame having started his Comic Book career as a graying, cigar smoking, one eyed white guy to a bald one eyed black dude after Marvel Comics re-booted their Avenger’s title over 10 years ago, & most recently with the upcoming new Superman movie, The Man Of Steel, & their casting of Lawrence Fishburne as Perry ‘White’), now apparently they have to change their sexual orientation too. Where does this madness end?! I read recently about “academics” who are trying to legitimize pedophilia of all things. I’ve talked about this before in a previous Blog. I’ll include the link here again as I believe this sickness cannot be overstated enough. Especially when you must question the nature & motives of adult gay radicals who seem disturbingly dedicated at insinuating themselves into those social group activities exclusive to our young people.

“Intergenerational intimacy”. Isn’t that special?? Yet while I do not think all gay people are child predators by any means, I do question the motives of these extremists however ~because as we’ve learned from experience in our politics over & over with those staunch defenders of moral piety, it’s generally those who shout the loudest who are the ones whose closets you’d best be ready to leap back from when you open their doors to avoid being buried under the avalanche of bones that typically come pouring out. And I refuse to be legislatively strong-armed by political correctness to accept the deviancy of homosexuality as ‘normal’. Folks are free to go be as gay as they want. That’s their Right. Just like it’s my Right to hold fast to my beliefs, but I’m not going out of my way to shove my beliefs down their throats tho’, but boy take a stand  & express your disagreement when they try to shove theirs on you & you become the Devil incarnate. I’m fed up with this Bullshit from these fascist freaks! They want to declare war when they can’t force their way on others then cry havoc is all I have to say!

This pisses me off & it should you too! I understand that for a lot of you out there this may seem like a trivial & irrelevant issue where it involves the subject of Comic Books & those who work in the field bringing such iconic characters to the printed page for publication & distribution, but THAT’S precisely how these licentious malefactors are hoping the majority of Americans will react as they work diligently to target our youth!

~”Ah who cares?! They’re just Comic Books for cryin’ out loud!”~

They’re not ‘just‘ Comic Books tho’. They’re part of an industry that’s just another means to an end for these people to insinuate themselves into & diffuse their subversive strategy deeper into our culture ~& it’s a very proliferate means at that! Time Warner owns DC Comics. Disney owns Marvel Comics. Comic Books are only part of it tho’. They’re bolstered as well by lucrative television programs, major motion pictures, & merchandising based on several of these Comic Books. And they are a means! A means that specifically targets our young people as their ends! I guess they figure they must not be indoctrinating enough of them in our schools.

There are principles at stake here & if we continue to compromise our principles & cease to uphold traditional values simply to accommodate the deviancy of political correctness, if we continue to allow ourselves to be steered down this eventually dead ending road, then we basically are willfully  condemning ourselves! We are acquiescing & submitting to an abominable ideology whose only promise by its intrinsically self-effacing merits (its ONLY  promise), being the guarantee in the end of self-annihilation. Simply put, it’s just a more prolonged, drawn out,  & politicizing variation of suicide essentially! I’ve said it before, just look to those places in our country we have now where this decadent ideology has been allowed to take root & thrive. Notice too while you’re at it, the subsequent decline into an abyss of entropic moral degeneracy, social & economic collapse & upheaval those communities have descended into. There’s some incentive for you.
Here’s an example to illustrate my point:

Here’s another one:

So there I went & just answered my previous question I guess when I asked earlier where does the madness end. It doesn’t end well & why on God’s earth anyone in their right mind would make a conscious choice in this so-called ‘enlightened age’ to embrace their own destruction boggles my mind. But before I sign off, allow me to reference Superman again, highlighting the subtle – seemingly benign methods these people resort to in their craft to cunningly undermine those things perceived as natural in our traditional values which they oppose & the avenues they’ll take to subliminally drive their doctrines home.

From Christopher Reeve’s classic ~Superman The Movie~, listen to the dialogue exchanged as actor Glenn Ford in the role of ‘Pa Kent’ explains to his ‘gifted’ adopted son Clark, how he had been put here for a reason:

Now in the next footage from the upcoming “re-boot” of Superman: The Man Of Steel, pay attention to the dialogue when it comes to the scene where Kevin Costner ~in the role of Pa Kent~ is discussing with Clark the dangers of exposing his abilities to the world & tell me if you notice here a disturbing contrast between the “re-boot” & the original 1977 classic…

In its way, it’s almost like comparing the contrasts in John Wayne’s portrayal of Rooster Cogburn against Jeff Bridges version in the 2010 re-make of True Grit. I’m a purist when it comes to that one tho’ & I’ll go with John Wayne’s version every time. But in the scene shown in this trailer to the Superman re-boot, when Clark asks his Pa, “What was I suppose to do? Let them die?!”, after having saved his classmates from drowning in a bus crash (risking exposing his abilities to the world) & after a pause his Pa answers,”Maybe.” That bothered me.

Yeah, I know. It’s just a movie, but remember. We’re talking about the same entertainment industry who collaborated to make an anti-gun ad to help peddle Obama’s anti-gun agenda. The very same entertainment industry who also happens to make their bread & butter off movies they market that primarily exploit gun violence. I’m just saying. And if they can get away with killing off Superman as we’ve known him, who then among us is really safe from these villains??


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12 Responses to Truth, justice & the American way? Not in Obama’s America as his Gay Gestapo wages war on Superman & target your kids!

  1. Terenc says:

    Its adam and Eve thats all i have to say about that.

  2. Awesome post Chad. I almost didn’t read this one because Comics aren’t my thing but you drive home some very valid points. Those of us who have studied it know…it is their agenda. Well done.

  3. Jack Marino says:

    Great post Chad and you hit the nail on the head. I am an indie filmmaker and a in your face conservative here in the Land of the Intolerant beast. I made a film called FORGOTTEN HEROES and I honor the entire generation of Vietnam Vets. It is the 2nd film on Vietnam that hasn’t one F word in it, the other is the Green Berets. I made this film in 1988 and it took me two years to finish the post. The Hollywood leftist mafia has a vendetta against the entire Vietnam Vets and they blackballed me and my film. I still have the film and I have been selling my DVD off my website. i have one hell of a story to tell. I went against their leftist agenda of hating America and I am STILL here and I own my film after a few tried to steal it. I even got a DVD to President Bush in 2006 that is on my site. What unknown director gets a letter from the President about a film no one has seen. I am all over the internet and Facebook I have a story for your blog.

    • Chad Miller says:

      Jack, if you’d like to contribute here, contact Dean, or me & provide an e-mail address so you can be added here (& if you don’t already, you’ll need to set up a WordPress account also). We’d be glad to include your contributions here.

  4. Moogie says:

    How exactly would gay marriage end democracy? That’s like attributing gun violence to single parents.

    • Chad Miller says:

      Sorry ‘moogie’, only 1 kind of marriage in this world & that’s the one between a man & a woman. As it was intended to be & how its been since the beginning. Sorry if that’inconvenient truth’ bothers you, but honestly I could give a crap less.

  5. Lehmon Baxley says:

    Just imagine, if the heterophobic militant’s parents had been gay…the bloodlines would have ended with the last generation, and we would’nt have to hear it today. Don’t get me wrong, if someone wants to go be gay, have at it, it’s your right to go have sex with whoever you feel attracted to as long as they feel the same.
    But don’t insist that I or society tell you it’s normal, because it definitely is not. And don’t try to tell the Church that they have to proclaim it as normal or pervert the meaning of marriage, that was created in the Church. If you don’t believe something I do or believe is normal, you don’t have to glorify it, just accept my right to do or believe it as long as I’m not infringing on you.

  6. its good to read the thoughts of good men….evil has a dark intent towards the family and the childern….if we can not save the ones we love…then what the hell is the point in the madness..keep your hands and your gay ass ways away from the ones we love…and we wont have to kill you

  7. Frank Tipton says:

    I grew up as one of 4 children of a USAF Staff Sergeant who retired after 20 years (and 3 wars) of service. I had comic book heroes. As a matter of fact, before he was Nick Fury of SHIELD he was WW II Sgt. Nick Fury and His Howling Commando’s. (He had both eyes then.) Comics were full of life lessons and morals (truly the American way). The values we read about in comics were the same values our families and schools and churches taught us. And they were good values. Like men only marry women and women only marry men. What our children are taught in school is NOT what we were taught as kids. When my son was in High School I picked up his History book and read a little. I learned a lot of American History that day. Like, the war between the states was fought ONLY to free the slaves! It didn’t mention that Mr. Lincoln only freed Southern slaves, or that it took several years after to abolish Northern slavery. It amazes me how history can be rewritten, not by the true historians, but by people with an axe to grind to tear down American values.
    Sorry my post is a little long, but I am angry that WE have allowed it to happen under our noses because we “thought” our kids were being taught the same things we were. Unfortunately, we were very wrong.
    Now, as then, there is only one kind of marriage and that is between a woman and a man. And I still believe we can have “truth, justice and the American way”.

  8. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is great, let alone the content!

  9. Brook says:

    Okay, this is a slam dunk slander lawsuit. This man has been called a “raging homophobe”. Okay, sue the heck out of the group that hurled that accusation and make them prove you are a “raging homophobe” in a court of law — or they sit down and write you a check with a lot of zeros. We need to start taking these fascists to court, every time they open their mouths. What is wrong with people. Stop laying down like sheep and taking this stuff.

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