Random Thoughts and Ramblings

So, since Dean’s been sick, other writers have been apparently busy, and I’ve had tests and other personal things going on, I figure I might as well just ramble away at what’s been going through my head. It might not be perfect, but it’s something right?

First up, how about them Russians? Apparently they’ve upset someone so much that the transgressed would drop a meteor on them…I’m no astronomer, but as a life-long follower of sci-fi, this is kind’ve a big deal, with an asteroid passing close enough to look through your sweetheart’s bedroom window…at least, I think so. I mean, are we witnessing a reenactment of Armageddon? Should we get Bruce Willis on the line and tell him to get his team together? Or maybe Deep Impact would be a better fit, with a black president and all (though Obama is no Morgan Freeman). A friend of mine brought up an interesting point, since he works in customer service: Anything and everything is his fault. I’m sure he meant involving purchases and product difficulties, but I had to give him a good ribbing and blame the meteor strike on him. If you guys have any friends who feel that way, and have a good sense of humor, be sure to throw the blame around a little bit. If they give you a confused look, tell them you’re thinking of jumping on the liberal bandwagon and had to try it out.

Next up, The Walking Dead. After reading a post by one of the guys here (whose name escapes me, I sincerely apologize for that), I had to get back into the series and third time really was the charm. I’m pretty much addicted to it, but I’m seeing a lot of things that worry me, yet I think they’re unintentional. Not so much political, but a realization of what we have, and what we take for granted…but then, too, the price we pay for that. For those of you familiar with the show, basically what the survivors go through, as a small group, is similar to Communism as Karl Marx envisioned it. In that light, in it’s theoretical, “pure” state, it really is a utopia ideal; everyone working to contribute to the greater good of the group, those with skills are the most valued, no dead weight…in a way that is what society should really strive towards. You can put the pitchforks and torches away though, because there is a huge condition to that statement: Everything looks good on paper. Communism is nothing but a dream. The way it is pitched is far different than the way that it works. In small groups, villages and social numbers less than (I would say) 20, communism is the way to go, because there are enough needs to really contribute, and everyone else’s survival depends on the rest of the group. When you get larger than that, you find some people just want the benefits. They don’t want to contribute. They become selfish.
Even with a small group, 14 people total on the episode I’m watching as I type (S02 E07), there are still problems, because there are not enough resources to go around. Companionship, food, water, medicine…someone gets hurt, and they become a drain on those limited resources. It promotes jealousy and envy, which will rot away a solid social structure from the inside out. Class warfare, which we all know out POS…er, POTUS…has engaged in vigorously and successfully, to the point of turning each class against itself. All through promoting a dream, an ideal that could never be. I’m still trying to devise an effective method of dealing with that and combating it, but coming up at a loss. Granted, there are many ways of coming at this problem, but none of them are really effective overall.

Last thing really on my mind is the nature of people. Going through a breakup kind’ve opened my mind to a thought that I previously buried…why is it that people turn to those that they know are corrupt? I have so many girl friends that know their boyfriends are liars, cheats, druggies, are super abusive verbally, mentally, physically, emotionally, or all the above, or what have you…yet they keep going back to them, even when a great guy is right in front of them. It’s really a fascinating thing to watch, like a train wreck or a plane crash. It might be the most awful thing you’ll ever see, yet you can’t stop watching. The girl I was seeing decided to go back to her ex, who is all of the things I listed, because he was more familiar…even with all the bad history, the horrible experiences, she still wanted that. Stockholm Syndrome, right? (Yes, I’m a little bitter and cynical, but no more than I was before we met 😉 )

Taking that experience, I wonder how much applies to why Obama was re-elected. It’s not because he was the best choice, but because he was familiar. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” When I could stand to listen to him, I did think the man was charismatic. He had a confident voice. He was inspiring, in a way…but then as I started seeing all his “promises” fall flat, I was thinking “Ok, show me the money muthaf-” like I was part of some bad gang movie or something…all talk and no result is not the way to go about things. Yet because he can speak well and tell the people what they want to hear without actually promising anything, he has the faith of the masses (relatively speaking, of course). Regardless of how we feel about the Left side of society and the sheeple, we cannot afford to underestimate them. I never thought social changes could occur on such a  level as they have over the past few years. When thinking things through would be so disguised, so reviled. It’s like living before the Enlightenment, when everyone was small-minded except the scientists and philosophers now recognized as truly brilliant. I was teasing a friend of mine the other day about “revolution” and “armed revolt” and saw a look of horror on her face. She thought I was gonna be hauled away right then and there.
I had a realization at that moment…change today will not come in the way that it did before. During the Revolution, when fighting for freedom from the British Empire, it was us vs. them. It was smaller. It was, in a way, easier. We are facing the same difficulties today, but not in the same scope. Our freedom will not come from the barrel of a gun this time. It will be defended by it, but not liberated by it. We may think that we can openly go to war with our government, but in reality we can’t, not really. It isn’t time, things aren’t bad enough. The People, those we seek to defend, will not be open to it…they don’t WANT to be free. Until those on Capitol Hill can be exposed to corruption in the same way that conservative values have been desecrated and soiled. It’s no longer a “fighting man’s game” like boxing. This is chess that we’re playing, move and counter-move. If those we try to enlighten will not listen, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. If we try to force it, we are no better than those we fight to defeat.

Anyways, those are my thoughts, thanks for reading them. I hope I didn’t bore you all too much. I’ve got a long weekend with family planned, so if I don’t write again I wish you all a good President’s Day, and great times with family and friends. I would encourage you to start a new tradition, if you haven’t, and remember all those who have led our country with honor and distinction, and remember exactly why we celebrate our history.

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I'm a self-discovered patriot. I believe what I do because I believe it, not because others tell me to...any coincidental similarities with Republicans or Libertarians are...well, it isn't my fault they believe in the same stuff I do. Nerdy, geeky, a gamer, a fan of guns, and an advocate of learning from history.
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10 Responses to Random Thoughts and Ramblings

  1. marcy says:

    Did you watch the video of the meteor a Russian took. It was in the AP article this morning. The sonic boom after the meteor hit was amazing and scary! I’m sure you men will forever be asking the question about why women return to “the devil’s they know”. It’s the lack of self-esteem in the raising of our women. If a women respects herself first, she would never allow anyone to disrespect her, ever. Plus the pressure placed on younger kids to have sex at such an early age. Kids don’t have time to get their heads straight before they jump into a heavy sexual relationship, they’re are not developed metally yet. So the get attached to the feelings that relationship brings, they think they “love” him.

    Lastly, you are right about people just voting for Obama because they “know” him. Even though they really don’t, because the MSM has painted a wonderful picture and his is very engaging, charming and smooth. Personally my BS meter started going off around the end of 2009. What took me so long…is still a mystery to me!

    • Carl Smith says:

      Marcy, I am obviously at least 5 generations older than you but at least you have a BS meter. I know so many folk that are 60 + that do not have your insight.
      I fathered 3 sons and one daughter and I was appaled at my sons treatment of women and told them so. They informed me that they wanted to be treated (harshly ?) . I guess they were right. They all married well and have great children(Conservative) so what does an old guy know?

      • sbspecks says:

        Carl, I think in some way this “old guy” influenced his kids in a great way, somehow. They found their own way, but then too it seems they had someone who encouraged that, and cared enough to confront them about what bothered you. That attitude is one my father has, and even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye it makes me look at my actions, and evaluate them. Sometimes I change, sometimes I find more reason to keep acting that way, but the point is it taught me to THINK before I did anything, or to think about my actions and if I need to do anything else, or stop doing something. Some gals like a rougher guy. Others like gentler ones. I grew up in a logging community and all the guys were rough and harsh, but there was still an underlying respect there, even if it wasn’t always shown in action or word. You could sense it. It kind’ve sounds like that’s what your sons have with their wives, if everything has turned out okay in their marriages, and I’m very happy for them =) I think you can rest knowing you did a job well done!

    • sbspecks says:

      You know, I haven’t really taken the time to watch ANY videos on this yet. I’m going to this weekend though =)

      Thanks for your insight. That is certainly relevant to my personal case, though there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule, right? I think being a young mother, who wishes for a stable family life, might have something to do with it too. Even at the cost of respect and true stability. But I believe you are right on, there!

      As far as Obama…yeah, you’ve read my mind lol. About halfway through 2009 is when I started paying a little bit more attention to politics and what was going on. At first I was hardcore Republican, because my parents were and because they “stood” for what I believed in. Now it’s not so much, but my leanings are my own, so in that I guess I’ve grown. But when I heard Obama won, I just *knew* something was gonna go wrong…and here we are. It did give me a lot of ammo to make fun of coworkers who thought he was what America needed. Very few of them believe that now, the only ones left being young and stupid (in the most loving sense, of course. All from privileged families, all of whom do not know what it’s like to not have a nice house, nice car, good food…who have never had to really work for what they have). Very sad, but predictable. Whether you realized it right off the bat, or after reading this comment though, at least you realized it. THAT is what matters =) Even the thief next to Jesus on the cross, after all the wrong he had done, was allowed into the Kingdom because he believed and had remorse for his life at that final hour. It’s never too late!

  2. Doubletrouble says:

    “If those we try to enlighten will not listen, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it”.
    THAT, is a perfectly worded sentiment; I heard a similar chord on talk radio today, but this fits right.
    You cannot wake one who is pretending to be asleep.

    • sbspecks says:

      Indeed. I’m glad you think so…I’m not much on talk radio or guys like Beck/Limbaugh, so what I say is just my observations and reasonings…the fact that they coincide with like-minded patriots is complete coincidence, which must mean that there is some truth to it (or so I believe, at least).

      But yes, I think that is something we need to realize as a whole. As a child who often pretended to be asleep so my parents would leave me alone, that is too true lol =)

  3. Rose says:

    Any thoughts on decision of Supreme Court conference today regarding forged documents by the man who occupies The White House? Tuesday we are supposed to have a verdict.

    • sbspecks says:

      I think that this is just one more time that if God wants to turn things around, he can sure do it…but whatever is going to happen will probably be swept under the rug and brushed away…though maybe it’ll bring about more of a closer look by the blind sheeple, and start turning society around into a thinking vocal majority. I’m hearing more and more how people are unhappy with Obama and his policies, and having this Supreme Court deal going on…well, let’s just say I remain optimistic, but am expecting the realistic =)

      I saw that with the gun grab…it’s like what the Administration was hearing was just the vocal minority, and they overstepped their bounds thinking they were more solid than they were. I’ve had MANY MANY liberal-leaning friends who have supported Obama, but even they disagreed with attacking the Second Amendment (even though some of them don’t care for firearms, but for good reasons. Childhood traumas and locations and such, but they still believe in the 2nd). Could very well become a landslide for Obama and his ilk, in a very bad way.

  4. Dave Dubé says:

    I killed my TV – I read a Sunday paper from another community, because it’s familiar to me. Over 50 years ago, I delivered the evening edition of this newspaper, and we read (as a class) the regular edition (front page) as part of our 6th grade civics class. By the 8th grade, we were reading the 3rd page, which was editorials and opinions. I can’t tell the difference any more, and most of what’s on the front page is not factual, but slanted in the direction of whatever the agenda happens to be at the moment for liberal newspapers. There were political cartoons on the third page, but nothing as ugly as a couple I’ve seen lately. Case in point is Lee Judge, who works for the Kansas City Star and is syndicated. Google ‘Lee Judge Chris Kyle’. See if you think that this cartoon remotely involves humor, or even an opinion. It’s ugly. But yet, he has the right to lay his pen on the paper and influence the thought of others. It’s fear mongering from every direction these days. The only difference between then and now is that technology has made it possible to grasp a fleeting glimpse of the Wizard behind the curtain and completely forget about Oz.

  5. Ginavon says:

    I have been trying to prepare people for two years…and I finally gave up….like the stupid women who chose losers no one wants the truth…but wanted or not, The Wizard of OZ curtain is about to be lifted on the US public GET OUT THE POPCORN and PROZAC this will be historic. If u let them take the guns you are F@=+&#+#$-&#+%&%=#*@&@(! ! !

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