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Full Text of Green Beret’s Letter to Washington

The following is the full text of the Second Amendment open letter/petition which was signed by 1100+ Green Berets. 

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Full Text of The Utah Sherriffs’ Association Letter to Obama

A lot of people have been talking about the Utah Sherriffs’ Association letter that was sent to President Obama last week. 28 of 29 sheriffs signed the letter. By far this has been one of the most united and aggressive … Continue reading

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The Coming Storm by Steve Ross

Storm clouds are building on the distant horizon. Lightning strikes and the sound of rolling thunder can be heard from the highest mountains through the deepest valleys. Men of resolute nature forming a sound plan of action need to gather … Continue reading

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There has been considerable debate in conservative circles as to whether Barak Hussein Obama is eligible to be the President of the U.S. This hinges on the question of whether he was born in the U.S. or elsewhere, whether dual … Continue reading

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Why America Can Not Trust The Motives of Dianne Feinstein

As Senator Dianne Feinstein unveils her latest attempt at grabbing America’s guns, I thought it was appropriate to look at the history of Senator Feinstein, and see if we can trust her sincerity. Is this woman really concerned about the … Continue reading

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There actually appear to be some rules that liberals choose live by, at least for a while anyway. Here are the ten main ones: 1.) The Bible is not absolute. None of the laws in it are carved in stone. … Continue reading

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40 Years of Feticide

Forty years ago today, seven dictators in robes trampled on the Constitution and created a situation in which the most dangerous place for any person in America is the one that should be the safest.  Since then, nearly fifty-five million … Continue reading

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MOLON LABE! Passed on to us by Robert Gamble…

YOU WILL ABIDE BY OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. The First is for the VOICE OF OUR PEOPLE and WE DEMAND FREEDOM, the SECOND for OUR LIFE, For that we shall hold fiercely and shall keep such ARMS TO KEEP IT … Continue reading

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Passed to me by Donna Bartlett…

Here’s a letter my friend sent to all of the Washington state elected officials this week. He gave me his permission to share it. I took off his contact info as a courtesy. This letter should go viral and circulate … Continue reading

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A Letter from Ray Coon: Freedom & Liberty

This was passed on to me by Ray Coon. It is a letter that he wrote for his friend that was running for Sheriff. I love to share the views of fellow patriotic Americans. That’s what this blog is about. … Continue reading

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