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West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League: “…in my opinion, you have been sold out.”

The following was passed to me by a friend who received it from the WVCDL. It may prepare you for what to expect from Obama tomorrow and from his supporters in the coming days and weeks. -Dean

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Apparently a lot of people were reading my little article on my proposal for reasonable rules of engagement in case of an uprising in our country. I want to clarify a few things.

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The American People deserve better

Indulge me here for a minute and take a little ride in my demented brain. Sit back and enjoy this little rant. I am sick and tired of the Government thinking my money belongs to them and giving it away … Continue reading

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You Can Fool Most of the People…ALL of the Time

I am sick of the two-party system. It has proven to be ineffective and it seems like the American people have no idea how to fix it.  The fact is that over 5 trillion dollars was added to the national … Continue reading

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