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Republican Lawmaker Reaffirms: “It Is Every American’s 2nd Amendment “RIGHT” To SHOOT A Tyrant!”

Perusing various news headlines at wnd.com last evening before cashing it in and calling it a night, I came across a particularly intriguing header which caught my eye that I posted the link to below. In it, Representative Lawmaker Steve … Continue reading

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Sleight of Hand from Obama

Obama is a Magician. Sleight of hand is the name of the game, and Obama does it very well. While the Country is looking at his left hand, watching it try and take away our 2nd Amendment rights, we are … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Being Run By Fascists?

I’d had a Facebook account for a few months (having migrated there from Myspace when its beginning death rattles were becoming discernable) before I had occasion to focus my attention on really delving into it and beginning to explore its … Continue reading

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Shame on Them: A Bottom-up Approach to Reigning in Government

If the last month has taught us anything, it’s that elections don’t have consequences.  Congressional elections don’t anyway.  One would like to say that the Republican leadership played dead, but sadly, they weren’t playing.  The truth is that, although there … Continue reading

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(Sigh…) My grandmother was a secretary for a Senator.  Her sister was married to a Governor of NJ.  Her other sister was married to the head of the NJ DOT. From all that she had seen, my grandmother was always … Continue reading

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Do People Hate Barack Obama Because He’s “Black?”

In previous articles I have tried to disprove the thought that a large percentage of Americans are racists. I think the mainstream media tries to cling to this, and I think radical political extremists love to play the “race” card.

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Obama: The Enemy Within!

“Obama represents to America, the American people, our Constitution & rule of law, our economy, our national security, & our Military defense what the Bubonic plague represented to 14th Century Europe!”        ~Chad Miller~ Well America, four more … Continue reading

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