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A Letter from Ray Coon: Freedom & Liberty

This was passed on to me by Ray Coon. It is a letter that he wrote for his friend that was running for Sheriff. I love to share the views of fellow patriotic Americans. That’s what this blog is about. … Continue reading

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Violent Crime rates and Concealed Carry

Yeah I know some believe right now it’s controversial in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut. I beg to differ; I think right now is the perfect time to talk about this. Right now; today is when this … Continue reading

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D.C. Clothesline Announces 2012 Finalists for “Best Kenyan-Born Actor in a Dramatic Role”

The two finalists have been chosen for DCC’s best Kenyan-Born actor in a dramatic role for 2012. Do not hesitate to vote.

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You Might be a Liberal if…

Today I woke up wondering to write about. Benghazi? Michigan Right to Work? Obama’s Citizenship? The Fiscal Cliff? Israel? My secret plan to run for POTUS in 2016? I decided I’d take a few minutes to laugh instead. I compiled … Continue reading

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Did Obama’s Publishers Make a Mistake? Or is it a Cover-Up?

I have seen two birth certificates on the internet that mysteriously surfaced in 2008 and 2009. Both show that Obama was born in Kenya, and both look to be pretty convincing at first.  However, both have been proven to be … Continue reading

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