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“Words Can Say Only A Little…”

“Words can say only a little, but they can reveal a great deal by what they conceal.” While reading through my Shakespeare homework handout, I came across this sentence (describing events in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and his other comedies), and … Continue reading

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Gun Buyers are smarter than Gun Confiscators.

Gun Buyers are smarter than the Gun Confiscators. Last weekend in Seattle the police showed up with $80,000.00 in gift cards to buy back guns for the first time in 20 years.  The plan was to offer $100 for handguns, … Continue reading

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http://investmentwatchblog.com/breaking-confirmed-wal-mart-is-not-going-to-order-any-more-ammo/ I had a part-time job with Walmart for almost four years.  Corporate will not order any ammo because they do not want to get stuck with something they cannot sell later.  There may be talk of limiting purchases, or … Continue reading

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