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‘Some’ American Hostages Escape Islamic Terrorist Captors Of That Simply Misunderstood “Religion Of Peace”!

Yesterday it was initially reported that an indeterminate number of Americans out of 41 foreign workers of the Ain Amenas gas complex (owned and operated by BP petroleum company) deep in the Sahara desert 800 miles south of Algiers, were … Continue reading

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Do People Hate Barack Obama Because He’s “Black?”

In previous articles I have tried to disprove the thought that a large percentage of Americans are racists. I think the mainstream media tries to cling to this, and I think radical political extremists love to play the “race” card.

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Liberals & Progressives: Their Selective Tolerance Of The Intolerable!

It goes without saying that this current breed of liberal Democrats, & Progressives all have a peculiar & somewhat disturbing differential at their tolerance for the intolerable in our society today which stands far apart from the rest of us. They … Continue reading

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Freedom of Religion? Terrorist Acts Happen In America Too…

I have been very fortunate in life. I learned that acceptance of other’s beliefs and cultures is important and I come by that honestly. My mother was Roman Catholic and my father was Jehovah’s Witness. I grew up in a … Continue reading

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