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America Speaks, “This Deal is Void…We Will Not Support the Arming of Egypt”

A friend of mine recently found himself in financial need. I made a deal to help him. I am not overly wealthy myself now so I told him he would have to wait until payday. I told him I’d loan … Continue reading

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Is Obama Knowingly & Willfully Providing Aid & Support To Enemies Of The United States?

In Barrack Hussein Obama’s address to the U.N. General Assembly on September 25th, 2012, twelve days following the terrorist attack on our American Libya Embassy in Benghazi that left 4 Americans murdered by radical Islamist terrorists (one of whom being … Continue reading

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Obama And The Intended Consequences In His Political Jihad Of Premeditated Malice Against America!

I don’t know about anyone else’s thoughts to all of the sensationalized media hoopla that NEVER ends, but I’m worn out listening to anymore about this fiscal cliff our Country’s supposedly heading for at break neck speed! And in the … Continue reading

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