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Is The DHS Secretly Buying Prisons and Preparing for Martial Law?

I had a gentleman contact me yesterday. He was obviously distraught. He said he had a message that needed to get out to the American people and he thought maybe I could help because of my following. The information he … Continue reading

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It’s Time For a Trip to Your State Capitol on January 19th…

Tomorrow (January 19th, 2013) millions of Americans will be descending on their state capitols to demand that our government officials respect the 2nd amendment. I am asking anyone who can help this post go viral to please do so. If … Continue reading

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Violent Crime rates and Concealed Carry

Yeah I know some believe right now it’s controversial in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut. I beg to differ; I think right now is the perfect time to talk about this. Right now; today is when this … Continue reading

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