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Hillary Clinton, Blood Clots, Benghazi, Obama’s Ovaries, Robot Chicken, & The 2016 Presidential Election…Already!

As I was surfing channels I stopped on Fox News earlier just in time for Jeanine Pirro to announce in a BREAKING FOX NEWS ALERT, that our own elusive Secretary of State (and already the projected front runner for the … Continue reading

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Marine Standing Guard At California School Lies…Becomes a Front Runner for 2016

I am quite frankly a little angry today. Craig Pusley, whose picture and story recently went viral thanks to social networks, has turned out to be just another liar. Sources cite that he was in fact a marine but he … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton You Don’t Have to Testify…Just Get Off of My Stage!

What a different world we would live in if Steve Wilkos was the judge and all politicians were required to take lie detector tests. The entertainment value would be tremendous. Just imagine a “May Sweeps” episode of the Steve Wilkos … Continue reading

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