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Republican Lawmaker Reaffirms: “It Is Every American’s 2nd Amendment “RIGHT” To SHOOT A Tyrant!”

Perusing various news headlines at wnd.com last evening before cashing it in and calling it a night, I came across a particularly intriguing header which caught my eye that I posted the link to below. In it, Representative Lawmaker Steve … Continue reading

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“For Our Struggle Is Not Against Flesh & Blood….”

I think by touching on the particular subject matter which I’d chosen to expound on in my last Blog, I’d subconsciously set a bar for myself. A, “Where do I go from here??”, kind of conundrum I find myself facing … Continue reading

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The True “Final Solution”? GOD!

Sometimes I feel like a man out of time. Displaced. Finding myself in a world these days that’s becoming increasingly estranged to me from the one I thought I was seeing when I was a considerably younger man. Feeling a … Continue reading

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“A Visitor From The Past” ~ Thelen Paulk

A VISITOR FROM THE PAST (Thelen Paulk) I had a dream the other night, I didn’t understand. A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand. His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my … Continue reading

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Hey Barrack…Who’s Your Daddy?

I haven’t had time to write in days and it’s driving me nuts. So tonight I just want to share a quick rant primarily for our Believer friends. You don’t have to be Religious to roll with me. I respect your … Continue reading

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My Holiday Wishlist: More Wisemen, Shepherds, and Angels Please…

I’d like to take this time to wish every one of our readers a blessed and happy holiday season.  This little blog that started just over 30 days ago is now reaching people in 23 different countries and our message … Continue reading

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In the Wake of Sandy Hook Let’s Revisit a Grieving Father’s Testimony About Columbine

Note from Dean: This testimony has been circulating since 1999. It began circulating as an email, but unlike many of the emails we get, this one ended up being legitimate. The following has been verified and is taken from http://www.urbanlegends.com

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