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Answering an absurd question

I was asked a simple question on one of the message boards/ social networks/ forums I frequent. “Are you willing to die to protect your guns?” What an absurd question.; why would anyone be willing to die? Diane Feinstein claims … Continue reading

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“America! Live Free Or Die Trying!” ~ The Rights Of The People To Keep & Bear Arms Shall NOT Be Infringed! PERIOD!

How many of us today can truly imagine the struggles, the hardships, and the living conditions of those first Americans in their fight for Independence against what was (at the time 237 years ago) the most formidably powerful military force … Continue reading

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If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?

I feel a tremendous responsibility to write this article though I am a little apprehensive. Thinking about the possibility of rising up against our own government is a frightening thing for many of us. I am not Johnny Rambo and … Continue reading

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Make No Mistake About It: If Obama Had His Way, America Would Plunge Straight Off The Fiscal Cliff!

I’m sick and tired of all of this political theater, legerdemain, and Obama’s unceasing political brinkmanship we’ve all been seeing go on ad-fucking-nauseum throughout these damned “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations! It’s infuriating seeing all of this dysfunctional partisan stupidity from these … Continue reading

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Ammo for 2nd Amendment Advocates…

This is a small collection of possible Facebook status updates that you can use if you want to talk about gun control. Several of them will be short enough for Twitter as well. This is a hot topic in the … Continue reading

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