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FEMA Camps and the Threat of Martial Law Didn’t Start With Obama…

In my mind the best chance for the American people to unite is to agree that both major political parties are responsible for the mess we are in. Yes, it is my belief that Barack Obama is a dangerous man. If … Continue reading

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The Obama regime makes the case for using drones against American citizens

Back in September of 2011 Barack Obama ordered a drone attack on Anwar al-Awlaki, a radicalized American citizen hiding in Yemen–he was eventually killed in a drone attack. At the time I thought this killing was justified because he decided to take up arms against the … Continue reading

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The Real War on Women

The Real War on Women One issue I have been battling with constantly is the so-called “War on Women” that Democrats campaigned on recently, utilizing pay scales, abortion issues, and other “equality” issues that honestly got lost in the white … Continue reading

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As Navy SEAL Body Count Rises, Obama Arms Muslim Brotherhood With Advanced Weaponry: Is There A Connection??

The awful tragedy in the recent senseless death of former American Navy SEAL & ‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle, triggered a collective wave of shock,  disbelief, sorrow, & anger throughout our Country. Details providing a motive for the shooting are still … Continue reading

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I Remember When Communism Was Still a Dirty Word

America has changed. I am 44 and I still remember the day when no one dared talk about “socialism” because we had seen the horror of socialist societies throughout world history. Vladimir Lenin stated it clearly, “The goal of socialism … Continue reading

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Hillary: Proud of a legacy that left 4 Americans massacred & of a President arming our enemies

Once upon a time in another reality now far far away, I use to identify my political affiliation as being Republican. The key words in that 1st sentence all being used to describe my political preference in the ‘past tense’. … Continue reading

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What Can American Patriots Learn From Mexico? …Guest Post by Steven Bergstrom

“As you ride along the dusty road in the rickety old family truck, you feel your dad slow down and soon come to a stop. Craning your neck out the window, you see a trio of men, masks covering most … Continue reading

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Homeland Security: Defend yourself against a shooter with scissors

In the post-second amendment America envisioned by Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein it may become necessary for people to protect themselves against an “active shooter” but many people wonder how they are to do so if they are not allowed to carry … Continue reading

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Barrack Hussein Obama: The Intended Consequence Of Political Correctness! ~A Pictorial~

So how did the Party born in 1854 to go on later to abolish slavery (handing the Democrat party their asses in the process) after the election of the 1st Republican President of the United States in  Abraham Lincoln (and his … Continue reading

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If The Day Comes…There Will Be No Communication…No Calls…No Internet…Nothing!

I wrote an informational piece the other day that triggered some stern criticism. It was a piece that talked about how to make homemade napalm and use common household supplies and 100% legal compounds to create “make-shift” explosives. I expected … Continue reading

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