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Being Peaceful And Just Talking Won’t Save Our Asses From Obama’s Jihad And His Seditious Plan To Destroy America From The Inside Out!

I think it goes without saying at this point that our Government has become thoroughly subverted by elements indisputably hostile to our Constitution and our Nations founding principles! By his own successive chain of legislative and Executive Ordered abuses, his … Continue reading

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“America! Live Free Or Die Trying!” ~ The Rights Of The People To Keep & Bear Arms Shall NOT Be Infringed! PERIOD!

How many of us today can truly imagine the struggles, the hardships, and the living conditions of those first Americans in their fight for Independence against what was (at the time 237 years ago) the most formidably powerful military force … Continue reading

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Obama: The Enemy Within!

“Obama represents to America, the American people, our Constitution & rule of law, our economy, our national security, & our Military defense what the Bubonic plague represented to 14th Century Europe!”        ~Chad Miller~ Well America, four more … Continue reading

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