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Barrack Hussein Obama: The Intended Consequence Of Political Correctness! ~A Pictorial~

So how did the Party born in 1854 to go on later to abolish slavery (handing the Democrat party their asses in the process) after the election of the 1st Republican President of the United States in  Abraham Lincoln (and his … Continue reading

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Like A Festering Boil On The Ass Of America, Obama Frustrates These Days Of Our Lives!

Monday was a long day in what turned out to be my last day of employment at my job. Unfortunately, I can’t lay the blame for this particular development at Obama’s feet, but rather, I fault my own increasingly intolerant … Continue reading

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Texas Congressman threatens impeachment if Barack Obama uses Executive Order to implement gun control

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both threatened to use an Executive Order in an attempt to curb gun violence. What does this mean? Does it mean that Barack Obama would actually look at banning assault weapons or high capacity magazines? Does … Continue reading

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Civil War! What Is It Good For? Perhaps Saving The United States Of America As We Know It!

It has become tedious finding myself increasingly uptight and outraged about what this collection of politicizing potentate’s in our Government might be doing to intentionally steer our Nation towards fiscal ruin! It’s as clear as glass to the majority of … Continue reading

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