This is a really long one.  It goes into what the Communists view as the history of society, and why they feel that they ultimately will control every country.

To understand where our government is headed, you first have to understand the underlying philosophy of Communism, and Socialism by extension.  I will attempt to clarify that philosophy in this article. Continue reading

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Truth, justice & the American way? Not in Obama’s America as his Gay Gestapo wages war on Superman & target your kids!

   imagesCALKV1RR I have the distinction of having been born in the last year of that period of time known for having produced the generation we refer to these days as “Baby Boomers”:  1964. Growing up as an only child raised by a single Mom after my Dad passed away at the V.A. Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska when I was 2, I grew up somewhat sheltered under my Mother’s ‘overprotective’ dominance that I didn’t understand at the time until years (along with many ups & downs) later. As such tho’, I grew up with a fertile imagination which was nurtured & encouraged in my love of reading. And of all the various choices I had on my menu of literature ~in those younger faraway days~ Comic Books were the choice fare I nourished my imaginations appetite with! Continue reading

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As Russians Re-Install Nuclear Weapons Threat in Cuba…Obama Continues to Be Wrapped Up In His Own Version of Reality

obamaskeetI remember my trip to Key West some 10 years ago. I stood at the southern most point in the continental U.S. and looked at a sign that read something like “90 Miles from Cuba.” I must admit, it gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I still look at Cuba with a judgmental eye I suppose. Our history with Communist Cuba has been a mixed bag of emotions. Most of them are not good. Continue reading

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Okay, so they finally got Christopher Dorner holed up in a cabin.  I personally expected him to be somewhere else.

For all you Black Knight adulators, I am sorry, but Chris is no hero.  Sure, everyone knows that the LAPD is a brutal, racist, crooked, big city police department.  We all watch TV and read the news.  Everyone knows that. Continue reading

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The “State of the Revolution” Address: February 12, 2013

dcdeanMy fellow American Patriots. As President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address this evening, I think it is imperative for someone to speak to the people that our President will not be addressing. You know who you are. We are Patriots of the United States of America. We are loud and we are proud. Continue reading

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At Least 15% of Your Elected Congressional Servants are DOCUMENTED Socialists…Want to See the List?

Moderator: “What percentage of the American legislature do you think are card-carrying Marxists or International Socialist?”

West: “It’s a good question. I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party. … It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.” Continue reading

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I was looking for reliable statistics on what are the most dangerous cities in the U.S., but the FBI says there are no reliable statistics that you can use to compare any of our cities. So I sort of gave up. I had an idea for a great article, nothing in it that you did not already know, unless you are a Liberal Agendanista blinded by your own self-importance. I wanted to give you the right ammunition for backing up your arguments, the straight dope from the FBI itself. Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: A Comparative Analysis Of When Art Imitates Life

images (10)

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy the amc show, The Walking Dead. I mean it’s filled to the brim with the sort of allegorical symbolism that can be used to parallel a lot of what’s going on in our country today. Admittedly it is a pretty gruesome program that’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Myself, I didn’t really start watching it until towards the end of its 2nd season. Simply because of the similarities it had to those things I was seeing happen in the real world around me that were depressing enough without adding to it by watching a show that seemed only to mirror such a bleak outlook. Then I happened to watch the episode where they made it to The Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia & I was bit. From that point on I was infected. Granted we’re not plagued with reanimated flesh-eating corpses, but in our own fashion, what we have eating our nation alive from the inside out these days is – by contrast – even more horrifying if you genuinely think about it.

Continue reading

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No Spending Problem? Shut Up Communist! When I See Pelosi I See RED

We’ve all likely heard the comments Nancy Pelosi made yesterday, but if you haven’t…

“We have to recognize that, which cuts really help us and which cuts hurt our future? And cuts in education, scientific research and the rest are harmful, and they are what are affected by the sequestration. So, it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem that we have to address.” -Nancy Pelosi on “Fox News Sunday”

I will be brutally honest. I am sick and tired of trying to debate words spoken by leftists in our country, and rather than take the “high road” approach to respond with common sense, I think it is more important to expose these people for who they really are.  Continue reading

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Deranged liberals Express Satisfaction At U.S. Sniper Chris Kyle’s Murder While They Cheer On Murderer Christopher Dorner! Seriously?!


So in this currently ongoing, nationally televised media drama revolving around the manhunt for ex-LAPD Officer, Navy reservist, & now murderer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33-whose killing spree so far includes 3 people (one of those 3 having been a Riverside, California Police officer)-, we’ve learned a considerable bit of information about this deranged mans supposed motives for this declaration he has made of engaging in ‘ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE‘ against former colleagues (as well as their families) whom he holds responsible for his having been fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. Included in this coverage are details of an online ‘manifesto’ Dorner had written on his Facebook Page, giving investigators a chilling look into the twisted psyche of this enraged killer. Continue reading

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