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On February 23, Conservatives and Tea Partiers plan to reignite the flame of 2010 next Saturday at rallies in cities and towns across America.  The event is being called the Day of Resistance.

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This is a really long one.  It goes into what the Communists view as the history of society, and why they feel that they ultimately will control every country.

To understand where our government is headed, you first have to understand the underlying philosophy of Communism, and Socialism by extension.  I will attempt to clarify that philosophy in this article. Continue reading

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Truth, justice & the American way? Not in Obama’s America as his Gay Gestapo wages war on Superman & target your kids!

   imagesCALKV1RR I have the distinction of having been born in the last year of that period of time known for having produced the generation we refer to these days as “Baby Boomers”:  1964. Growing up as an only child raised by a single Mom after my Dad passed away at the V.A. Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska when I was 2, I grew up somewhat sheltered under my Mother’s ‘overprotective’ dominance that I didn’t understand at the time until years (along with many ups & downs) later. As such tho’, I grew up with a fertile imagination which was nurtured & encouraged in my love of reading. And of all the various choices I had on my menu of literature ~in those younger faraway days~ Comic Books were the choice fare I nourished my imaginations appetite with! Continue reading

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As Russians Re-Install Nuclear Weapons Threat in Cuba…Obama Continues to Be Wrapped Up In His Own Version of Reality

obamaskeetI remember my trip to Key West some 10 years ago. I stood at the southern most point in the continental U.S. and looked at a sign that read something like “90 Miles from Cuba.” I must admit, it gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I still look at Cuba with a judgmental eye I suppose. Our history with Communist Cuba has been a mixed bag of emotions. Most of them are not good. Continue reading

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Okay, so they finally got Christopher Dorner holed up in a cabin.  I personally expected him to be somewhere else.

For all you Black Knight adulators, I am sorry, but Chris is no hero.  Sure, everyone knows that the LAPD is a brutal, racist, crooked, big city police department.  We all watch TV and read the news.  Everyone knows that. Continue reading

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