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A Veteran and former member of the GOP. Dann left the GOP because it no longer stood for Conservative values. A Constitutional Conservative that wants the Government to do it's job and quit interfering with peoples Liberty.

The American People deserve better

Indulge me here for a minute and take a little ride in my demented brain. Sit back and enjoy this little rant. I am sick and tired of the Government thinking my money belongs to them and giving it away … Continue reading

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My Conversation with our Founding Fathers.

Imagine you can interview the Founders. What questions would you ask them? How do you think they would respond? I did this little thought exercise and came up with the following: Today it has been my pleasure to sit down … Continue reading

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Why the Journal News should be sued.

The Next Person in Westchester or Rockland Counties NY that has a home burglary should file suit against and the Journal News specifically for letting criminals know which houses are easy prey.

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Time to shut these assholes up

(Explicit Language) This is the only time I think I have ever really asked anyone to get off their lazy ass and do something. I completely believe that the first Amendment really stands for defending the right to speak out … Continue reading

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Violent Crime rates and Concealed Carry

Yeah I know some believe right now it’s controversial in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut. I beg to differ; I think right now is the perfect time to talk about this. Right now; today is when this … Continue reading

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“W” from my perspective.

Fair warning; this blog is going to piss a lot of you off. In retrospect “W” was a horrible President.  If not for Obama Bush may have dethroned Carter as the worst President ever.  I’m not kidding, he was horrible. … Continue reading

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Spend a few minutes in the company of genius.

Reflecting back on life it is rare that one can say they have been in the company of true brilliance. I have had but one such occasion when I was reading a simple letter written by what I consider one … Continue reading

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Looking for a new Job in todays economy

Being my first post here I thought I would jump in with something we can all agree on. As I post more I assure you that you Leftists are going to hate me. For Starters I am a Constitutional Conservative … Continue reading

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