Deranged liberals Express Satisfaction At U.S. Sniper Chris Kyle’s Murder While They Cheer On Murderer Christopher Dorner! Seriously?!


So in this currently ongoing, nationally televised media drama revolving around the manhunt for ex-LAPD Officer, Navy reservist, & now murderer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33-whose killing spree so far includes 3 people (one of those 3 having been a Riverside, California Police officer)-, we’ve learned a considerable bit of information about this deranged mans supposed motives for this declaration he has made of engaging in ‘ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE‘ against former colleagues (as well as their families) whom he holds responsible for his having been fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. Included in this coverage are details of an online ‘manifesto’ Dorner had written on his Facebook Page, giving investigators a chilling look into the twisted psyche of this enraged killer.

Something conspicuously absent however from the coverage of this story by those Haruk-hai in the liberal media, is Dorner’s preference in the area of politics, which -coincidentally- he reveals in his manifesto by expressing unequivocal praise for Barack Hussein Obama, as well as Dorner’s praising others in Obama’s Administration, & voicing his support on the issue of gun control. An absence referred to in a Feb. 7th, 2013 article at titled; “WHY DID SOME LOCAL MEDIA EDIT OUT ANTI-NRA, PRO-OBAMA PORTIONS OF ACCUSED COP-KILLER’S SUPPOSED MANIFESTO?”

418081_392073507550347_466769175_n 530569_398413706916327_441742557_n

Yet journalists at The Blaze aren’t the only ones to have noticed this hypocritical discrepancy:

From the above listed link at, in an excerpt taken from the Feb. 8th, 2013 article by writer Clay Waters, titled; “Corkins, Dorner: Embarrassing Liberal Links to Killers Still Missing From New York Times”, goes on to list those mainstream media networks news personalities whom Christopher Dorner had expressed praise for also in his manifesto:

~”Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and follow Cronkite’s lead.”~


Alright, if you’re starting to wonder where I’m going here with this….No. My commentary isn’t really about Christopher Dorner & his murderous rampage. It’s not even exclusively about the ‘political bias’ of those insurrectionists in the mainstream media who ridiculously refer to themselves as ‘journalist’s which, while I’m on the subject, I’d like to go on record as saying that this overused worn out phrase, ‘political bias’? Yeah, that’s just the politically correct way of redefining ‘political bias’ from what its true definition actually is: ‘seditious traitors actively propagating High Treason against the United States & the American people’! 

74205_442334355814366_1425740178_nWe’re in serious trouble as a nation! As we continue to learn more about these ever evolving (& what I contend were ‘intended’) consequences in this developing fallout of disastrous repercussions from our allowing criminally negligent legislators to get away with their having to pass Obama’s healthcare legislation for them to know what was in it (explain to me again what kind of guiding idiotic rationale like that is even tolerated in a ‘sane’ world to legislate with that kind of gross malfeasance?? Then the media has the nerve to say these ensuing consequences are ‘unintended’? Bullshit!), subsequently seven million American workers now are going to lose their current employer-sponsored healthcare coverage (and that initial figure is probably being conservatively generous too)! Despite Obama’s earlier pathologically motivated lies to the contrary which he didn’t hesitate resorting to in peddling this devious legislation! With that & the middle class already having felt the impact on their paychecks in January, this is only the beginning of this current phase of Obama’s ongoing political jihad to further this ‘fundamental transformation’  on into his 2nd term that he intends to cripple our nation with even worse than he has already!

images (5)     304861_484938418209992_1954948902_n


And no one in Washington in any position to effect legitimate opposition to this rampant subversion of our freedoms & civil liberties does damn thing to prevent or even obstruct this! Even at the level of our United States Supreme Court when they had the opportunity to overturn this looming catastrophe, but then look at who Obama managed to slip in with his 2 appointments to the Bench in advance of the Supreme Courts hearing legal arguments on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Consider too Chief Justice John Roberts ‘suspect’ ruling in his determination that this ‘Affordable Care Act’ was indeed a ‘tax’ (refuting Obama’s previous assertions to the contrary. Yeah, more lies, but then we’re use to that by now) in order to guarantee this unconstitutional purgatory survives!

Yes our nation is in serious trouble! And I blame liberals/Progressives, & their Sharia law of political correctness! 

But who am I to voice dissent? On the national scale of media sensationalized players & all-stars,  I’m nobody. On a commoners scale tho’, I’m just another American exercising my inalienable Right of free speech!P_19A 270826_490839890959127_1259261473_n

And speaking for myself, I’ve had it with watching this senseless ‘Greek tragedy’  of political correctness & those conspirators who rely on it continue to constantly evade accountability for their malicious & systematic undermining & maligning of our Country! Yeah, this has been going on for decades, but so what?!! This Bullshit is responsible for about 75-80% of the crap that’s wrong with our Country today! That & the aberrant little pricks who foist this disease upon us! Like debauched Rats they’ve overrun & have infested our media, entertainment, education, & political establishments! Theirs is a warped ideology that covers a wide spectrum of diversely inverted tenets. From the butchering of unborn children under the deceiving misnomer (conveniently reclassifying & redefining this form of murder) as being ‘freedom of choice’, to their advocating the  abnormalities of queer love, & practically every depraved thing you can imagine in-between that panders to the basest instincts of human nature & to the lowest dregs of our society!



Still I maintain that if they think they can legislate my compliance towards accepting the mass killing of unborn babies, or that a man looking at another mans hairy ass & seeing love is a ‘natural’ & ‘beautiful’ thing, then they’re seriously messed up in the head!


Now its been reported too that there are certain persons of prominence actually trying to legitimize pedophilia:

This is what the virus of political correctness into the cultural bloodstream of our society is helping to bring about! It hasn’t just paved the way for this fraud in our White House! Ultimately it will be the architect of our complete downfall as a society! Anything worth a damn in life will be laid to waste! That’s no exaggeration! I mean we’ve come to the point now where they’re literally talking about ‘normalizing’ pedophilia for God sake! What more than that does anyone honestly need to understand where this is going if we keep allowing this?! Look too at those communities in this country where Liberalism has gained a grasp. The only promise these things offer in the end is the self-effacing surety of inevitable collapse towards degeneracy & ruin! ‘THIS’ is progress??

       541526_10152064108540288_905618675_n                   36508_512544885434032_1512016686_n                       

I’m 48. Old enough to remember life before political correctness. Today it’s like reminiscing about a completely different world in a completely different universe compared to this frantic upside down nut house we’ve allowed these seditious lunatics to degrade our country into! That’s what baffles me too. Why?? You cannot accept any part of it in piecemeal either without accepting all of it! And if you reject it & actively speak out against it, you risk harassment, intimidation, threats of violence, & in some isolated instances even worse I have no doubt. These extremists are as zealous & as committed as radical Islamist’s & we know they’re just as much of a threat to our way of life too! The parallels between these two is eerie & disturbing. Yet aside from all the diverse factions of Liberalism, regardless their chosen ideological speciality they try & advance, they all still adhere to a mutual core principle! Destroy that warped principle & they have nothing upon which to stand! And honestly folks, would that really be such a hard thing to bring ourselves to do, given what these things represent to our continued survival as a nation??

37304_142559775758207_1105372_n But its futility to think we can look to any politician in D.C. today & find hope (granted there may be a few precious exceptions, but they are outnumbered at the moment so…) The same can be said for either Party in Washington. They’re all too intertwined in political correctness to be effective for any substantive change. They’re archaic apart from also being absolutely corrupt. For example, this asinine uproar Karl Rove elicited in this declaration of war he has purportedly claimed on the Tea Party in recent headlines. Rove is endemic to exactly what I mean about these Parties. Their exclusive self-interests towards hoarding their respective positions of power & influence, while having insulated & sequestered themselves away from & above us the people whom they view from their elitists perspective as being inferior, make them the antithesis to every fundamental principle our nation was founded upon!

images (32)I think we’ve seen that exemplified sufficiently enough in their autocratic style of Governance for far too long now.  That’s the drawback too when they must come down from their ivory towers to appeal to the masses in whatever new form of legislated pilfering of our money they seek to undertake. Regaling us with their disingenuous rhetoric & staunchly avowing themselves as  representatives in this Government of the people, by the people, & for the people. Falsely portraying themselves as vanguards to our best interests & needs. Those claims might carry some validity however, if they hadn’t already disenfranchised & marginalized the very people they claim to represent by their pandering to special & foreign interests.

549880_10200488596517823_382994324_nI mean we’ve arrived to where we now have a President & his Administration who can arbitrarily commit murder as well as be responsible for the criminally negligent deaths of Americans in service to their country & get away with it!!


They get away with this criminal activity & no one attempts any accountability whatsoever! We’ve already seen this happen on several occasions! Think about that! I mean really think about what that means. But then there will always be those consumers who still stay loyal to their brand regardless.

541551_487665494602161_613460718_nIt’s extraordinarily difficult sometimes tho’ to envision a reasonably ‘peaceful’ resolution to such an extensive mess. Especially taking into account the  nature of those whom we know we’ll have to contend with eventually, who have invested so much time, money, & effort to make the inroads they have towards realizing their seditious ambitions against our country. Does anyone with sense truly believe these vicious creatures are just going to go away quietly? To waste time believing that is just wasting time indulging in altruistic pipe dreams. Look to recent headlines following the death of former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle & the later reports we’ve heard about of those liberal cellar dwellers out there expressing their sick satisfaction at his passing:

Then turn your attention to recent headlines in the media following this killing spree of fired Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner:



So please, tell me again what “civil discourse” in our sojourn along that euphemistic ‘high road’ is to be had with such willfully sick, obscene, & contemptible excuses for human beings? Personally, the only “civil discourse” filth like this is entitled to is a club upside their skulls as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care if you agree with me on that or not. Make no mistake, it will be to the extremes of violent confrontation these militant fascists WILL make sure that matters deteriorate into if that’s what it takes for them to persevere! And as ‘unchristian’ as my attitude may seem like, I believe in God. I also believe God helps those who help themselves just as he did in helping our Founders & their fellow countrymen in their seceding from the British monarchy of King George III to declare their sovereignty & independence.


They’re hypocrites of the highest order. To the extent I don’t see how they could be so cognitively dissonant of such an inherently profound trait & seriously expect us to believe they’re unaware of it!

They know exactly what they’re doing. That in & of itself is what makes them so damned disturbing! Disturbing AND dangerous! That’s why inevitably, they’ll make sure it comes down to either us or them if they have their way about it. We’ve already seen it begin in these past 4 years. Obama will only encourage this as he has done already – by inciting further division.

Make no mistake!


About Chad Miller

Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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18 Responses to Deranged liberals Express Satisfaction At U.S. Sniper Chris Kyle’s Murder While They Cheer On Murderer Christopher Dorner! Seriously?!

  1. mark green says:

    Thank you for your eloquent, precise and passionate articulation of EXACTLY what the affliction is that is destroying our country. We will not idly sit by the roadside and allow this to happen.

  2. gdbmn says:

    Mr. Miller, all I can say is…I agree. I hope the re-set button is hit, soon.

  3. mbojarski says:

    how convenient that this frigg’n killer loves what our government is doing. our media sucks. we as a people should legally go after so called journalists as foreign agents looking to destroy our world

  4. That’s if Dorner is really guilty – and isn’t being hunted for some other reason….

  5. Pingback: Deranged liberals glad over the death of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle as they cheer on murderous ex-Cop Christopher Dorner…So where do you find common ground with animals like that?? Why would you even want to?! | The D.C. Clothesline « Colla's

  6. Krecks Donna says:

    Chris Dorner is more of a hero than Chris Kyle. Dorner at least attacked domestic enemies of the constitution. Chris Kyle didn’t. After the navy, Kyle joined the military industrial complex. “Our (his and his company’s) goal with our courses is to do one thing; make you better by giving you (the military or law enforcement professional) the skills necessary to dominate your opponent and win.” source:

    • Chad Miller says:

      You’re a sick individual who’s only just another symptom of the disease spreading throughout our nation. Fortunately they make lead based antibodies for animals like you when they get rabid!

  7. Chad Miller says:

    Reblogged this on The Patriot Infidel and commented:

    This is an earlier Blog I’d wrote highlighting the hypocrisy of those hypocrites on the left. Not that this is anything new to most of us, but this is just another symptom of this social disease we refer to as liberalism that constantly needs to be pointed out & never forgotten!

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