White House Blog Hints at More Internet Censorship and Prosecution

On February 5th, 2013 the White House published an article to its blog titled “Working to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence in the United States.” Unlike this blog, I saw no place to leave a comment so I am going to take advantage of my current first amendment right to comment. I am going to publish a picture now which is surely what the White House is trying to stop.

Bill_Ayers_Kill_QuoteBy publishing the picture of Barack Obama’s good friend I have now used my soon to be “former” first amendment right to incite violence. I should and probably will be prosecuted. It does not matter that Barack Obama launched his political career at a social gathering held at Bill Ayers home. That’s a true story. Look it up.  What’s fair is fair and I will accept the consequences for my action.

OK so maybe I am being a little over-dramatic and definitely a little defiant, but that’s exactly how I feel. We are talking about an incumbent President who is friends, or at least in the social circle, with a man who has admitted to bombing The Pentagon and The U.S. Capitol Building. In interviews he has expressed little or no remorse for these actions. He is a known and admitted communist (he says “with a small ‘c'”). Now he is a key note speaker for our nation’s educators and by sharing his picture I could potentially be prosecuted.

If kids go kill their parents now it is clearly on me for inciting violence. By the way, if you are unaware, Bill Ayers never served time for his crimes. He got off on “technicalities.” What a sad country we live in. In a country where the military can detain a citizen indefinitely I’d like to think they’d be holding this guy on their own set of “technicalities,” but not so. Bill Ayers is the key note speaker for the 2013 National Conference for The Association of Teacher Educators.

I hope he doesn’t bomb the conference. 😉

That was insensitive wasn’t it? But who do you think has more potential for inciting violence? A man who never served time for admitted acts of violence, or a guy who is very concerned about the direction of his country, and is warning people to “protect” themselves? Still, if and when push comes to shove we know the guy who is more likely to be locked up and he damn sure is not a communist.

I’m angry but I need to report this story so people will be aware of some of the things in the report. The report deals with the problem of recruiting and the inciting of potential terrorist type violence which is stemming from the internet.

“Violent extremist groups ─ like al-Qa’ida and its affiliates and adherents, violent supremacist groups, and violent “sovereign citizens” ─ are leveraging online tools and resources to propagate messages of violence and division. These groups use the Internet to disseminate propaganda, identify and groom potential recruits, and supplement their real-world recruitment efforts.  Some members and supporters of these groups visit mainstream fora to see whether individuals might be recruited or encouraged to commit acts of violence, look for opportunities to draw targets into private exchanges, and exploit popular media like music videos and online video games.  Although the Internet offers countless opportunities for Americans to connect, it has also provided violent extremists with access to new audiences and instruments for radicalization.”

I disdain vaguery. Lawyers and politicians are masters at leaving all options open. My question would obviously be, if The D.C. Clothesline could be considered one of these groups? We are fairly consistent in our message. We see that there is a potential for civil unrest in this country and we are not trying to incite it but we are trying to prepare people for it. Would we be considered “a violent extremist group” for simply telling people about their second amendment rights and telling them to be prepared? My guess is that we are considered to be exactly that.

I believe our government is corrupt and I think there is a lot more to this article then people are likely seeing. I don’t know about potential terrorist threats, but what kind of real violence are they talking about? When they talk about supremacist groups what are they talking about? Skinheads and Black Panthers? Is there a new rise in race crimes that I don’t know about?

I think what they are really worried about is the obvious change in the attitude of the people and the whispers of rebellion in the air. My opinion is that they are laying groundwork to try to protect themselves, not you and I. The government is scared. They are scared of revolt. I can’t blame them. But they work for us, and we have been consistent in our message. We will defend our second amendment rights because these rights protect us against tyrants.

Mr. Obama might be more self-aware then I have given him credit for. It’s OK Mr.Obama, we already knew that you and many of your friends were tyrants. So long as we maintain our rights we aren’t about to incite hostilities. We will obviously defend ourselves but we are not The Weather Underground. We don’t go around bombing federal buildings like your buddy Mr. Ayers. Just chill out bro, it’s all good.

The final paragraph of this blog post concerned me. I will be honest. I didn’t like it one bit.

“As the Federal Government implements this effort in the coming months, we will continue to investigate and prosecute those who use the Internet to recruit others to plan or carry out acts of violence, while ensuring that we also continue to uphold individual privacy and civil liberties.  Preventing online radicalization to violence requires both proactive solutions to reduce the likelihood that violent extremists affect their target audiences as well as ensuring that laws are rigorously enforced. “

Again, if they feel that my blog posts incite violence there is little or nothing I can do. Forget for a minute that we have a guy named George Soros, who donated 1 million dollars to the Obama re-election campaign, who has been quoted as saying, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. The time has come for a very serious adjustment.” Are they going to be locking him up any time soon? He might be considered one of those people who are promoting “sovereignty” if he is promoting a New World Order. If they do lock him up will Obama be the one to bail him out? Evidently if a guy throws Obama a million bones he is still protected under the first amendment right to free speech. I don’t have that kind of cash on me.

This is the hypocrisy that caused me to start this blog back in late November. We have a president who takes very large campaign contributions form a man who would destroy the USA. There is such a thing as “blood money.” It’s not like they told him to keep his money. Obama is obviously OK with these dangerous ideas of a “New World Order” and I am going to keep telling people about that. Could things like that cause me to get locked up? Sure they could. I am a threat.

We have a controversial Vietnam War veteran named John Kerry as our Secretary of State. He belonged to a an anti-war group that was considering the killing of high-profile Vietnam war supporters. His war crime testimony before congress was reportedly read at Prison Camps in Vietnam for our POWs. He lived in a time when it was OK to speak out against perceived crimes and inequalities.  The first amendment right was still protected in the 1970s. People could still bomb government buildings and major metropolitan police departments and not even have to go to jail. Those were the good old days I suppose.

Bill Clinton even pardoned some of  Ayer’s Weather Underground co-conspirators.  He pardoned two in 2001. Both happened to be women. Hopefully those women were not enticed to have sexual relations with that man as part of the deal, but I digress…

If I say the wrong thing on a blog, in 2013,  that has a readership smaller than Michelle Obama’s staff of personal assistants, I might be headed for jail. This is the new America. This is the change we were promised. You have to read between the lines and realize that everything we are reading is being left ambiguous and I believe that it is intentional. None of it is black and white, it’s all shades of grey. Yes I know, that was a racially insensitive comment. You can’t use colors when discussing anything. Now I am surely a “supremacist.”

The White House blog post talks a lot about propaganda, and I for one would be happy to discuss propaganda any time with an administration that has been accused of paying CNN for running certain stories and withholding others. Ever hear of Amber Lyon?

At any rate, if you want to read the post from the White House Blog you can click here.  There is a wonderful amount of rhetoric in the post and it talks about some new Inter-Agency Working Group. It figures that our government would need the resources of thousands of people to scour the internet and find my personal message to Barack Obama which is being brought to life by my good friend below.


Sorry Mr. President. Evidently my friend doesn’t care much for The White House Blog either. You know how some guys are. They are loyal to their friends. Tell Bill, George and John I said hello.

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About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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12 Responses to White House Blog Hints at More Internet Censorship and Prosecution

  1. marcy harrington says:

    Oh Dean, if only your blog actually had the kind of readership the WH is referring to. Alas, we are just average patriotic americans who were raised to love our GOD & COUNTRY right along side our families. If President Obama feels threatened by that, then we ARE doing what’s right. I will not sit idlly by and wait while the rest of america wakes up to what is happening to our freedoms. The people we elected have some ‘splaining to do about how we got were we are now. So, since my time on earth is limited, I will post everything I deem relevent while I can and hope it sticks on some unsuspecting brain before we are forced to salute a new flag under communist rule and to a new world order.


  2. Bret says:

    Now wait just a god damn minute….
    Promoting individual Sovereignty is considered terrorist? Fuck! Thats a defining characteristic of a United States citizen. That’s literally a part of the organizational structure of our country. This is either out of context , the writer is a moron, or the republic is dead…

    • Bret says:

      Also, let them try to block or filter the internet… How long do you think Anonymous would let that happen? The fucking LOICs would come out and Washington would have to chisel on a stone to send a message across the hall.

      So fuck em, let em try to silence us. Anon is LEGION. THOSE GUYS AND GIRLS WOULD ACT.

  3. Joi Gayre says:

    Tell the Association of Teacher Educators how you feel about Bill Ayers being a keynote speaker at their conference….I did! Click on the contact us link on their site.


    • Muriel says:

      Thank you, Joi. I let them know what I think about Bill Ayers as speaker as well!! They got an earful! Your posting of the link is appreciated! I’ll pass it on.

  4. “The government that serves the people has nothing to fear from that people. The government that serves itself at the expense of the people has everything to fear from that people.” If one of the signers of the Constitution did not say that, one of them should have. So, I guess I might be saying it for them.

    Great article, Dean. There is lots of stuff on the White House’s web page that is ripe for articles. Too bad I lost a week of posts on my timeline. I wanted to write spomething like this, but you did already. You read that blog pretty much the way I do. Keep up the good work. Never rest until it is all over.

    The crazy son-of-a-bitches are preparing to settle this “outdated” Constitution and United States of America question once and for all. That is how I see it But they can’t even catch one rogue former cop! How stupid can they be? Liberals. So blind.

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  6. Those sovereign citizens sound like the same old crooks who have been around since snake oil salesmen and card sharks or sharps. Those examples are swiss cheese examples that are mostly just clever attempts to get rich quick and I read dozens of fictional tricks like those in Alfred Hitchcock Magazines. They are turning over the rocks to find someone to convict of something just to look as if they are finding “enemies of the state.” The “sovereign” use is absolutely correct though misused. There are limits in the Constitution as to what the “imperial government” can do to its underlings. That is why the Constitution must go. I am probably one of their harmful resisters whether or not I can bomb anything. I just choose the old way, the FREEDOM OF SPEECH way.MolonLabe, as they say. I am a 75 year old retired high school Englisn and Spanish teacher, mother of two, grandmother of two and married to retired USNavyCPO.

  7. steve says:

    Obama is a criminal tyrrant of that there can be no doubt and he will have us all in fema camps if he can …….homeland security is not stockpiling hollow point ammunition for nothing (currently about 1.6 billion rounds) …..they know that Americans can only be pushed so far and as you say they are scared ……….The fema camps and the hollow points are for us…..for Americans who do not agree or will not go along with their party line they are preparing for a war they haven’t told us about……..there can be little doubt about that …what else would they need it for ….it’s enough ammunition to fight a 30 year war …….THEY ARE THE ONES PREPARING FOR VIOLENCE
    he threatens the second amendment and now with the posting you refer to….he is gonna try to remove the first…..the political correctness at my workplace in stifiling..you say something bad about barack obama or the administration and many people look around to see if anybody else heard ……now they are in the open ….there is no doubt who the targets are to be …..not radical islam here in the U.S. …..not mr ayers or soros …….but citizens who do not agree with the leftist tyrant barack obama and his ilk ……………….FUCK ‘EM ……….i will continue to excercise my first amendment and second amendment rights at every opportunty……I URGE ALL OTHER FREE THINKING AMERICANS TO DO THE SAME

  8. steve says:

    if you have any more doubts about what they consider us to be this should be very informative


  9. FredAURick Alyone AshAUR says:

    Dean, as concerns Bill Ayers -and MANY others who not only said but DID such stuff- may I just very calmly ask you this:- do you -or ANY of your readers of this EXCELLENT Forum, DC Clothesline, REALLY suppose -or hope- that if we persist in OUR ideas as so oft expressed here on your website, that we will somehow AVOID D-O-I-N-G what Bill Ayers SAID to do about the rich and other open and INTENTIONAL oppre$$or$…..?? Do you REALLY think that what YOU ARE SAYING ever more openly -and BRAVELY- will NOT lead d-i-r-e-c-t-l-y to just exactly what Bill Ayers and the others DID foresee and say so plainly. I don’t like them or their politics but I have K-N-O-W-N since 1966 that someday…, we WILL either HAVE to DO very PHYSICALLY REALLY what ONLY really W-I-N-$….. I think you too deep down reali$e this Dean, so it just might be wi$e to NOT demonise plain speakers on the Left when we on the Right WILL HAVE to do what they may FORCE UPON US -with NO dodges aside even. Let alone out or back-up….! T
    Dean, there is an old verse that goes “madness is IN their hearts WHILE THEY LIVE and after that they go to THE DEAD.” If you recall that one you just might want to look up what goes before and after it as well. $o, lets NOT talk even about ‘secession’ but FULL OUT R-E-F-O-R-M -or EL$E! and by “or el$e” I DO MEAN that phrase “it is their RIGHT, yes it is their D-U-T-Y” to do you know what. ALL el$e -all le$$!- is piffle and piddle$. If there is no REAL -yes, PHYSICAL action$ that REALLY hurt, REALLY $top those who are KNOWNLY w-r-o-n-g from doing even MORE wrong$, then you -and I- and ALL mere say-so’ers…, are “just fucking the dog”…..
    Now I realise that this IS INDEED $obering -I’ve had to face it -and AN$WAUR it not just shriddle off sidewise like we mere ‘amelicans’ -and hyphenates only- so COWARDLY do every sorry assed time…. There is a REAL reason that we ‘amelicans’ are SO COWARDLY we will even suicide rather than just straight ahead and straight UP face, admit, correct, THEN DO OBEYINGLY what we DO know to do. Which isn’t much at all really -compared to what we HAVE BEEN COMMITTED to do since 1787…..
    Dean, the REAL -yes the ABSOLUTELY unchangeable FOREVER part of that Grand Old Constitution, is only 52 plain and ordinary words long. EVERY SINGLE WORD following them for some 5000 more, either has been both rightly -or wrongly- CHANGED in some way to some extent. OR WILL BE AND N-E-E-D TO BE CHANGED IN COMING CENTURIES OR MILLENIA.
    But THOSE FIFTY TWO VERY FIRST DEDICATION WORDS will NOT and can NOT E-V-E-R be changed -AT ALL! (Not even “infringed”….!) That is W-H-Y I have caused to be imprinted on a
    Flag I own, THOSE 52 WORDS as MY OWN -for now- DEDICATION & PLEDGE FOR LIFE. Not just a ‘pledge’ of ‘allegiance’ to a piece of cloth however venerable and truly beautiful! Whenever I am with others ‘saluting the flag’ I AM REPEATING THOSE 52 WORDS -and saying AHMEN! right after them! Dean, PLEASE realise that without THEM -without THOSE 52 WORDS- even our up and PHYSICALLY taking care of business with you know who, will FALL $HORT THU$ FALL A-P-A-R-T-$ THEREFORE AND T-H-E-R-E-B-Y-! If you can even get a glimmer of how ALL IMPORTANT Those 52 Words A-U-R…, P-L-E-A-S-E “come UP to the COLORS!” and start thinking DEEPLY then explaining CLEARLY what you too WILL derive and harvest from your own perusals and ponderings over and OVER…, of Those 52 WORDS.
    And, you who follow Dean -good for you! NOW YOU TOO GET IN THERE AND GET W-I-T-H THOSE FIFTY TWO W-O-R-D-S that very literally are of Light itself AND Life ALIVELY for real!
    Otherwise you WILL be on the short end and wrong side even with your BE$T efforts to be ahead and on the side of THE Truth that subsumes “These Truths”….. Ye$, my friends and trying to be REAL Americans -not just ‘amelicans’ only here to get as Phillip Wylie $O aptly noted in 1941- ONLY AS YOU TOO “GET IT REALLY R-I-G-H-T” about Those 52 Words will or C-A-N ANY of you e-v-e-r be more than just a flipside of whatever and whoever you are or may be against, religiously and politically. Yes, folks THOSE FIFTY TWO WORDS A-U-R INDEED THAT FUNDAMENTAL, THAT T-R-U-E, THAT A-L-L IMPORTANT, this planer AURound…..! (And, wherE-V-A-U-R “men may go, they WILL HAVE to remember THOSE 52 WORDS” -not just the Alamo….!!)
    I want to thank you all, even the still surfaces only folks…, for taking a part in so vital a source of REAL patriotic discussings up and down and back and forth. Good LIGHT to you ALL!!

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