If President Bush was a war criminal what does that make Barack Obama?

The idea for this post came after reading this article at Capitol Commentary, please check it out.

How many times after the war on terror began did we hear the left claim that President Bush was a war criminal? All you have to do is google “Bush war criminal” and you will come up with innumerable articles calling President Bush a war criminal and calling for him to be tried for war crimes. Here is one such article:

Some 269 war crimes during the Bush administration, based primarily on autobiographical and journalistic reports in four categories—illegal decisions to go to war, the military conduct of war, mistreatment of prisoners of war, and the misoccupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

(To be fair you can find some articles calling Barack Obama a war criminal, but where are the protesters?)

   We saw many protesters rally against President Bush’s crimes yet doesn’t that quote above also apply to Barack Obama? Where are the protesters? Barack Obama also illegally went to war in Libya and Egypt while also supporting the uprising in Syria and we have troops scattered throughout Africa, yet the left is quiet.

The “mistreatment of prisoners of war” was a rallying cry which helped  Barack Obama ride to the presidency in 2008: he claimed that torture lessened the standing of America in the world and made our country less safe. He talked about the innocent lives being lost during the war, yet as president he has ordered drone strikes which also kill innocent people and yet the left remains silent.

Barack Obama has gone so far as to declare he can assassinate American citizens with drone strikes without charges and without even proof these “threats” are even plotting against the United States and yet the left remains silent.

Barack Obama even ordered the assassination of an American teenager, who was eventually killed in a drone strike and yet the left remains silent.

Barack Obama was against “torturing” enemy combatants to gain information for use in the war on terror and he wanted to grant those caught on the battlefield the constitutional right of a trial by jury yet he does not think he has to afford American citizens the same right–he can simply kill them and we are supposed to believe this killing is okay but “torture” is a human rights violation? And yet the left remains silent.

Four Americans died in a terrorist attack in Benghazi because Barack Obama may have been running guns captured in Libya into Syria, and then he tried to cover it up and yet the left remains silent.

If President Bush was a war criminal, what does that make Barack Obama? And yet the left remains silent…..

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2 Responses to If President Bush was a war criminal what does that make Barack Obama?

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    The point is what is a war crime? Waterboarding, well that won’t kill you, everybody that does that expirencees it prior to doing it. Being killed by a drone, that will. Information gleaned from enhanced means saved lives, didn’t killed civilians, took combatants off the battle feild, and helped to gain the upper hand. Drones killed with out prejudice, 1000 of civilians and no way of knowing if combatants were killed unless an assessment had been done, by sending soldiers in to the area to find out. So you tell me? Going to war. How about defunding the defence department while at war?

  2. Karen says:

    Not just the left..but the right, too, as far as the Politicians are concerned. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s like the teflon man. God help us all.

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