We Need To Give Ron Paul the Benefit of the Doubt and Await His Response

ronpaulI just posted this picture on my Facebook page and I should have given it more thought. I was mad and my reaction was a typical knee-jerk reaction. Bloggers, news sources, and political activists too often jump on a story before it has totally developed, which is irresponsible and is part of the problem, not part of the solution. I would like to apologize for helping to perpetuate a story before I am armed with all the facts.

Here is what I know. I know that Tea Party Community was hacked this week. I suspect that breitbart.com was hacked this week though there is no official word on that. I know that when I tried to visit yesterday, Google Chrome was giving me malware warnings and I chose not to go ahead. Today Breitbart seems fine.

I also know that I have personally had my twitter account hacked before, and I don’t doubt that it is possible that Ron Paul’s account was hacked as well. I have now chosen to hold judgement because we will not know the story until we hear from Ron Paul.

If he said this I have a real problem with his distasteful comment. Chris Kyle is a great American hero and no matter what your opinion on his death, the comments should have been held for a later time. But I need to give Paul the benefit of the doubt until I hear his response.

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6 Responses to We Need To Give Ron Paul the Benefit of the Doubt and Await His Response

  1. Bret says:

    At first glance, Ron Paul seems like an ass I suppose. Then I remember that Ron Paul is a politician, not a clinical psychiatric doctor. Treating PTSD at a firing range is forcing the sufferer to face their stressor. It is also not a good idea until many sessions in an office have been performed. Ron Paul is adamantly against purposeless war. Which really is what.I feel we have. Anyone wants to argue that.point I will be more than happy to do so when I’m at a keyboard and not on a cell phone.

    It’s no different than trying to treat shut ins or other abnormal behavior.

  2. sbspecks says:

    I know several people with PTSD, and typically the stress comes not from what they were doing, but from not doing it. A classmate of mine has a boyfriend who was diagnosed with PTSD from the Gulf War, and he is an awesome guy. I asked him about it because I was curious, and he said the thing that bothers him the most (and said others who suffered that he knew) was not things like going to shooting ranges, hunting, routines, and that stuff, but a lack of doing it…he made it sound like the worst case of PTSD is when vets aren’t allowed to do what they were trained to do. Knowing this, I can’t say i’m surprised that Chris was a frequent firing range visitor (from what i gather, at least). The biggest thing with PTSD that I find many don’t seem to understand is that it isn’t like the person is psychotic. Far from that, in fact…certain sounds, situations, or similar surroundings can (not will, CAN) pull them back to that time and their training kicks in. It’s hardwired into them, because when they’re over in combat zones they bloody well need to act without thinking. Think, and you’re dead, as one buddy put it (who has his second Afghanistan deployment in a few weeks). Yes, PTSD is a problem, and it can cause some pretty big events…but then, too, if a soldier feels most comfortable with himself while taking shots downrange, by all means I feel comfortable letting him. It isn’t so much a disorder as it is a trigger. Which isn’t saying PTSD ISN’T a disorder at all, mind you. I don’t blame this hero at all for wanting to keep his skills sharp, especially when you have almost every major terrorist organization wanting your head on a silver platter. Sadly, it seems that the biggest betrayal came from inside his circle…which is ironic, considering the reason why almost all of the D.C.C.’s readers are here…

    As far as the validity of the comment, Ron Paul has a RECORD for not supporting the military. Which is quite surprising, but lends strength to the belief that the independent, Third-Party system is a scheme by the Democrats to discredit and demonize the Republicans, and keep them split. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a legit remark from him, and if so I’m glad I never backed him like some others did. Disrespecting someone who served their country with distinction, regardless of whether you agree with what they did or not, is out of line. I expect that from Obama, not someone claiming to be a patriotic American.

  3. I don’t ‘twitter’, but I do follow Twitchy. Last night I tried to go to chicksontheright.com and received a warning. I checked chicksontheright fb page and there was a discussion on it, some comments mentioned Breibart, so I tried their page. I had no trouble getting to Breibart last night. Today, both those sites are fine.

    As for Ron Paul, I don’t really follow him, but I do follow Rand Paul. I like how he has voted on a lot of legislation, in fact his votes have reflected my feelings more than many Republicans’ votes have. I don’t consider myself a republican anymore, in fact, I don’t really know what political party describes my views. No matter what a person’s feelings on the actions of our military leaders, I think our troops should always be supported.

    Chris Kyle’s death is tragic, my heart breaks for his family and friends.

  4. He said it. I’m done defending him. He made two more twitters posts yesterday and one seemed to be a very half-hearted attempt at justifying. I have lost a lot of respect for Ron Paul.

  5. Kyle says:

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