Getting to Know your Department of Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services was just at my door (yes, she was dressed all in black, but it was not a uniform. So are most of our local skiers.) They are confirming some addresses for whatever reason that is known only to them. So, I figured that I would look them up. Below are some links on them. The last one is significant for Second Amendment supporters. Coupled with their authority over mental health issues, it could be a concern of those who are being so “paranoid” or “schizophrenic” about the federal government’s alleged plot to eliminate the Constitution and the Republic.

I know that the big, shiny, new black truck I was playing cat and mouse with last night right at dark is probably a concerned neighbor watching over my place. Or a burglar. I know that the Channel 13 news anchors stopping by my house today asking for directions was strictly a coincidence, as I was the only one out there in the snow. I know that the one ring call when I clicked on Illuminati Conspiracy a little while ago was a coincidence. I got a Philadelphia number when I dialed *69. I know that the DHHS woman showing up at my door a little while ago is just a coincidence. We were home, as it is my day off.

Otherwise, I would have to believe in big, fat, giant government conspiracies. Government is generally too predictable for such nonsense. You would have to set down your coffee cup before you could do anything. That ain’t happening.

To actually believe in a big, fat giant government conspiracy could possibly be viewed as paranoid by any shrink who was not a Jungian by training and inclination. He could diagnose that one with certainty.

As for the universe itself, it is a very strange and interesting place indeed.

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About responsible2all

I am a working stiff who finds it hard to get all the bills paid sometimes. I am basically happy with my far-from-boring, crazy, albeit fulfilled life. But I have watched the earth and the people upon it for a very long time now. And I know that the Freedoms of the Upper Man, whose last stronghold on earth is the United States of America, are under constant attack by the Scarlet Babylonian Antichrist, and by the Beast upon who She rides. So now, after all of these years of obscurity behind the Green Hedge, beneath the Veil of the Chuppah, above the Smoky Glass Ceiling, it is time to speak of the things which I have always Known, and have seen and heard, and have been taught on that Fateful Day, by John Daniel.
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2 Responses to Getting to Know your Department of Health and Human Services

  1. Lehmon Baxley says:

    WOW!! It amazes me all the coincidences we get to see everyday. I clicked on all the links above and within minutes the phone rang with a Pa. number and no one was there. Just a coincidence I’m sure….right?

  2. Gary Harper says:

    Has to be a coincidence…

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