As Navy SEAL Body Count Rises, Obama Arms Muslim Brotherhood With Advanced Weaponry: Is There A Connection??


The awful tragedy in the recent senseless death of former American Navy SEAL & ‘American Sniper’ author Chris Kyle, triggered a collective wave of shock,  disbelief, sorrow, & anger throughout our Country. Details providing a motive for the shooting are still as yet unknown. The suspect, Eddie Ray Routh (arrested shortly after fleeing the scene in Kyle’s Ford pickup truck, allegedly stopping to tell his sister & brother-in-law of what he had done then -upon leaving for his home in Lancaster- they notified authorities which led to his apprehension following a brief highway chase with law enforcement), who (from what I’ve gathered in sketchy details reported thus far) was a Marine reservist alleged to be suffering from PTSD whom Kyle was mentoring, possibly due to Rouths’ mother reaching out to Kyle to help her son. The 2nd victim in the shooting, Chad Littlefield (who also has died), was a friend of Kyles’, leaving Routh facing 2 counts of capital murder in the Erath County Jail under a $3 million bond.


But in the aftermath of this the latest tragic death in a long procession of Navy SEAL casualties since the May 2nd, 2011 raid on the revealed compound of Al Qaeda founder & 9/11 architect Osama bin Laden (located less than a mile southwest of the Pakistan Military Academy in Bilal Town, Abbottabad, Pakistan), provoked in the wake of public reaction to this latest casualty, a genuine firestorm of speculative conversation that has virtually swept across the social networking stratosphere, steeped in a thick dialect that hints of clandestine & treacherous motivations. Of allusive treason & betrayal directed towards the one figure unprecedented in the history of America under such circumstances to ever be cast in such a cold dubious light: Our own President of the United States!

I’d debated with myself to even write what I’m going to say here. The implied meaning here is serious business & disturbing enough, but this subject has already been a matter of ongoing conjecture in the past I’ve since observed. Just the fact that the prerequisite pattern of circumstances exist to give context to such matters of discussion is disconcerting. But I’ve read the discussions. I’ve heard the implicit meaning conveyed in their intonations. Admittedly, I’ve had the same thoughts myself pass through my own mind on occasion when I’ve looked at this multitudinous mosaic of controversies & scandals that crowd around Barack Hussein Obama, shadowing his footsteps pretty much since his rise from complete obscurity to such inexplicable prominence virtually overnight! A shadow we’re discovering now growing darker the longer Obama wields power. Combined then with the collaborative defiance of an expressly biased liberal media’s obduracy to even exercise a shred of journalistic objectivity & scrutiny in their coverage of this man, it’s enough to raise the eyebrow of any objective cynic in the augury of plausibility. By those standards it’s less far-fetched & retains far more feasibility & credence by comparison than do any conspiratorial notions I’ve heard trying to cast George Bush, Dick Cheney, & a rogue Government as co-conspirators & accessories in the abhorrent radical Islamist terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

But like it or not, it’s being discussed. The talk is out there. As I’ve said, I’ve seen it myself. I’ve thought it myself. Simply examine this mans own established record thus far & this pervasive inundation of division & civil unrest Obama himself seems dedicated at provoking. His gross negligence at his unwillingness to identify the source of this terrorist threat we face against our Country & his refusal to declare it for what it is. The revealed associations Obama & his Administration have with known members of the Muslim Brotherhood & the reported influence they have over critical areas of  our national security &  various Administrative policy making.

His chosen subordinate overseeing our Department of Justice classifying the Ft. Hood massacre as an act of “work place violence”. Obamacare & the transparent corruption & backroom deals exercised to see that legislatively unConstitutional nightmare passed! Obama’s deliberate political straining of relations with the only true Middle Eastern ally we have in Israel. The vulnerability of our open borders as Obama has waged lawsuits against States & their citizenry for simply trying to enforce existing immigration laws he & his Department of Justice absolutely refuse to enforce themselves – for obvious political reasons. Obama basically turned NASA into a Muslim outreach center while effectively eviscerating our own manned space flight program in the process. His initially stated support for the ground zero Mosque, which he quickly back peddled on at the political backlash which immediately followed on the heels of his expressed support. His deliberate escalating of racial tensions following the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, subsequently declaring if he had a son, ‘he would look like Trayvon’.


Then there’s ‘Operation Fast & Furious’, which – in connection – oversaw the high profile deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, along with hundreds of Mexican civilian casualties directly related to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holders’ Department of Justice gun trafficking of high powered fire arms to members of ruthless Mexican Drug Cartels – as part of what I can only describe myself as being a criminally negligent operation, whose ulterior objective was to advance a covert political agenda aimed at seeking further subversion of Americans 2nd Amendment Rights as far as I’m concerned (draw your own conclusions on that score however). Most of you are acquainted as well with the eventual hearings conducted by the Committee of Government Oversight & Reform into this thoroughly botched operation, Obama’s exercising ‘Executive Privilege’  in blocking requested files to the Committee in the course of their proceedings, & the eventual paper tiger outcome in which Eric Holder was found to be in ‘Contempt’ for his ongoing stonewalling & perjurious testimony during the Committees’ investigation



 Then came the crown jewel which Obama shamelessly tried to exploit & spin to his political advantage in the Navy SEAL’s tracking down & killing of Al Qaeda founder & 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden on May 2nd, 2011. It’s from that point when developments really begin taking a horrific turn, paving the twisted path for this destination we find ourselves having arrived at today, when within a few months following the raid on bin Laden’s compound, a devastating event occurred as described in this excerpt taken from the Oct. 15th, 2012 article, “SEAL TEAM 6 FAMILY:’OBAMA’S RULES ARE GETTING OUR WARRIORS KILLED’, @, by writer Patrick S. Poole:

~”Just 3 months after the raid by Navy SEAL Team 6 that killed Osama bin Laden, those same SEALs were in the news yet again–but for an entirely different reason–

  —On August 6, 2011, while on their way to assist an ongoing mission in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, the CH-47D Chinook helicopter that they were riding in was shot down by an RPG fired by a Taliban fire team approaching their landing zone in Tangi Valley. All 38 American and Afghan service members who were aboard perished, including 17 Navy SEALS, 5 Navy Special Operations support personnel, 3 Air Force Special Tactics Airmen and the five-man Chinook crew, marking the largest loss of life in America’s 11 years of military operations in Afghanistan. ‘TWENTY‘ of the twenty-two SEALs and SEAL support were from ‘SEAL TEAM VI’ (DEVGRU).”~

Then there was the scandal involving intelligence leaks from unidentified sources connected to the White House, which led to the identities of the members of SEAL Team 6 who oversaw the bin Laden raid being revealed…

If Barack Hussein Obama had been regarded with a minimum of suspicious distrust before by millions of Americans over his arbitrary style of governance, that distrust became precipitously heightened upon peoples penchant to ascribe cloak & dagger propensities to clandestinely suspect circumstances. Basically, Obama invited this unofficial inquisition of public opinion by his own actions! Actions which time & again have contradicted so much of his lofty yet mendacious rhetoric. Coupled then too by subsequent events that have only gone on to reinforce & strengthen the suspicions held by so many as I’ll  reveal here in further detail…


That name undoubtedly invokes a visceral reaction in several people as they’re reminded of the Islamist terrorist attack on our U.S. Embassy in Libya & the slayings of our American Ambassador there along with a consulate staff member, & 2 more former Navy SEALs on September 11th, 2012 – The 12th anniversary since radical Islamist terrorists declared war on us & our country in their devastating assaults on American soil on September 11th, 2001.  Only “Bumps in the road” tho’ as Obama later lamented in a televised interview as he & his Administration scrambled immediately in the wake of this attack to engage in a criminal cover-up to redirect public scrutiny from their obscene absence of having provided any immediate aid to those Americans in distress, despite an ensuing conflict in this assault which lasted SEVERAL HOURS! Their disgusting reference for days afterward to some youtube video as being the cause of this “spontaneous riot” was stupefying as this assertion was refuted within a day by the CIA station chief in Libya who indicated they had had confirmation that this “spontaneous riot” was in fact an act of terrorism within 24 hours of the attack taking place!


It’s almost as if they -Obama & his Administration- were subliminally trying to justify the actions of these murderous aggressors!  I’m going to assume most of you are already acquainted with the revealed details in the months after this debacle, leading to yet more hearings on Capitol Hill, that yet again resulted with no accountability exacted on anyone despite an investigation revealing there was plenty of blame to go around. Culminating ‘finally’ in the recent anticipated deposition of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill, who effectively summarized her thoughts on the matter in her emotional outburst during her testimony in expostulating: “What difference at this point does it make??!!”

Yeah, & just think too, this atrocious excuse for a human being is going to slither back to her sewer to regroup only to eventually reemerge &  plague us all again in another 4 years when she brazenly seeks the 2016 democratic Presidential nomination! The immensity of her hubris & her complete lack of shame is astounding, huh?? To be expected I guess from someone who, in her departing speech as Secretary of State, expressed pride in a legacy drenched in blood and of a President who did absolutely NOTHING to prevent or staunch its flow!


It gets to be emotionally draining trying to keep perspective in this maelstrom of one consecutive controversy after another delivered to us by a vague commodity from the sleazy cesspools & tar-pits of Chicago politics. Now -in the wake of this ruse having achieved a 2nd term under a cloud of even more questionable circumstances everyone seems eerily conspicuous in their silence at not speaking of today- having the benefit of hindsight to look back along this twisted path, we see the cumulative detritus wrought over these last 4 years & littering along the trail of this man-made disaster  that includes just since May 2nd, 2011, at least 30 dead active & former Navy SEALs, plus a supporting cast of many, all of which are detailed at a disturbing link I stumbled upon as I was researching. Tell me you don’t feel the hairs on your arm goosebump a little while reading the listings at the following…

Under this discernible shroud of controversy evoked seemingly on purpose by this President who possesses an almost taunting mien ingrained in the apparent arrogance of his carriage, we also have the most Constitutionally subversive man to ever hold the highest Office of our Land! Waging his political Jihad not only on our Military in recent months, but also now in his renewed vigor towards assaulting Americans 2nd Amendment Rights! I’ve asked this before, but I’ll reiterate it here again as I feel this cannot be overstated enough: Exactly how much dereliction of duty & seditious treason does Obama think his being Americas 1st black President entitle him to commit & get away with?? And where are any voices of the so-called opposition Party in this political establishment wasteland to speak their dissent?!! Just cowards or collaborators waving around sabers that may as well be dulled butter knives for appearance sake in this media sensationalized burlesque! God it makes me sick at this total vacuum of leadership we have that’s tearing apart our Country!

It should be obvious by the acquiescent & accommodating appeasement of those ruling class establishment GOP members that no decisive resistance will be made against the sophistry of Obama’s chicanery! None! Obama would have to make an enormously grievous overreach on an unprecedented scale at this point I think for any of them to grow enough hair to actually put some teeth in their bite, and even then I’m still not sure. After all, Obama is determined to provide the Muslim Brotherhood led Government of Egypt with F-16 fighter jets & Abram tanks. And only 19 GOP members attempted recently to put a stop to that, but to no avail. Granted, we may have a few who will step out of line (I’ll grudgingly admit here that I’m developing a reserved sense of growing respect & admiration for Ted Cruz, but I refuse to give any politician complete trust), what recourse however do we the people have when the majority of this Asylum in D.C. is being ran by the inmates?


But in closing, all we have is our suspicions & people will talk. How long tho’ before we begin hearing these same suspicions being reflected & echoed in the voices of those we look to as our elected  ‘Representatives’ in Washington? I almost cynically laughed out loud as I re-read the last sentence I just typed. I wouldn’t hold my breath is the best advice I can give you….

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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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23 Responses to As Navy SEAL Body Count Rises, Obama Arms Muslim Brotherhood With Advanced Weaponry: Is There A Connection??

  1. steve says:

    You know what I like most about your blog? You say all the things that only cross others peoples minds. The title states it all. At what point do we stop being surprised and realize there’s something big going down…just we’re not in on the gig. bummer.

  2. Lehmon Baxley says:

    Late last week, I saw a photo on facebook that said: “You have never heard of a mass shooting at a gun range.” speaking out about gun free zones. When I saw that, my mind went to: Now some left wing gun grab supporter is going to try it out of spite! Well it happened sooner than I expected. I have to wonder if anyone “convinced” him or if he came up with the idea on his own.

    • Linda says:

      I felt the same way…..he was “convinced” “coerced” to become a “martyr” of the efforts to take away all of our 2nd amendment rights…..
      Soon ALL of our 1st amendment rights will be gone… please continue to speak loud and clear about these travesties in our country….!
      Hurry, we do NOT have much time left…..

  3. Lordchamp says:

    At what point do coincidences stop being coincidences?

    There have always been conspiracy theories and always will be. They are normally speculated by a few fringe people. Some might be some but most aren’t.

    However, logic says that all this is going on might not be a conspiracy but something is not right and most of us know it. There is just too much “coincidence”.

    The biggest problem with all this is the lack of trust. There’s to many questions and not enough answers and we all know there never will be, not by their choice anyways.

    The threat of a rope might get their attention though.

    • GOPstoppers says:

      It’s like you want there to be controversy. People like you feed off of it. At what point do we start thinking that its not a coincidence that you all hate Obama just because he is black? I can’t believe this site!

  4. Pingback: Oboyimanutjob and his minions responsible??? ... now, where's my little tinfoil hat?

    • Chad Miller says:

      I already expect I’m on a list (or lots of lists) somewhere, O. lol The hazard of speaking out & refusing to be silent! Feel free to share this tho’ if you’d like & good luck fighting the good fight!

  5. Cindy Sloan says:

    You *TOLD it LIKE it REALLY is*…I agree 100%, so do a LOT of folks!!! None of these things are “Coincidences” ~ Obama had better *BACK-OFF* because he sure is CREATING a FINE JOB in *STARTING a CIVIL WAR*…We need a *LEADER* who has *CHARACTER; MORALS; TRUST; RESPECT; HONOR*…And *BRING this Country Back!!! We NEED to put Prayer Back in our Schools; Allegance to our FLAG; Families being FAMILY, and GOOD ‘ole Parenting, etc. ~ Amen!

    • GOPstoppers says:

      You are pathetic. Not only does President Obama back America 100%, he still represents the greatest country in the world. YOU are the ones creating the distrust. YOU are the ones creating civil insecurities between us. KEEP GOD OUT OF SCHOOLS. PERIOD. This site is making me sick reading all the comments like this. People like you need to be sodomized with a baton. PLEASE, for the sake of our future do not reproduce.

  6. Ralph Bodie Liberty, Nebraska says:



    Ralph Bodie

    • Chad Miller says:

      Hi Ralph. Except for quoted excerpts, links to various stories, & the youtube videos, the writing is done by me yes. Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate your support!

  7. Just remember if the President ever pleads the fifth he can not because he does not believe in the constitution so there fore his invoking will NOT apply to him! and he has no protection under the constitution when ever it suits him he either believes it all or none! He can not pick and choose when it is convenient for him!

  8. mike cassen says:

    Mr Miller you speak the truth Chrise Kyle was my friend and brother in arms,the so called commander in chief should be charged and tryed for derelection of duty and treason. Keep up the good work we support and back you and our constitution AND WILL DIE PROTECTING IT.

  9. Dan Reidy says:

    GOD BLESS CHRIS KYLE….Lord please deliver us from out of the DARKNESS

  10. Mike says:

    As an American combat veteran of the Viet Nam era…I have watched this coming since the 60’s…look who’s in charge now…the Clintons and their followers…John Kerry, his sponsor in “Winter Soldier” was none other than Jane Fonda??? Who is in charge now??????? Ask yourself if what I have said isn’t true….I think that if you had been a veteran from the era I am, you would now be able to look at what these people were doing when they turned our families and friends against us with their lies and distortions…I for one will never forget that and I will never forgive them for what they did.

  11. GOPstoppers says:

    This website is aids. I can’t believe racists like you all still exist. You all make me sick to my stomach.

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