Homeland Security: Defend yourself against a shooter with scissors

In the post-second amendment America envisioned by Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein it may become necessary for people to protect themselves against an “active shooter” but many people wonder how they are to do so if they are not allowed to carry a weapon so the Department of Homeland Security has released a video explaining to people what they should do if they encounter a crazed gunman in a public area, school, or workplace:

In this video–which talks to adult Americans as if they were children, going so far as to explain what an “active shooter” is–they recommend first trying to evacuate the area or hiding from the shooter’s view. Okay, no problem there but what if neither of those is an option? DHS has a solution for that as well.

As a last resort the video recommends trying to overpower the shooter with “whatever means are available” and then shows a person grabbing a pair of scissors. So according to DHS a person is supposed to defy a mother’s order of time immemorial and run with scissors towards a man with an assault weapon. Yeah, that’s going to end well!

But the questions I have are the following: if assault weapons and high capacity magazines are banned why would a person be faced with this situation anyway? Aren’t these bans being touted as the only way to keep Americans safe from this type of situation in the first place? Isn’t this an admission that only law abiding citizens are going to follow the new laws while criminals will still have these weapons?

In my opinion this is proof that the Obama regime understands that these new laws will not only not make the American people more safe but will also make them less safe. And this is proof that the goal of this legislation is not the safety of the American people but rather just meant to be an infringement on the second amendment.

If you enjoyed this post you can read more by Steve Dennis at America’s Watchtower.

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4 Responses to Homeland Security: Defend yourself against a shooter with scissors

  1. Vaughn Monti says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>}}}}}}}}}O:-) 50 ae

  2. Citizen Patriot says:

    A wise old Army helicopter gunship pilot once (in 1968 at Bong Son, RVN), son, don’t ever take a knife to a gunfight. He, also, advised me never to try to draw fire your way to fix the enemy, it piss off all your buddies around you. I’m happy to say that taking his advice to heart served me well all through two tours to Vietnam and through Operations Just Cause (Panama), Desert Storm (Kuwait),and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). So, only if you find yourself locked in a small closet with a mass-murderer ignore what the bull-dyke suggests – never charge an armed assailant unless the only exit is behind him (or her, or it, or you really really have a death-wish.

    OK, enough of my BS, what she is really saying is never surrender your life without a fight – something that seems to have been lost between what she insinuated and what the reporters heard. One thing cleverly ommitted by both is there is no plans on the horizon for the government to authorize armed protection in public schools.

  3. PinkysBrain says:

    Although presented out of order, aren’t these the three rules of guerrilla fighting — escape, evade, engage?

  4. I will gladly give up my right to bear arms, when they pry the empty 9mm Ruger from my cold lifeless fingers…………….

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