Gun Buyers are smarter than Gun Confiscators.

Gun Buyers are smarter than the Gun Confiscators.

Last weekend in Seattle the police showed up with $80,000.00 in gift cards to buy back guns for the first time in 20 years.  The plan was to offer $100 for handguns, rifles, and shotguns; $200 for “Assault style” weapons.  The Police soon found out that they were being outsmarted as dozens of law-abiding citizens used their 2nd Amendment right to buy the guns before the police, offering better prices and cash.

 Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times wrote that the gun collectors “with cardboard signs running a gun bazaar under the freeway doesn’t convince you our gun laws are too lax, nothing will.” Danny just does not grasp what the 2nd Amendment is all about. Danny does not understand that without the 2nd Amendment there would not be a 1st Amendment. Danny’s article can be found @ . If you want to let Danny know what you think about your 2nd Amendment rights feel free to @ 206-464-2086 or remember to be polite and DO NOT make threats.

Seattle Police Chief John Diaz (no relation) was not happy, saying it was perfectly legal, but “I’d prefer they wouldn’t sell them,”  “There’s no background checks, and some (guns) could be exchanged on the streets that shouldn’t be in circulation.”

All was not lost for the police; they did run out of gift cards. When sellers found out they rushed to the gun buyers. Deals were being made on the corner, sometime with people jumping out of their cars in the traffic jam. All in all, I would say the 2nd Amendment won the day.

Buying back guns at a better price than the police is a smart move. I suspect when any city does this, you will find the same thing happening. I know I’ll be at any in my area. I am more than happy to shell out $150 for a nice Handgun or $250 for a AR-15. GCOA and the NRA should start organizing these buy outs and keep the firearms where they belong — In the hands of the people in order to protect the State and its citizens from a Tyrannical Government.

I have a very short message for Piers Morgan: “If the 2nd Amendment does not include any “assault style” weapon because the Founding Fathers could not imagine them, neither does the 1st Amendment apply to radio or television because the Founding Fathers could not have imagined them.”

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About Dann Diaz

A Veteran and former member of the GOP. Dann left the GOP because it no longer stood for Conservative values. A Constitutional Conservative that wants the Government to do it's job and quit interfering with peoples Liberty.
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5 Responses to Gun Buyers are smarter than Gun Confiscators.

  1. TL (@TL) says:

    They tried doing this maybe a month or so ago here in Los Angeles, and my first thought was “Shoot, I need to get out there with a sign and a couple grand in cash” — Unfortunately it was over before I got the chance, but it was reported that an elderly woman turned in a firearm worth several thousands of dollars. Never did find out what happened to that weapon afterwards. It would be interesting to get on a list of people to contact before the next buy-back happens.

  2. sbspecks says:

    Awesome post Dann! I’ll have to keep an ear to the ground if that starts happening in my area…I’m in the market for a gun anyways! =)

  3. Jack Collins says:

    When the Officers says, “There’s no background checks, and some (guns) could be exchanged on the streets that shouldn’t be in circulation.” He is probably talking about the stolen guns or guns that were used in crimes that get turned in at gun buy backs.

  4. wkpmontana says:

    It takes living in the Seattle area to understand why anyone would trade a perfectly good firearm for an Amazon gift card let alone a mere $100.00. Remember this is the place they wear open sandals and socks during their rainy winters. Thanks to the private gun buyers that reminded them there are still a few contitutionalists left in that make everybody feel good, tree hugging environment.

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