About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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  1. Carlos Helms says:

    “Secretary of States”?


    OK…back to topic. I hope so. King HeHimself has been elected TWICE based on his celebrity-like charisma. The dumbed-down, low-info voters are looking for their “messiah” to set up his kingdom-on-earth and give them their “well-deserved” resistance-free lives. The manchurian candidate didn’t get it done. Flash-in-the-pan. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be); Hillarah does not possess those same qualities.

    A simple passing of the royal sceptor ain’t gonna work. Even the Republican Party has more charismatics than the post-Dem revolution. And that ain’t many.

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