Kerry Walks Away Unscathed, Martha Sails Crap Creek Without A Paddle, Hillary’s Schism’s, Our Troops Can’t Kill The Enemy, But Now Military Women Can Take A Bullet For Obama! What Difference At This Point Does It All Make??!!

Well, as most of you are likely aware, today began this Looney Tune sideshow process of Confirmation Hearings towards advancing Democrat Senator John Kerry’s bid at becoming successor in the bloody wake of Hillary Clinton’s abrogation of the position of being Obama’s Secretary of State for his 2nd term of further calculated racial divisions and civil unrest!

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How many of you are aware tho’, that back during the Insider Trading scandal that swept through Capitol Hill over a year ago, Kerry was cited as allegedly being one of the most proliferate AND egregious of transgressors engaging in this malodorous impropriety (being tied for first place status with Republican Representative Spencer Bachus, of Alabama)?

In an excerpt dated Nov. 16th, 2011 from an article by Grace Wyler at, titled: “CONGRESS INSIDER TRADING: Here’s How The Kerry’s Made Bank On Obamacare!”, Wyler went on to state;

~Washington is up in arms this week over, Throw Them All Out, Peter Schweizer’s explosive new expose, which pulls back the curtain on the appalling frequency of ‘legal’ insider trading in Congress.
By Schweizer’s account, one of the biggest culprits is John Kerry, the powerful Massachusetts Democrat and, incidentally, the wealthiest member of the Senate.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Kerry played a key role in shaping President Obama’s healthcare reform legislation in 2009 — while also raking in cash from healthcare investments.~END

Coincidentally, this was also THE very same malfeasance which saw famed entrepreneurial business magnate, Martha Stewart, sentenced to 5 months in a federal correctional facility and 2 years of subsequent supervised release for the charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators, stemming from allegations she had engaged in insider trading information resulting in her sale of 3,928 shares of ImClone Systems stock she held the day before its stock value dropped by 16%!

Kerry naturally walks away unscathed while poor Martha sails down Crap creek in an Origami canoe made out of tissue paper and no paddle. Boy, you know that had to really burn her cookies!

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Such is the privileged lifestyle tho’ of America’s autocratic political ruling class, but HEY, Kerry gets Hillary’s 2 thumbs up endorsement as possessing all of the necessary qualifications for her old job, so that oughta make everyone breathe easier, huh??

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It’s all enough sometimes, after so much being so much, to make you feel like this guy…

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Some folks might say it’s all “annoying”. No! Annoying is when I have to pause for a minute sometimes while typing my narratives, to hold my laptop up over my head to try and blow the accumulated cat hairs from off and between the keys on my keyboard after awhile of having my cat Poe and said laptop, both competing for lap space simultaneously.

~”Just be glad I’m too comfortable to share my butt in your face!” ~

No! This geriatric rogues gallery of dubious, sallow faced, antediluvian RINO, and liberal Democrat relics, transcend mere annoyance! These tired looking decrepit antiquities of politicizing irrelevance like John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or Dianne Feinstein just need to go away! These fossilized remnants need to pack up their Metamucil and Centrum Silver, do all of us a favor, and just shuffle off into the farthest regions of that political bone-yard and fade away!

Now in this frenetic spectacle of pretentious political pageantry and hubris, of Hillary’s displayed schisms and her feigned regard towards the gravity of the Benghazi massacre throughout her bullshit laden testimony yesterday to Capitol Hill lawmakers, Kerry’s current role in this media sensationalized theater of the retarded we tragically refer to as our current political establishment… NOW we have tossed into the mix this follow up hot button topic of U.S. Military leaders having recently lifted the ban of women from participating in military campaigns on the front lines in combat!

I have to hand it to Obama. Apart from his restrictive rules of engagement that seem to have effectively handicapped and hindered our troops abilities in the performance of their duties during combat against the enemy, while seeming to benefit and protect those very enemies, coupled with Obama’s queer oriented mandate towards further undermining the moral, discipline, principles, and traditions of our proud United States military… Now we have this (no offense ladies)!


Obama is nothing if not thorough when he sets out to eviscerate and decimate his intended target objective!

I don’t even want to discuss this prick anymore!

Impeachment hearings, indictments for High Treason, prosecutions, and summary hangings can’t happen soon enough!

HEY! A guy can dream can’t he?!?


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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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5 Responses to Kerry Walks Away Unscathed, Martha Sails Crap Creek Without A Paddle, Hillary’s Schism’s, Our Troops Can’t Kill The Enemy, But Now Military Women Can Take A Bullet For Obama! What Difference At This Point Does It All Make??!!

  1. A Chad Miller Classic!

  2. Very good article Mr. Miller…I’m sharing…thanks for your insight…Washington tends to forget things when convenient for them…and THEY could care less about the American people…keep up the good work…

  3. Joe says:

    Sir: did you not get the memo congress is the privileged , we sir are but measly subjects

  4. feelnyankee says:

    Reblogged this on feelnyankee and commented:
    You said it! I think DC took to many Cliff Notes from Days of Our Lives since they’re no longer Young and Restless they’ve realized there’s only One Live to Live. Obamacare has eliminated General Hospitals. As the World Turns they wonder if they still have The Guiding Light or just let the Wolf lead… Come on people of America! Do you really want to give this Soap to China?!

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