There actually appear to be some rules that liberals choose live by, at least for a while anyway. Here are the ten main ones:

1.) The Bible is not absolute. None of the laws in it are carved in stone. Everything in it is subject to reinterpretation. If the information in the Bible is inapplicable to the current need, that information is to be disregarded. If the whole of the Bible is inapplicable to the current time, it needs to be eliminated.

2.) The Law is not absolute. No laws are to be considered as representative of moral archetypes. All laws are subject to reinterpretation. If a law does not meet the current need, that law is to be disregarded. If the whole of that law is inconvenient to current needs, that law needs to be eliminated.

3.) The Constitution is not absolutely inviolable. Nothing in the Constitution was written to last forever. All of the Constitution is subject to reinterpretation. If any part of the Constitution interferes with the current agenda, it is to be circumvented. If the Constitution as a whole limits the agenda of the current time, the Constitution needs to be eliminated.

4.) Truth is not absolute. Truth differs in different times and societies. Nothing is true forever. If the truths of the past are inconvenient, they are thereby proven to be falsehoods. If all the truths of the past are inconvenient, the lessons of the past can be disregarded.

5.) Morality is not absolute. What is considered to be morality depends upon the group and its circumstances. The morality of the group is to be the morality of all. If someone else’s morality is inconvenient, it needs to be vilified. If that morality is found to be a hindrance to the current agenda, it needs to be completely quashed.

6.) Right action is not an absolute idea. What is considered to be right action depends upon what group this activity occurs in. Anyone who does something the group does not like engages in a wrong action. If an action that someone considers to be right offends the group in control, that action is actually a wrong action. Actions that the group in control considers to be wrong are to be punished most severely.

7.) To be in charge is to be correct. What is correct depends upon the mood of the ones in charge. That mood is subject to change, depending on the circumstances of the moment. Anyone who says that the ones in charge are not acting correctly is himself in the wrong. Those who come against the group in word or deed are to be viciously persecuted for it.

8.) There is no absolute sin. The concept of sin is relative. What was considered to be a vice is tomorrow’s virtue. If you do something you do not personally believe is wrong, then you are not sinning. If everyone does it, it never was a sin in the first place.

9.) Oppression is not an absolute construct. It is important to be in charge. If you are in charge, there can be no oppression. If you are not in charge, there will undoubtedly be some who oppress you. If you lose control of all means to power, you are absolutely by definition one of the oppressed.

10.) There is no absolute definition of what is life. There is no definite consensus of or opinion on what constitutes life. Life is an intellectual, legal construct, not a physical reality. If something is inconvenient in your own life, you can disregard its existence, and thus consider it not to be among the living. If something becomes totally inconvenient to your lifestyle, you can eliminate it without any moral compunction.

Do you sense some sort of theme here?

Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, America. You do not want to miss it, when it comes.

Gary W. Harper

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About responsible2all

I am a working stiff who finds it hard to get all the bills paid sometimes. I am basically happy with my far-from-boring, crazy, albeit fulfilled life. But I have watched the earth and the people upon it for a very long time now. And I know that the Freedoms of the Upper Man, whose last stronghold on earth is the United States of America, are under constant attack by the Scarlet Babylonian Antichrist, and by the Beast upon who She rides. So now, after all of these years of obscurity behind the Green Hedge, beneath the Veil of the Chuppah, above the Smoky Glass Ceiling, it is time to speak of the things which I have always Known, and have seen and heard, and have been taught on that Fateful Day, by John Daniel.
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  1. Great article Gary. Keep them coming.

  2. Mountainaires says:

    This is so true.

  3. Bret says:

    Good article. Just for the sake of fairness…

    We have seen the very same from the conservatives.

  4. Lane C. Russell says:

    Global warming is absolute! If you question global warming, you denied the Holocaust!

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  6. Correct, Bret. Some of these also apply to conservatives, to a lesser or greater degree. I thought of that while I was writing it. We need to keep our fellow citizens in mind in everything we do, even those who do not want or deserve our help.

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