Sleight of Hand from Obama

Obama is a Magician.

obamamagicSleight of hand is the name of the game, and Obama does it very well. While the Country is looking at his left hand, watching it try and take away our 2nd Amendment rights, we are ignoring his right hand that is moving through our pockets taking away more of what makes us American. Are we being setup for an invasion?

The House Republican leadership has directed the Republican House members to prepare for another planned retreat, and to allow for another increase in our debt limit. The Republicans apparently plan to extend the debt limit for an unspecified amount of money borrowing though 18 May, with the appended provision intended to freeze the pay of Senators and House members if the Senate does not approve a budget by that time. The problem with that is the 27th Amendment, which states: “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.” In essence they cannot change the pay in the middle of a session. We raise the debt ceiling and get no spending cuts. What a perfect way for the GOP to lose even more votes.  Harry Reid wants another $2.4T to go along with the last $2.4T debt limit hike. The Government gets stronger and the military gets weaker on the backs of citizens.

Mark Krikorian, head of the Conservative Center for Immigration Studies says “There’s nothing substantive in Rubio’s proposal that wouldn’t immediately be agreed to by President Obama.” Marco Rubio has an amnesty plan. Rubio in the Wall Street Journal on the undocumented (Rubio’s wording) : “They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they’ve been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country.” Sound familiar? That is because we heard it from Obama unveiling his plan in May 2011, “Those who are here illegally, they have a responsibility as well. So they broke the law, and that means they’ve got to pay their taxes, they’ve got to pay a fine, they’ve got to learn English. And they’ve got to undergo background checks, and a lengthy process before they get in line for legalization. That’s not too much to ask.” The two did have a disagreement regarding a pathway to citizenship vs. a pathway to legal residency regarding the proposed DREAM Act, which would allow those brought to this country as children to legally remain if they go to college or the military. Obama wanted a pathway to citizenship. Rubio called for a residency pathway. Rubio shelved his plan, he says temporarily, after Obama used the framework of the Republican’s plan in an executive action that stopped deporting these young people. If anyone was paying attention to the inauguration, it’s pretty clear Obama wants 11M Illegal’s given amnesty. It also looks like the GOP will cave yet again. The Border Patrol has been weakened over time and admits it cannot control the boarder as illegal’s pour across. Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo issued a report showing that the problem is worse than anyone thought. A DHS report stating that a growing number of illegal’s being detained are from terrorist sponsored countries calling them “Special Interest Aliens” or “SIA.”

In May of 2012, 22 Russian Spetzna’s were in Colorado for two weeks of training with the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, a post outside Colorado Springs. Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer (10th Special Forces Group) said “It’s the first step toward joint exercises in more complicated anti-terrorism operations”. 2010 in Chicago, under Operation Vigilant Guard (OVG), where Polish Armed Forces not only “observed” urban warfare drills, but also participated in exercises specializing in detaining Americans during counter-terror drills. In Oregon, under OVG, NORTHCOM, and NORAD joined with the Oregon National Guard and the Portland Police Bureau to train to disarm Americans. This drill included armed soldiers from Bangladesh. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been amassing an estimated 1.8 billion rounds of hollow point bullets through their agency; as well as the Social Security Office, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), and the US Forest Service. The DHS has also recently solicited 1,400 pounds of high density ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX that will build improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

CENCOM Commander Gen Mattis (a Marine Corp legend) is being asked to leave his command early according to recent reports. “Word on the national security street is that General James Mattis is being given the bum’s rush out of his job as commander of Central Command, and is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned,” reports veteran national security correspondent Thomas E. Ricks. Dr. Jim Garrow known globally for his humanitarian work with Chinese girls caught in China’s one-child-per-couple policy by facilitating international adoptions made a shocking claim on his Facebook page “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed.” When asked about his source, Garrow replied: “The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

While Americans are watching the magic show of Obama dismantling the 2nd Amendment we are missing the clues as to what is to come. Call me an alarmist, but it looks like to me the stage is set for an invasion. The Military is being dismantled, the Citizens are being disarmed. I have no idea if we will be invaded, but I do think we should be prepared for it. Everyone has to make their own decision. Is this just circumstantial evidence and no proof? Of course it is. If I had absolute proof there was an invasion coming I’d go to Congress with it. I would be shouting it to every news source. Just remember this; there was anecdotal evidence for 911, Pearl Harbor, Iraq invading Kuwait, North Korea attacking South Korea, and pretty much every war that has ever been fought and no one listened until it started. Make your own decisions. As for me; I will plan for the worst and pray for the best. Read Sun Tzu; this entire strategy is laid out.

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About Dann Diaz

A Veteran and former member of the GOP. Dann left the GOP because it no longer stood for Conservative values. A Constitutional Conservative that wants the Government to do it's job and quit interfering with peoples Liberty.
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6 Responses to Sleight of Hand from Obama

  1. Outstanding work my friend!

  2. Dann Diaz says:

    Thank you. I have been thinking about this for some time.

    • steve says:

      Bravo Dan. Well written ans based on pure logic. I really enjoyed it. That new litmus test, does that still need to be vetted a little? I haven;t researched it yet.

  3. Dann Diaz says:

    AS I was finalizing the writing it seems they went and passed this very bill that will not stand the Constitutional test. I hope they lose even more votes over this crap.

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  5. Great article Dann…the UN will be the one to invade I’m sure…American military won’t…it is going to get a lot worse…we all must be prepared…

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