Why do You Need a High-Capacity Magazine? A response from Jason Silva.

Some people ask why do you need a high capacity magazine….When faced with a life threatening scenario where you have to defend your life or a loved one, you basically go into auto pilot. During this encounter you more than likely won’t just stand there and shoot back. You will return fire at the same time trying to take cover and continue to return fire. One or several rounds will not be on target… So, during this you are not counting each round, but you “may” remember a close number. Even the most trained people won’t always remember the exact round fired during something like this….. When that “click” happens and you have to take time to reload or don’t have an extra mag, it could be your life or the one you are trying to defend. And yes, I have been in a similar scenario to clarify.

Note from Dean: Jason passed this on to me and I loved it. It reminds me a lot of the Zack Frank contribution from yesterday. -Dean

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Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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11 Responses to Why do You Need a High-Capacity Magazine? A response from Jason Silva.

  1. S bernard says:

    The law of averages suggest I won’t need to fire 20-30 rounds to defend my home. Ben Franklin, probably didn’t have the forsight to see weapons sold to the public that have no other purpose other than to kill as many people as fast as possible. Yes the bad guys will always have guns, but my .38 should be enough to protect me. If not we have bigger problems. If they come for your hunting rifle, yes the people will need to stand up. At this time they are talking about killing weapons not sport weapons. Maybe this opens the door to that slippery slope. But the deaths due to killing weapons is out of control. The idea is to reduce that number!!

    • T Beggs says:

      I will not lend my life or my family to averages! Criminals are what need to be limited!

    • I could be wrong….. but the last I looked, your .38 is a killing weapon too. So you are soo good of a shot while being shot at you will eliminate the threat in (guessing) 1-6 shots? That is impressive. Have speedloaders at the ready? Have you timed/practiced yourself reloading standing still and/or while taking cover? Seconds could mean your life… My father (a hunter) always tells me, “He only needs one shot.. I say, ” Animals don’t shoot back dad”… haha.

  2. Nick says:

    You guys are morons. Hey lets have a 20-30 round gun and shoot people. Why don’t you move out of your mom’s basement and get a real job. Nevermind you are getting a welfare check from the very government you bash…funny how the world works…

    • Lonnie G Hopson says:

      Nick, get away from Facebook, get outside(out of yo mama’s basement), get a life, an education, and get a job. I keep my weapon to PROTECT MY FAMILY, not to “go out and shoot people!” But when your buddy obama takes this country DOWN the hard way I bet that YOU will be one of the first crying “I wish I had a gun!” Grow up, little boy!

    • Nick.. To have to shoot someone is the very last thing most of us want to EVER have to do.. It is more about having the resources to defend ones self or another. Be it against a criminal trying to take your life or like history tells us, a government with the fire power they have and committing genocide against unarmed people….Our U.S. government has ALREADY proven they will fire on unarmed civilians.. Point in case is the Kent State Masacre… I have actually had the unsettleng pleasure of meeting a teacher a few years ago that was teaching there when it happened. There HAS to be some kind of playing field leveling if our government really gets out of hand.. Seems they are well on their way.

  3. F. Elliott Long says:

    I was a boyscout. Our motto was “be prepared.” Six shots was not enough to prevent the assault by the 4 assailents that my buddy and I faced in 1989. We had gone for target practice in our usual spot in the Sam Houston National Forest and before we fired a shot were waylayed. If we had not both brought 3 pistols and one shotgun each, we would have been dead. S. bernard, the world does not end at the tip of your nose. I know that there were four related to the fact that two were wounded and went for treatment to the only hospital in the whole county. By suggestion, the four vacated the county within the 3 alotted days. That suggestion was from a Deputy Sheriff, one of their brothers whom I knew. Draw your own conclusion.

  4. All 10 Amendments says:

    Nick & S bernard:

    It’s purposefully called the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Needs.

    I find it interesting that while defending the 1st Amendment we forget that The First Amendment was (also) written in a time when the only “press” and “speech” consisted of movable type impressing ink upon paper, or an orator literally standing in a public square upon a soap box as the sole means of reaching one’s audience. Yet we will argue that contemporary means of publication, such as radio, television and the internet, fall within its meaning.

    Certainly if mass means of contemporary communication should fall under the meaning of The First Amendment then a semi-automatic rifle — or even a fully automatic rifle — with all contemporary attachments and upgrades falls under The Second Amendment.

  5. Tom Laws Jr. says:

    HOORAH! Kudo’s all ten…I couldn’t have put any more succinctly (sp) Also, according to the DICK act of 1902 “the people” are to be afforded ALL weaponry available to the military…as much so as can afford to buy. The second ammendment has nothing to do with “sporting” arms, it’s about repelling a tyrannical gov. Thomas Jefferson said, “it will be neccessary from time to time to spill blood, both the patriot militia and gov. soldiers” to keep the government in line. NONE of the ammendments in the constitution will stand on their own, they are all intricately woven together…the second only gives teeth to the rest!

  6. Nick says:

    So where were all the weapons of mass destruction Iraq had? Was it “cool” for Bush to violate the UN council and spend Billions on a war in Iraq. Yeah how did that benefit us? 9-11 was planned by the Bush family and the Illuminati. When 9-11 happened Bush was reading a book to children and continued to read and didn’t worry about the situation. Wake up America the Republicans are all about War and spending billions on countries who don’t care about us. Fact in 2010 31,076 Americans were killed by guns, thats more than 9-11. NOW IS THE TIME for the “WAR ON GUNS.”

  7. Sumo says:

    Nick, As a service connected Disabled Veteran, serving under Bush I felt a hell of a lot more secure than I do under this Phoney.

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