Barack Obama to turn Obama for America into a non-profit tax exempt organization

One thing that many of us have noticed about Barack Obama is that he is always in campaign mode and now according to this story he is literally taking it to the next level. If you were like me you probably found it curious that after the election Barack Obama didn’t disband his Obama for America campaign or its team, now we know why:

On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama said the Obama campaign, officially known as Obama for America, will soon be turned into a 501 (c) 4 social welfare non-profit called Organizing For Action that can raise unlimited donations and will become “the next phase of our movement for change.” Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina will become the group’s chairman of the board, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod will be a consultant, and Obama media strategist David Plouffe will join the group once he exits the White House.

He is converting Obama for America into Organizing for Action and giving his formed campaign organization tax exempt status so he can still use the organization to further his agenda now and after he leaves office. As the article linked to above states; this is unprecedented.

According to Politico, the group claims it will disclose its donors and not take money from lobbyists or political action committees (PACs), but will take unlimited money from corporations.

He is claiming that the newly re-minted organization will not take money from lobbyists, but we have heard that before so forgive me for my skepticism: on his first day in office he signed an Executive Order which banned lobbyists from the White House while at the same time waiving the Executive Order and then began meeting with lobbyists off of White House grounds so it could be hidden from the public.

But did you notice the little fact that Organizing for Action will be accepting unlimited donations from corporations?

And he is doing this at the same time he is trying to use the SEC to bypass the Congress and implement the DISCLOSE Act and undermine the Citizens United decision. This new SEC regulation would require certain corporations to disclose who gave how much money to whom.

If the new SEC regulation goes into effect Barack Obama will have a list of people who donated to Democrat opponents and with Organizing for Action he will have a list of people who donated to his causes. Are we really to believe he won’t use the former list to punish people and the later list to reward people? When you couple this with the report a West Point think tank came up with about small government, liberty and freedom loving constitutionalists who believe the government is corrupt being a threat to the nation it becomes all too clear that Barack Obama is compiling an enemies list. And why compile a list if you are not intending on using that list?

I guess he really doesn’t have a problem with corporate money flowing into politics, he just has a problem where some of its going and he is trying to rectify that problem.

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5 Responses to Barack Obama to turn Obama for America into a non-profit tax exempt organization

  1. Good article Steve. My first question is probably one on everyone’s mind. What about the money already in the “kitty?” To me it would seem fraudulent in a big way to move these funds when campaign supporters ear marked them for one thing and ended up donating them for something completely different. I am not sure any of them will care, but that’s the first question that popped into my mind. Thanks for the write up Steve. Good stuff.

    • Steve Dennis says:

      I was wondering about that myself but I guess we don’t know at this time. It seems like transferring this money would be illegal but of course we know this wouldn’t stop Obama. Thanks for the compliment.

  2. 501c’s are a joke anyway. It’s a government created loophole to funnel money to politicians and hide who donates it. A true 501c is not supposed to be solely about political contributing but many of them end up being exactly that. You got me riled up Steve. Good job. 🙂

  3. Carlos Helms says:

    Y’all gonna need to play it smart from here on out.

    Limit your exposure. Be content with less.

    The banks are “bought-in” to this movement. It is well-financed and has international backing. Eliminate any possible “leverage” they may hold over you. Knowledge is power. Make it your business to know personally everyone you allow into your “inner circle.” Don’t expose yourself unnecessarily. Be VERY careful in groups of people you believe to be like-minded. And for God’s sake (literally) be cautious about what you say online.

    Carlos out.

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