You want the straight poop on this?  No spin from me yet.  Look here for the report.  While you are on their main page, see who they really are.  The media would lead you to believe that this is the opinion of those who instruct our future officers.  More Liberal Agendanista bullshit.  Look at their page for a while, and you will spot the truth.  They are being disingenuous at best.  That translates into “They are basically lying.”

I will spin some statistics on this at a later time, but for now, read up.


Keep your butts tight and your bores clean, America!

Gary W. Harper

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I am a working stiff who finds it hard to get all the bills paid sometimes. I am basically happy with my far-from-boring, crazy, albeit fulfilled life. But I have watched the earth and the people upon it for a very long time now. And I know that the Freedoms of the Upper Man, whose last stronghold on earth is the United States of America, are under constant attack by the Scarlet Babylonian Antichrist, and by the Beast upon who She rides. So now, after all of these years of obscurity behind the Green Hedge, beneath the Veil of the Chuppah, above the Smoky Glass Ceiling, it is time to speak of the things which I have always Known, and have seen and heard, and have been taught on that Fateful Day, by John Daniel.
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