Is Facebook Being Run By Fascists?


I’d had a Facebook account for a few months (having migrated there from Myspace when its beginning death rattles were becoming discernable) before I had occasion to focus my attention on really delving into it and beginning to explore its various avenues and back alleys. Once it sucked me into its Event Horizon tho’, there was no looking back as it pulled me in.

Since that time of well over 2 years ago, I’ve accumulated what is (for me anyway), a somewhat extensive list of over 400 good people I’m proud to include on my friends list. But this isn’t about my budding and flourishing social networking lifestyle. Rather, I’d like to address instead and give voice to a disturbing trend that appears to have since begun rearing its ugly head and casting its cold shadow across the landscape of various Facebook communities and neighborhoods.


No matter where we seem to turn anymore these days, the specter of politics appears to hound us and dog our steps with all the dedicated relentlessness of Friday The 13th’s, Jason Voorhees. Naturally Facebook, by the very nature of its composition, is no exception. Folks gather here literally by the millions to congregate, share, and express our various social statuses, hobbies, pictures, values, views, and opinions on a wide ranging host of topics. So, in retrospect, I guess it was inevitable that Facebook became a popular and prominent forum to give expression to this blossoming Renaissance and sweeping reawakening experienced by so many in recent years towards rediscovering the historical heritage of our Country bequeathed to us and passed down in posterity by those we identify as our Founding Fathers.

Which brings me back to this disturbing trend I mentioned above, that seems to have insinuated itself into our social networking countryside, much like that surreptitiously cunning and contemptible Serpent in the garden of Eden. For a long time now I’ve been hearing firsthand testimonials and reading about the collective experiences of those who have levied accusations against Facebook for engaging in biased censorship, up to and even including temporary banishment of these people from their own Facebook accounts for apparently no graver offense than merely expressing their own personal political views that might be considered ‘conservative’ in nature.

The veracity and evidence of this ‘trend’ based on the preponderance of so many related experiences would appear indisputable. Which then begs the question: Is Facebook run by fascists?

We’re all aware (at least those of us with common sense enough to see beyond the veil anyway) of this pervasive ascendancy in our Country of this aggregation of factions who harbor a visceral hostility towards the fundamental core principals of their own Nations founding and our group heritage. They have spread their stain throughout every conceivable public avenue in our society! Laying waste like a scorching drought to our national landscape, simply to exert the putrid feculence of their seditious influence.

We’re aware too that these factions have infiltrated and become entrenched in our political establishments and Courts! Our entertainment and media industries! AND (even more grievously) into our public education system where they can (with a predators stealth and wile) inflict with seeming impunity, the most harm and damage on those most vulnerable in our society: our children! And it’s frustrating too as practically every avenue of recourse available to us has become more and more subjugated under their concerted efforts to achieve tyrannical dominance over the people! Are we to believe then Facebook, and those who oversee its daily operations, are exempt and immune from this potential influence?

Lets look at the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc., Mark Zuckerberg. According to Wickipedia, Zuckerberg is known as one of five co-founders of the popular social networking site (with Facebook having an estimated 500 million users worldwide in 2010 and reaching 1 billion in 2012), whose personal wealth is estimated to be $9.4 billion as of 2012. Wow! Nine billion! Kudos for capitalism, huh? As with anybody of public notoriety in this cult of personality oriented age we live in of, ‘Honey Boo-Boo’s’, and the recent cultural tragedy of Rapper Shawty Lo’s torpedoed hopes of having a reality show called, ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’ (showcasing the day to day exploits of this idiot who has 11 kids with 10 different women), Zuckerberg has an exhaustive history of detailed highs and lows. Achievements and legal woes.

In the following excerpt from Wickipedia, one of Zuckerberg’s several legal entanglements, centered in particular around a Pakistan Criminal investigation that caught my eye, where it went on to detail:

~In June 2010, Pakistani Deputy Attorney General Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque launched a criminal investigation into Zuckerberg and Facebook co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes after a “Draw Muhammad” contest was hosted on Facebook. The investigation named the anonymous German woman who created the contest. Sidiqque asked the country’s police to contact Interpol to have Zuckerberg and the three others arrested for ‘blasphemy’. On May 19, 2010, Facebook’s website was temporarily blocked in Pakistan until Facebook removed the contest from its website at the end of May. Sidiqque also asked its UN representative to raise the issue with the United Nations General Assembly.~

I don’t know, but that alone is enough to earn points with me towards having a grudging liking of the guy.

In other information gleened as far as indicating what Zuckerberg’s political leanings might be, an article I came across at CNNMoney dated October 19th, 2012, titled, “Where Facebook insiders’ political money goes”, it went on to report in the following excerpt:

~Mark Zuckerberg, 28, is making his first political contribution in the 2012 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Zuckerberg has steered clear of playing political favorites, and gave solely to his company’s political action committee.

Facebook’s corporate PAC gives to candidates in both parties, but it tilts in the GOP direction. The year-old group has doled out $267,000 in contributions, about 52% of which has gone to Republicans running for Congress.

So far, the corporate PAC also avoided giving to the presidential race. Facebook’s employees haven’t held back, though — and their favored candidate is President Obama. They’ve funneled $71,788 in individual contributions to his campaign, while Mitt Romney collected a comparatively scant $15,750.~

Interesting. Facebook employees “favored” candidate is “President Obama”.

In another article from, New York News & Features, dated back to April 20th, 2011, by writer Nitasha Tiku titled, “Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama Are ‘in a Relationship’”, Tiku goes on to say,

~Barack Obama will travel to Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters today (4:45 EDT) as Mark Zuckerberg hosts the president’s first “town hall” meeting as an official candidate for reelection. Participants can post queries for the talk about “Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity,” and Facebook will select the questions, which we predict will have nothing to do with secondary markets, the SEC, or what happens when the tech bubble goes public.

Between the intimate dinner at John Doerr’s house for Silicon Valley execs and the abortive attempt to hire Robert Gibbs as Zuckerberg’s own press secretary, the town hall marks the latest cozying up between Facebook and the White House. (The Journal reported that plans to hire Gibbs “have fallen apart in the wake of a leak to the media that made a deal for him to join the company sound imminent.”) Facebook’s $351,000 in lobbying costs are dwarfed by the $5.2 million laid out by Google or the $6.9 million spent by Microsoft. But the tech industry has a habit of ignoring Washington until they need lawmakers on their side.

In Facebook’s case, it’s mutually beneficial. Obama, whose first reelection video featured a kid too young to vote in 2008, gets the chance to spread his campaign to Facebook’s 600 million users and benefit from social media’s link with youth, progress, and the Middle East revolution (i.e. Rock the Vote, the 2011 edition) — not to mention more campaign financing when Facebook finally does go public. And Zuckerberg, whose eagerness to crack the lucrative Chinese market was recently fictionalized in The Good Wife, gets Congress to go along with an American company playing by Chinese rules. Obama’s name gets touted with a fast-growing, less-loathed business sector than Wall Street, and maybe the SEC will throw Zuckerberg a bone when it comes to the secondary markets. It’s a win-win. For those two, at least.~

Amusingly as I was perusing this article, I observed posted beneath it the link to another article: ~”Related: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Robert Gibbs to Become Facebook’s Own Press Secretary”.~

Then, my last reference here in regards to Zuckerberg, is the reported controversy at the role Facebook was alleged to have played throughout events of the so-called “Arab Spring”. Zuckerberg’s response to this criticism in a column from the online, The Jerusalem Post, dated May 25th, 2011, and titled, “Facebook didn’t cause Arab Spring, says Zuckerberg”, where Zuckerberg went on to say in an excerpt:

~“It’s not a Facebook thing, it’s an Internet thing,” he said when asked about his site’s influence on the Middle East’s popular uprisings. “I think Facebook was neither necessary nor sufficient for any of those things to happen.

If it weren’t Facebook, it would be something else,” added the 27-year-old mogul.~

From what I’ve seen, I’ve come away with the impression of a young man who tries to cut a figure of pendulous political ambiguity underscored by a sense of enigmatic altruism of sorts. Or maybe it’s as simple as Zuckerberg wanting his cake and eating it too. But is it enough to indict the man for the potential rogue actions in this enormous trickle down hierarchy of underlings in his employment?

Yeah, Zuckerberg’s the top dog and the buck’s ‘suppose’ to stop with him, but we’ve seen firsthand the fate of that formerly held belief with this joker we currently have denigrating the Highest Office in our land and the radical revising of the natural order of things proliferating under Obama’s corrosively toxic influence.

It’s a tall order under such extenuating circumstances to lay so much on the shoulders of just one man based on what little information I’ve referenced here, so I refrain from passing any type of editorial judgement on Zuckerberg (COMPLICIT!), relying on this audience to reach your own conclusions in this matter. Believe me, there’s a vast repository of detailed information out there to draw upon for resource material. It’s big. I think perhaps bigger than even Zuckerberg himself imagined it ever becoming all those years ago in his college dorm room where Facebook had its gestation.

And while I do have my own opinion on the matter (COMPLICIT!), it’s not to myself whom I pose again the recurring question, but rather to you.

Is Facebook being run by fascists?

Certainly from a statistical perspective, not every person who works there can all be guilty of this charge, but do you believe there could potentially be enough who are (governing in critical ‘key’ positions of oversight), to make a substantive case towards furthering and establishing this argument?

Like I’ve said tho’, from what I’ve both seen and heard reported on this subject myself, the preponderance of evidence of so many peoples similar related experiences to this effect, would make their assertions indisputable. But what do we do about it even if we could prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt? Especially when what we have is the allegorical equivalent of ‘the Foxes running the Hen House’? Yeah, the Chickens instinctively know something not right is going on, but to whom do they go to with their concerns and grievances?



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