Ripped off by the Husband of a Congresswoman

Christian Counseling? Maybe, but the business practices are anything but Christian. In April 2012 The Company I was working for closed its doors. I was going through a rough time so I contacted Bachmann and associates. I gave them my insurance information which was good until the end of April. I was told that my insurance authorized 5 visits. I asked if they were sure as I knew my insurance was done on May 1st. The reassured me that 5 visits were authorized. I set up 5 appointments over a 5 week period asking them again at the end of April if they were 100% sure the 5 visits were taken care of. I told them I did not have the money to pay for these visits being unemployed. Each time I went in I asked if this was indeed the case and each time I was told it was. Once my 5 visits were complete I stopped going.

I received a bill a few weeks later for 4 of the 4 visits. I immediately went in and talked to the office and asked them about this. They told me it was a formality the Insurance Company authorized 5 visits not to worry. A couple of weeks later I got a 2nd notice on the bill. Again I went into the office and was told I needed to contact the billing department. I was also told they said they could not reach me by phone so I asked them what cell number they had, they had the correct one. I contacted the billing department and explained the situation.  They told me I had to call the insurance company which I did. After arguing with the insurance company (blue Cross Blue Shield) for over an hour they finally said they authorized the 5 payments but were not going to pay it. I called the Billing Department back and asked them what my alternatives were as I was still unemployed and did not have the money. They said they would talk to my Counselor and figure something out. I did not hear back from them.

3 weeks or so ago I got a letter from a collection agency for the 4 visits. I got angry and ignored it (wrong thing to do I know). I talked to the collection agency today. I have no recourse but to pay this bill that I should not have had in the first place. I would not have used the service if I would not have been told it was taken care of. To me this is no different than if I take my car in for a flat tire and without my authorization they change the transmission and bill me for it.

In closing while the Counseling was wonderful and helped me through a tough time, be careful when they talk cost. It is not what they tell you it is. Christian counseling it is indeed, just not a Christian business. Having a voice is nice. This business is owned by Michelle Bachmann and her Husband.

About Dann Diaz

A Veteran and former member of the GOP. Dann left the GOP because it no longer stood for Conservative values. A Constitutional Conservative that wants the Government to do it's job and quit interfering with peoples Liberty.
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11 Responses to Ripped off by the Husband of a Congresswoman

  1. spiker says:

    If you’re gonna bad mouth someone…you should at least spell their name correctly.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      Yeah I know because you have never spelled a name correctly. Besides spelling has everything to do with the validity of an argument.

      • spiker says:

        If you can’t spell the name correctly…it just makes you look inefficient and sloppy in your personal/financial affairs. You even admitted you ignored the collection agency…which reveals another misstep in the pursuit of a resolution to your financial problem. Being prone to mistakes of this nature might lead your readers to wonder whether you were even correctly mailing/emailing/dialing the proper people to handle your situation.

        Oh…I noticed you corrected the misspelled names. No need to thank me.

        • Dann Diaz says:

          Spiker I understand what you are saying, however you miss a few points. I was told to ignore the collections by Bachmann and associates so I did. Yes, I now know it was a mistake to take them at their word. Second I post most of my blogs from my phone. As you know a phone sometimes changes words. It is also much easier to over look typos as well as grammar. Right now spell correct wants to change Bachmann to Backmann. and last when a person usually does not have a counter of substance they resort to name calling and nitpicking the spelling and grammar. I wonder if it would surprise you to know that I voted for Michelle Bachmann on more than one occasion? I am not quite sure if I will again, but what she does this term will attest to that.

        • Dann Diaz says:

          After reading my blog again I see where I said I got angry and ignored the collection letter. I can see how you took it as I just ignored it so that part of my comment back to you is not valid. Your point is taken.

          • spiker says:

            First, let me apologize to you for my being picky and short-tempered. I too have had run-ins with organizations that have left me fit to be tied and ready to go on the warpath. I guess I was disappointed to hear someone lambasting Michelle Bachmann…as I like her. But facts are facts, and I guess I have to live with’em.

            I also backed away and read several of your articles and realized we’re definitely on the same side. You’re a good writer and I will continue to read your articles.

            Not to get mushy but, good luck in resolving your billing issue. Sounds like you’re getting the short end of the stick.

            Also, +1 on the phone-typing issue.

            • Dann Diaz says:

              No apology needed, but thank you. A big part of whether or not she gets my vote again will be determined how she handles today’s 23 Executive Orders. AS for my writing skills I appreciate the compliment but I do not consider myself a writer in the least bit. For the most part I’m over my head..

  2. Gottaspeak says:

    Why in the world would you pay for something you were repeatedly told you did not need to pay? It is up to the business to collect from the insurance company since BCBS authorized the counseling sessions and then refused to pay. Your fight should have been with the counseling practice, not BCBS. They told you it was covered so its on them. If they were so low down and dirty that they turned the bill over to collections then you certainly need to spread the word to warn others of their unethical business practices! I wonder if the counselor even knows this happened to you? Sometimes the people in billing do things that doctors and therapists no nothing about. I had that experience…..I was lied to about being called to cancel an appointment that was an hours drive away. I told the doctor about it and he was not happy with his people.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      I am paying the bill, because like it or not it is my debt. I did use the service so I should pay, however I think others should know about it so it does not happen to them.

  3. Sounds more like the INSURANCE was at fault. He said they said they had authorized the visits, but weren’t going to pay for them. THEY should be sued. The Bachmann business is not to blame for the bill not being paid. And, very FEW businesses do business for free. This is sad that this happened to this man, but, he shouldn’t blame the Bachmans, but BCBS.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      I think they are both to blame. I asked repeatedly if they double checked with BCBS and was told they did. According to BCBS they were not asked a second time.

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