What if the Republicans Roll Over on Gun Control?

For those of you who don’t know, I am a FORMER republican. As I clarify that, it is not meant to be an insult. I love much of what the GOP is supposed to stand for, and what some of them still do, but I have no more trust in the Rino’s that have infiltrated the party and left it for dead. They are in bed with those who are trying to destroy this country and I can not support that. Some things will have to change before I carry the banner again. I consider myself a Reagan-Conservative who has no party. 

repubrolloverThe reason I felt the need to explain my politics is simple. I trust no one and I am very afraid that the American people are about to be blind-sided once again. We are not even two weeks away from a “fiscal cliff” deal that left both republicans and democrats scratching their heads.

Let’s not relive all the horror but let’s not forget the low points:

  1. Everyone shares the concern that both major parties caved and ended up raising taxes on 77% of Americans, rather than the top 1% or 2% that we kept hearing about.
  2. Many Americans were disgusted to find out about sweetheart pork deals for Hollywood and Rum Producers. Why does Captain Morgan get a bailout? Why does Hollywood get a 24 billion dollar tax break while the American people get the bill?
  3. Why was there not more focus on decreased spending, as promised by both major parties?

OK, now this is where I will begin to piss some people off, if I haven’t already, but I see the writing on the wall. We can trust no one. Here is an example. 

50 million people, plus or minus, voted to endorse Paul Ryan as our next vice-president of the United States. Yet…Paul Ryan is one of the ryanboehnerlegislators who voted for passage of this deal. When you can’t trust so called party leaders like Ryan and Boehner, what makes you think you can trust the rest of them?

Much was made about how only 85 republicans in the house supported the cliff bill. Only 85? Wow, they make that sound like a good thing. Call them Rino’s, call them traitors, call them whatever you want, but we can not trust the republican party to hold the line for America right now.

Conservatives and 2nd amendment supporters tend to believe that the NRA is normally on their side. OK, well let’s look at their proposal to save the situation. Let’s put armed guards in schools.

Well the fact is that 1/3 of American schools already do this, about 23,000, and the idea is proving to work, but…

Do you see what just happened? The NRA has called for bigger government. Maybe they did it indirectly or unintentionally but biggovthey asked for bigger government. That is not a conservative value. We do not need a federal government mandate when states and municipalities can look at what is working and choose to copy it. The next community that has a school shooting without having armed guards in place, will have themselves to blame. Yes, I said that.

So why the call for bigger government? Maybe that is not the intent but it sure looks like it. The last thing we need is more federal government control. This beast is already too large.

I hope that the NRA is not officially on the big government band wagon, but after careful thought I have to wonder. I am hoping that it was an unfortunate proposal at an emotional time. I got wrapped up in that and supported this idea at first. Not, however, after giving it more thought!

The point is that I don’t trust any of these people. They are all in someone’s pocket. With the new Republican leadership  becoming a clone of the socialist left, I do not doubt that many or most republicans are ready to sign the NRA idea into law, without a second thought toward bigger government.

As a lover of our constitution I am seeing the stories everywhere…

Bank of America freezing gun accounts…

Wal-Mart is not ordering more ammunition until things are settled…

There are reports that our federal government has caused an intentional ammunition shortage with their own purchases…

More than one government agency is buying hollow point bullets that are illegal in international conflict, and using the excuse of “target practice”…

All of these stories have two sides and I am tired of trying to figure out “who is screwing who” at the top levels. My feeling is that informed Americans are preparing for the worst right now.

They are prepared for a real possibility of the republicans rolling over on us yet again.

I am predicting that the republican leadership will cave on gun control. They have given me no reason to believe otherwise. If I am wrong you can call me an idiot and we are all happy, including the village idiot who was wrong but still desperately clings to his freedom. 🙂

But what if I am right? What if these same backstabbing leeches that threw us under the “fiscal cliff” bus, do it to us again on gun control?

If this happens then the American people will become the law in this country and we will be the last stand to defend our constitution. I see this as a distinct possibility now and people need to start thinking how they will react.

The second amendment can not be compromised. If we let this corrupt government take away our right to bear arms then we will end up exactly where we deserve to be…as common slaves.

Our very right to bear arms stems from the possibility of a corrupt government, and I will be damned if I let a corrupt government disarm me. To quote Wyatt Earp in the movie Tombstone, “You tell ’em I’m coming… and hell’s coming with me, you hear?”

I am growing tired of the talk, the petitions, the debates, the big business involvement, the ideas, the rhetoric, the compromises… There is no compromising the second amendment. Anyone who tries to take away our right to bear arms becomes the corrupt government that our founders talked about.

The best thing you can do for yourself now is make sure you are ready for what many of us fear may come.

If they come for our guns, the people of this country will respond with extreme prejudice.

About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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16 Responses to What if the Republicans Roll Over on Gun Control?

  1. Annie Ransom says:

    Dean – I am afraid you are right. The only comfort is to know that we do not stand alone. I continue to stand and work with like minded people. Those who are not willing to defend our freedom, certainly do not deserve it.

  2. Bulldog says:

    The republicans havent shown any backbone since before 07. They sent McCain to be the guy going against obama in 08. That was a laugh. He is too busy trying to “reach across the isle” to be a true Conservative. Then they give us Boehner as speaker in 10? Give me a break. He complains alot, but still give them what they want each time. Then their next choice was Romney? Yet another closet Liberal who would do anything to be liked by the left. Out of 300,000,000+, that is all we could get? I agree with your prediction of the republicans rolling over. They will. It is what they have done best for a long time. It is passed time for things to change. I dont want to become the next Ruby Ridge, but I will not allow them to disarm my country and change what many have fought to preserve.

    How’s the weather up there? I grew up in Ozark and my mother still lives there?

  3. I’m glad you are one of the millions who have come to this conclusion. I know we are on “lists” now and NSA computers are probably monitoring us. I don’t care anymore as they are on the verge of being a treasonous, outlaw regime and I do not fear them.

    That said Dean these minions are going to have to deal with 70% of their own ranks once the SWAT raids begin as well as local LE that will rise up against them. I don’t think we will have to worry about the troops who would come to take our arms beyond the first few salvos of a potential conflict with the American People. How could the REDS not know this? Are they that arrogant as to think most of their troops would go along with their plans or are they using an incrementalism tactic, threatening everything but then compromising on chipping away our rights a little at a time? It’s not really clear yet but rest assured they have taken the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th Amendments completely and out of the bounds of the Constitution already. This is why it’s so important that we stand up for the 2nd at this point and maybe it needed to get this bad to wake individual liberty minded individuals to WAKE UP!

    Beyond the 2nd Amendment issues we need to continue to fight to roll back all the unconstitutional “laws” that have been passed and ruled on even by the SCOTUS. Now is the time to take back our country once and for all or die trying. Fuck these jackboot, Marxist authoritarian whores! Know this Scum..WE DO NOT FEAR YOU. I couldn’t live with myself if I succumbed to the tyranny. However, good brave men of principal waiting for the SWAT teams to come to take one or two of them with us as we go to Valhalla will slow the bastards down if it indeed does come to that. I have an alternative view because I don’t think taking 1 or 2 of them is NEARLY enough.

    For those of you who share my view (and my view is savage) I think you should buy an old rusty Piece of shit revolver or 22. When they ask you to turn them in, start assessing who the good and bad are in your AO. Turn your junk Gun in (you do have other unregistered good weapons don’t you? Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter). Once we firmly in the throws of full bore totalitarian Govt control. It’s Night of the Long knives. You don’t even need firearms to get them. All you would have to do is wait for the officials and minions and strike..Even with a folding blade..Sitting in their cars, coming out of their homes, in their beds or in Church. I say that’s when you strike, take their weapons and end this regime. I say take 20 or 30 of them out this way. NOT 2 in your living room.

    I’m not going into specifics on how to employ said tactics. There enough of us out there who know how to do it. Bottom line is for some, it would be better NOT to die at the Alamo so as to exact our revenge on the Maximum number of lawless criminals as possible. Again Dean..I just don’t see how those that would seek to subjugate us haven’t thought of this very plausible scenario already and if it hasn’t given them pause than either they plan to release some type of bioweapon to take us out or they suffer from a level of hubris never witnessed on earth. Either way, any way it plays out conventionally, THEY LOSE. I’m just concerned that they will go ahead with their plans anyway. If they do Americans, it’s our duty to defend this republic with EXTREME SAVAGE measures.

  4. Jack Collins says:

    Dean, I agree with everything you said. However even though I like what he said in the movie, using Wyatt Earp isn’t the best person to use when speaking against gun control as he was one of the law enforcement agents that stripped everyone of their Second Amendment rights the minute they came into his town. He forced everyone to turn in their guns when they came into town.

  5. Wade says:

    I totally agree . . my 2 cent solution is that for a peaceful resolution, we must press hard for redress to our respective state govts . . I’ve always beleived the true power of We The People is bound within our state govts constitutions via the 10th ammendment to enact state law to nullify uncontitutional federal law . . and if that fails, then with regret, it shall become necessary for each and every citizen’s duty to protect and defend the constitution at whatever cost. Let us hope and pray it does not come to that . .

  6. bogbeagle says:

    As I see things, it is not in the interests of ANY political party to have an armed populace.

    Buuuut, it might be in their interests to have you THINK that they want an armed populace.

  7. Lehmon Baxley says:

    I agree with you on most points, Dean. I have lost faith in the GOP as well. Obama would never have won his first term if Republicans as a whole had a sense of direction or leadership. It never should have happened! As a long time home reloader, my ammo supply is regulated by my need to relieve stress at a particular moment. (my father taught me years ago what is important in life). I do not trust the Republicans not to cave either. My main hope at this time is that Our representatives in DC have’nt been able to pass meaningful legislation on anything else in quite sometime, why pull together now? No, I would’nt stake my life or yours on it, but it is my hope. I fear most that what is accomplished is done as “backdoor measures”, tacking things into other bills hoping they won’t be noticed. We are dealing with a President supposedly from the state of Illinois, where politics and laws have very little to do with each other. The Governor thought it was totally acceptable for him to sell the Senate seat vacated by Obama when he was elected first term. I have to believe Obama is from the same mold and what we are in for, will in no way be a fair or even legal fight. Keep preparing folks. Im going to make more ammo.

  8. i was watching the blaze glenn bec. he made a valid point folks. one needs to consider this. if one was to rise up against a tyranical government tthat would fly in the face of free enterprise. i know you think it would be just the american people involved in the fighting but with the united states being one of the major food suppliers for the world do you think for one second that nato and the u.n. would not rise up and squash anybody that would jepordize that food supply or for that matter the monetary system. everything around the world is based on the value of the american dollar and that would certainly rile up some feathers of some very powerful leaders in this world. would an armed revolt stand much of a chance. i know i would rather die free than be a slave to a tyrannical government but folks once this shindig gets started it ain’t gonna stop. would it be better to meet them at the door and say no you are not taking my guns, you are going to have to arrest me and then fight it out in court? only you can answer that my friend. that is your decision and yours alone. i do not know what i am going to do. i do know that i am prepping some stuff for burial and i alone will know where it is at. i grew up with an old saying of “you can’t hit what you can’t see”. seems appropriate for times like these.

    • Lordchamp says:

      If something were to start, I would WELCOME the UN and NATO. PLEASE!!

      That would equate to an immediate loss for the government. Immediate being a relative term of course but the response would be immediate anyways. It would mobilize even more of us seeing foreign troops fighting Americans on our soil.

      Just like a domestic dispute, don’t get in the middle of it if you aren’t in the family. It will not go good for you.

  9. Lloyd McCammon says:

    Cut off Medusa’s head and the snakes will die! If the second shot heard round the world is fired, this crap could be done within two weeks, with the full force of the Constitution restored. Mop-up actions may continue for a short while. China and Russia wouldn’t have time to react, and our military would pretty much remain at their posts. If the socialists outside of government try to protract the the situation into a full blown civil war, after the Revolution, they can be dealt with quickly and brutally. Something I learned from Vietnam, the Balkans, and the Middle East wars is to fight to win, not to be popular. There is no such thing as a proportional response…that is such an asinine cliche’.

  10. Jim Swords says:

    There are over a dozen of my ancestors, at last count, who faced the tyranny of King George. I cannot fathom entering into their company, now or later, without having done their God-fearing, freedom-loving memories justice by facing, with most grim resolve, tyranny in my own time.

    “There are things that gnaw on a man worse than dyin’…” – C. Waite, fictional but historically-based character

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  12. Sally's Special Services says:

    Reblogged this on Sally's Political Blog.

  13. Mrs Libbie Whitson says:

    My best reply is God and my Gun…..I am here to win….and protect my freedom and libery….Give me courage ,faith, and strength to fight this battle ….

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