Stop Arguing; Start Arming

Shortly after the election, former Ron Paul staffer Eric Dondero wrote a piece in which he declared Obama supporters his sworn enemies, “enemies of liberty” as he called them.  He cut off all contact with friends, neighbors, and relatives who backed the President’s reelection campaign, calling them “enemies of freedom”, and took his boycott to all areas of his life.  Like most others in the conservative/libertarian coalition, I didn’t think much of it, and dismissed his reaction as childish.  It wasn’t so much that I disagreed with his assessment of them, but after all, personal relationships transcend politics.  I was half wrong.

What I failed sufficiently to consider was the infinite gulf between how individualists and collectivists view the world.  Although many, including me, have generally thought of this primarily in terms of politics, the issues about which the talking heads shout on the news networks every night are merely a reflection of the real difference, not the difference itself.   The real difference is much more fundamental.

Consider for a moment just how many conservative/libertarian friends have cut off contact with you for political reasons.  There may be people with whom you speak less because of politics, but it is unlikely that you’ll find a person who solely for political reasons uttered the words, “I’m never speaking to you again.”  Now ask yourself the same question about leftists.  Chances are that number is considerably higher.  Understanding why that is the case is critically important moving forward.

Here is the inherent difference that we have not fully considered: conservatives and libertarians believe in the inherent rights and value of the individual.  To be sure, the two groups disagree on a whole host of issues, but those disagreements are simply different branches of the same tree.  For example, many conservatives oppose legal gambling because they believe it to be in conflict with the inherent dignity of the individual while libertarians generally support it based on the notion that such dignity requires that each person be able to make that choice for himself.

By contrast, leftists have no such respect for individual rights or dignity.  In their view, the world must operate according to what makes them feel good, or what seems “fair” to them.  That is why they view the Constitution not as a living document but as a moot one.  In their ideology, written rules and individual rights are passé.  The “enlightened” individual must submit himself to the collective, and those unwilling to do so must be ignored, mocked, defeated, or, if necessary, destroyed.

That difference is why you will generally find that leftists will cut off relationships with you for political purposes, but conservatives and libertarians generally will not.   Regardless of political differences, the latter treat people as individuals with inherent dignity.  A person is not simply a liberal, Democrat, or even Communist.  It’s Bob, and he has a job, a family, hobbies, goals, quirks, etc.  Leftists, however, viewing people as members of the collective, treat those who do not reinforce their views as evil.  There is no inherent human dignity.  Their friend or relative is not Bob but some archaic barbarian rube who is nothing more than an obstacle to “progress”.

Why is this important?

Over the last six or so years since now-President Obama began his campaign, his cult of personality has overtaken the left in a way that no previous President has done with a group of this size in US history.  Unlike Dondero, I will say that this doesn’t apply to all of the President’s voters, but certainly a critical mass of them.  With demoralization having long been completed and destabilization well under way, tens of millions of minds that have been turned to mush by an education system that makes them incapable of critical thinking have ceded their thought process wholesale to their messiah. You don’t find the anti-war protesters marching over Libya or Yemen.  The gun grabbers ignore Fast and Furious.  Many in the middle class praise the President for raising their taxes even after exalting him when he vowed not to do so.  Those who decried the Bush Administration’s Wall Street connections didn’t even blink when Obama put the same people in power.  Crickets all around as the President walks on water.

To be sure, it is critically important that we not make the same mistake the leftists have made.  We must be extremely careful to continue to respect the rights and dignity of individuals even if they themselves fail to do the same.  Doing otherwise would make us no better than them: we would defeat ourselves.

That said, beware.  Do not expect the same of them: their world view does not allow it.  Do not waste your time arguing with them: such attempts will be no more fruitful than arguing with those who say that fossils are Satan’s tricks.  Their minds are not simply made up.  They’ve been given away.  Finally, while our world view demands that we continue to respect them as individuals with dignity and rights, it would be foolhardy to think that these people would not turn on you in a heartbeat if their deity demanded it.  Be prepared for that moment.

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10 Responses to Stop Arguing; Start Arming

  1. bogbeagle says:

    A good essay … many of us will already be aware that the collecctivist (Leftist/Statist/common-gooder) cannot tolerate the ideological dissenter.

    But, where does this knowledge leave the individualist? It leaves him with just two options … Compliance or Resistance.

    It seems incredible that one man would attack another for the “crime” of rejecting his ideology. The libertarian would never do that. But, the collectivist MUST do that, since the existence of Liberty is ever a threat to his ideology.

    A society of free men will shine like a beacon, exposing the flaws in the collectivist’ system. America used to do exactly that.

    So, today it’s guns that they want. If they get those, what will be next? I think the answer is, “Anything and everything that distinguishes one man from another.”

    They won’t be satisfied until the whole world resembles a hive. It is truly diabolical.

  2. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    This is a great essay on the differences between the Individualist and collectivist. I have personally found the theme of this article to be true in my own life.

  3. Carlos Helms says:

    When zombies are on a mission, those who are not on the same mission are expendable. The Collective must feed. You will assimilate or – ultimately – be destroyed.

    It’s about self-defense and not voluntarily putting oneself in harm’s way unnecessarily. Cut ’em off. That’s why they’d prefer I not be armed. It’s kind of like possessing “the bottom-line.”

  4. madre41596 says:

    I think this might be the most self congratulatory piece of bull shit I have ever read. Liberteriansim , like every other political ideology, has its failings. Its very appealing on a ideological scale, and yet how many lasting civilzations can you point to that run on libertarian principles alone? Libertarianism in practice in my home state of Michigan is a huge joke. The areas where libertarianism is most popular are the ones with the weakest school districts and the highest rate of government assistance. In application, it is semi organized anarchy. though I am left leaning, I see merit in the criticism of well intended liberal policy. So called libertarian politican in our states are simply shifting the oppression from the government to the private sector. Libertarians makes strong individuals and weak societies. Again, I used to have some respect for some libertarian philosophers but now I think they are jokers. They have bought into to the Ayn Rand bullshit that they are all self made men and women and have not benefitted from any collectivism in their life. What utter, utter bullshit and self delusion. Ron Paul lost me on the special rights bull crap that denied Gay Americans equal rights and when his ass hat son said the civil rights movement should have never happened. Libertarians are so deluded that they think they are not serving and drinking kool aid just like everyone else. Ron Paul was ideologiaclly consistent for most of his campaign but then he started cave to the religious right. Guess what folks: it is about personal responsibility, the response for our own actions and how it effects those around us. Liberties come with responsibilities but most mainstream libertarians conveniently leave that out. One person who says that they have not benefitted from collectivist efforts are full of bullshit its squishing out the sides.

    • bogbeagle says:

      I hope that I speak for many when I tell you that co-operation amongst human beings is a defining and empowering phenomenon … absolutely vital to our “collective” success.

      Buuuuut, co-operation comes in two guises.

      We can co-operate voluntarily … by contract.

      Or, we can co-operate coercively … by the edict of State. (eg. socialised medicine, conscription)

      One of those two guises ALWAYS necessitates the use of violence. Can you guess which one it is?

      When you embrace the State, for whatever reason, you embrace the use of violence against your fellows. I think that should give you pause to reconsider your stance… and maybe even reject the Authoritarianism that is “the left” and “the Statist”.

      Prohibition is violence against peaceful people.

      BTW, I speak as a former Statist, so I do appreciate that an acceptance of Truth can shatter your ego … when you admit that you have lived your life thoughtlessly and immorally, directed by the pronouncements of politicians.

  5. R Lee says:

    I found this article of great interest and in fact most of the writings on it since I recently found the site. Well done. But I have a question for the collective (pun intended): How can we take back the ideological space and return this country to its original frame of mind and understanding? They control the media, the schools, many states and now another 4 years of Washington…what the hell can we do besides arm up and hope for the best?

  6. Kathy Lawrence says:

    No way can I possibly compete with a written response that dissects what is going on in our world today. But I can add without hesitation and with much confidence that our greatest chess move is PRAYER (king). We must be bold in promoting the cause of Christ and not yield to the Atheistic/Socialist/Communist movement that has gained such ground since about the 1950’s. This movement has used psychology to supposedly identify, legitimize and promote deviant behavior. As well as encourage the thinking that we deserve anything without having worked for it. Being able to have a voice in the midst of this sickening time in our country is encouraging. Call me what you will, I am very proud to be a child of the most high God. Jesus is my Savior!

  7. Lee says:

    This article was positively prescient in forcasting the looming anti Trump protests of 2017…

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