Answering an absurd question

I was asked a simple question on one of the message boards/ social networks/ forums I frequent. “Are you willing to die to protect your guns?” What an absurd question.; why would anyone be willing to die? Diane Feinstein claims she is for hunters rights. She does not get it. Even though I am a Hunter I do not own a gun so I can hunt. I do not need you Ms Feinstein to protect my hunting rights; I can do that on my own.

During the entirety of Bush’s Presidency I heard from the left how much they feared that man and what evil he may do. How he was a fascist, a tyrant, evil, antichrist, and so on. How he was a puppet and wanting to take over the world. If you really believe this, if you really believe that we had a President that did not care about your rights and was hell bent on conquering; why would you not want a way to protect your family from such an evil tyrant?  Is it because you now have a sympathetic ear in the White House? A man that thinks the way you do? How long do you think he will be President? How long before there is another EVIL Conservative in the Oval Office? Are you willing to bet your family that no President will ever try and seize power? I’m not.

I am not angry; I am not clinging to my gun in some desperate act. I own a gun(s) because it is my Constitutional right to do so. I own a gun(s) because I am not willing to bet my family that some elected official isn’t going to try and seize control. I own a gun so YOU do not have to bet your family the same thing. I own a gun(s) so you do not have to if you do not want to. I own a gun(s) to protect the rights of those that want to take mine away.

I really do not think that this President is trying to take over the world. I do not believe that he is an evil man. I may be wrong so I am not willing to bet my family on it. Franklin said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” What was he really saying? What Franklin was talking about was that giving up freedom when you feel safe will rob you of safety and freedom later. Are you 100% positive that the US will never have a tyrant for a President? You thought Bush was a tyrant so you have to believe the American right is capable of electing a worse one. Are you willing to bet the freedom and lives of your children that no man will ever try and conquer them? Are you willing to enslave your grandchildren out of necessity of a false safety?

Our Founding Fathers were very cautious men. They knew that eventually a Tyrant will rise (one always does) and they knew the people had to have a way to protect themselves from said tyrant. That is why they are quoted as saying things like “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.” William Pitt. “One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.” “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” Thomas Jefferson. “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.” Noah Webster.

That brings me to the answer of that simple question: “Are you willing to die to protect your guns?” My answer is no. I am not willing to die to protect my guns, for they do not need protection. I am willing to dissent. I am willing to stand up against, I am willing to protest, I am willing to defend, I am willing to fight, and if need be I am willing to kill albeit reluctantly to protect what great men long dead started; I am willing to do all these things and more in order to keep our children and their children, and their children’s children free. I am willing to sacrifice myself so that you do not have to own a gun.

This is what Ms. Feinstein does not understand. I don’t think she is smart enough to understand it. We American gun owners are not holding on to guns to hunt, or out of anger. We hold on to our guns just in case we ever need them. I own a gun(s) praying I never have to use it

About Dann Diaz

A Veteran and former member of the GOP. Dann left the GOP because it no longer stood for Conservative values. A Constitutional Conservative that wants the Government to do it's job and quit interfering with peoples Liberty.
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36 Responses to Answering an absurd question

  1. Gary Shook says:

    First reply that came to mind: Are you willing to kill me to take them?

    • Dann Diaz says:

      Gary, I did not even look at it from that stand point. Very good question.

      • Fredaurick Alyon Ashaur says:

        Good question? Hey folks are you even able to r–e-a-d -or what. Dean wrote a WHOLE ARTICLE on Jan 3 saying PLAINLY that he SURE AS HELL W-O-U-L-D Kill ANYone who even tried to take them -‘them’ being his guns! C’mon kids lets get the crud out and CONTRIBUTE to Dean’s really BRAVE and much thought out articles -C’MON!!

        • Alright guys its a whole YEAR since Garrison braced us with his “question” -about time to have said SOMEthing or other -right? But aside from Fredaurick…, I can’t see anything but baby twaddles -which are okay. BUT GUYS, ONLY OK FOR KIDDIES!
          So…, lets keep it REAL simple. The CONSTITUTION has THREE very EXPLICIT places wherein it LAYS OUT COMPLETELY A-L-L our true, historic, and AMERICAN ‘gun laws’ -just
          THREE. Like in “one, two, THREE” -GO! Okay I trust we all GOT that -right?
          Now most of you guys who still have both balls know a lot about “the 2nd Amendment” and
          so on -and on….. Wanna lay a fat bet with me as to what EVEN YOU GUYS KNOW about the FIRST T-W-O -2!- “Gun Laws” that came BEFORE that “2nd Amendment”- or the mere last half that you all love to quote WITHOUT EVER ONCE EVEN MENTIONING those First 2 REAL AMERICAN GUN LAWS, yes, AMERICAN I-M-P-E-R-I-T-I-V-E-S-!
          You all -Garrison too!- LOVE to actually halfass MISquoute that 3rd Law, “the Second Amendment.” No kiddin’ guys, MISquote it -and only the asshalf last-half of it….! Not too
          sharp, eh….?
          I could offer free New Years Breakfasts ALL over AMERICA for ANY guy -at all- who can even recall EVER reading -and REALISING- the FIRST TWO Gun Laws that really did and really D-O HAVE to come BEFORE that halfass halflast MISquoted ‘2nd Amendment’ the NRA loves to prattle about. AND I LIKELY WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE TO BREAK A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL TO FEED YA’ ALL WHO ACTUALLY C-A-N TELL ME -AND ALL THE GOOD FOLKS HERE- Where and WHAT those FIRST 2 AMERICAN “gun laws” are and what they really S-A-Y-!!
          Those TWO prior -yes FIRST 2- AMERICAN gun laws are in, 1. The DEDICATION words of the U.S. Constitutiion. And, made EXPLICIT AND COMPLETE AS WELL -not just ‘outlined you know’- in SECTION 8 of Article 1 of the actual Constitution of the UNITED States of America.
          Okay guys, be honest -with your own selves: -HAVE ANY OF YOU E-V-E-R EVEN ‘HEARD OF’ T-H-E-S-E CLEARLY PRIOR TO, AND FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN that mishalfcited few words you all know by heart from the dear ole NRA….??? C’mon, have A-N-Y of you in your whole LIFETIMES even READ those TWO prior and MORE important “gun laws”?? Let alone REALLY u-n-d-a-u-r-s-t-o-o-d them TO BE SO?!?! THEN UP AND THIS PUBLICLY AND WIDE OPEN TO ALL AMERICA, S-A-Y SO?? THEN REALLY E-X-P-L-A-I-N THEM BOTH SO. AND ONLY T-H-E-N, recite ALL of that halfMISquoted ‘2nd Amendment’ like you ALL have right up to now Januaury 1 2014 -no kiddin’ guys!- NRA’ly MISread, MIScited, AND DAMFOOL MISEXPLAINED even that tag-end MISquote you all got from the NRA….??? Have ANY of you EVER even BEGUN to do what these few words right here this Januaury 1 on 2014 lay out???
          I’d sure like it if YOU have -and can PROVE IT RIGHT HERE ON DEAN’S WEBSITE -okay?
          OKAY. And, N-o-w…., maybe…., YOU ALSO c-a-n manage a “Happy New Year” 2014. Note well guys, I really mean MAN-age -got it….?
          Thank you all, The Infinitaurian Man…….!

  2. Marvi Marti says:

    AMEN! I hope to never use my gun, but I will if I have too!

  3. Stryker says:

    Well said. If only the American people would educate themselves on history, not only of this great land but of the worlds and nations before. So many have the tendency to “Americanize” their world view where everything is safe and sound and protected and decent. As a soldier I have seen first hand (Afghanistan is the best example) it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that when times are bad, no one but YOU cares for you and yours and without the ability to protect what you have (life and property) you have nothing. Keep speaking the truth my friend!

  4. Chip says:

    I made this point the other day about the 2nd amendment with a person who said the framers of the Constitution didn’t envision us owning assault weapons. I said the framers were envisioning exactly that. The smooth bore Brown Bess musket was the premier military weapon of its day. Every army used it, or a similar version of it. It was the assault weapon of its time. What the 2nd amendment means is that we should be armed to the same level as the government, to protect us from that government. Its not about hunting, its about self preservation.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      I agree completely. While I do not think I should have access to a nuke, but I should have access to every Defense of self weapon the Military has to include a tank.

    • Fredaurick Alyon Ashaur says:

      RIGHT ON! Not only ‘assault weapons’ but ANY AND ALL weapons that a single man CAN actually u-s-e in his defense! (Swiss males are REQUIRED to keep -an be ABLE TO USE!- a whole l-i-s-t of weapons from pistols to bazookas and recoilless 37 or 75 mm ANTIAIRCRAFT shells!! C’mon cowards why only have popguns or mere rifles that were out of it by Lincoln’s days!? HE brought the South to time with MACHINE guns that REALLY mowed rebels down -do you even know about this?? Naw, americans glaze over about ANY history at all -ESPECIALLY our own -Henry Ford sum’d up these kinds:- “History is BUNK!” -he really thought only now and the future was worth a thought. But today most ‘americans’ -especially the ‘hypenated’ kinds- don’t even give a THOUGHT to anything but grabbing like starving inmates let loose. (Too bad that so many of them really are just let out of the various hell-holes that are called ‘nations’ or ‘countries’ by the UN flacks and hacks…..)
      The greatest HISTORIAN EVER YET…, was born among us aMURKYans in 1885. His name was Will Durant. Yes he messed up by taking THREE whole BIG books full of the rot and crap of Rousseau, Napoleon. and French rot in general! BUT HE HAD THE GENIUS TO T-R-Y TO ACTUALLY T-E-L-L “The STORY of CIVILISATION” itself. AND, he is FASCINATINGLY readable -except for our too many knuckle dragger types…..
      Note it well folks:- DEAN sure knows HIS history -hadn’t you better get WITH IT TOO?
      (Because you lazy brains CAN’T from long bad habits, YOU soon enough will be among those who will betray DEAN and others like him -and me! Do you REALLY want to just
      $-l-i-d-e $lugullionly on and on d-o-w-n into what ‘dumocrazie$’ and ‘repulsivcrap$’ AUR CLEARLY $ETTING Y-O-U A-L-L UP for….??? DO YOU!? If not then really LI$TEN to him AURightly not the O $o goddam fool usual nit pickings I read you spewing onto him or about him. C’MON YOU WHO THINK YOU ARE ‘REAL’ AMERICANS, R-E-A-L-L-Y GET YOUR T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G CAP$ O—-N!!! Let me hear from ANY of you just HALF the good sense that Dean patiently and sturdily despite your shallownesses and bitchings!!)

      • Happy Jan 1, 2014 guys! Hey just r-e-a-d what that “Infiniataurian Man” just wrote here! Man I bet some of you are PISSED to have MISSED COMPLETELY what would have ALL ALONG made ANY fiddling and “infringements” since 1890 -or 1938?- WHOLLY needless even to the dullest thuds around -read him READ him -and have a HAPPY new year 2014 -its News Years DAY guys!!

  5. As a vet and a fellow Constitutionalist I thank you for the eloquence of this piece. The problem lies in the fact that most people who read sites like this already agree with us, and with the MSM happily churning out their propaganda…how do we reach the people who most desperately need to read this?

    • Dann Diaz says:

      Actually Mark, Thank you for your Service. Share this with everyone you know and everywhere you feel the need. I wrote this piece for my Liberal minded friends.

  6. gov4u says:

    There was a movie years ago, recently redone ( haven’t seen the remake, probably won’t), named Red Dawn. There was a vehicle shot to hell that had a bumper sticker that said, “YOU CAN HAVE MY GUNS when you pry it from my cold dead hand.” This is still a prevalent belief among real Americans, whether they on an arsenal or not.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      The remake is quite well done. Instead of Russia and Cuba it is Russia and North Korea. That scene is in the movie also. There is a part that made my girlfriends kids laugh. The characters are sitting around talking about what they miss when one says he misses Call of Duty. Another laughs and says “We are playing call of duty for real; it sucks”. I find it to be very relevant. If for some GOD forsaken reason I have to use my gun to defend my rights it is going to suck.

    • Fredaurick Alyon Ashaur says:


  7. Fred DiVittorio says:

    Right on point Dann. Thanks.
    As far as preaching to the choir, all you can do is have your say. You can’t make people hear.
    However, as great posts like this one get passed around and discussed, more people on the edges start to rethink their position. They then affect (infect?) those around them and so it spreads. Freedom is infectious. It only needs a carrier. Thank you for providing one.

  8. Well stated, and thoughtful.

  9. Jim says:

    saw special about the “Dark ages” what caused the fall of Rome is scary. It sounds like what is happening now.

  10. pdxlady says:

    I really enjoy your posts Dann. I too am a Constitutional Conservative and a Christian. I also am fed up w/ the GOP. I’m interested to know if you have found an alternative.

    I have been following the Constitutional Freedom Party,

    They have put out some wonderful YouTube videos.

    Just thought I would throw that out there, I know the author.

    • Dann Diaz says:

      I have been looking at the Conservative Party and Constitution Party. I would love for the Tea Party to break off from the GOP, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. TY for the links I will look into them.

    • Fredaurick Alyon Ashaur says:

      I happen to HAVE your An$waur -not just some fiddle-faddly ‘anser’….. Just days ago The CONSTITUTIONALIAN Paurty -yes pAURty, not some mere GAGGLE of lawyer liar$ and pulliticking ‘politicians’!! If you are REALLY intere$ted begin to get ready inside of YOURSELF by checking out “The Infinitaurian” -easily found on Google. Okay? OKAY! LETS GET W-I-T-H the inmost and UTMOST W-H-A-T really i-$ WHAT -then you too will HAVE a REAL Paurty -not just another beer ‘party’ -or wor$e!! Thank you and GoodLIGHT!

  11. Chip says:

    Exactly Jim, the fall of any empire in history had been a combination of inflation, corruption among the bureaucrats and tyranny. And yes there have always been bureaucrats, the petty functionaries who gradually usurp power and control the leaders through the control of information. The scary part this time is the country put a petty functionary (community organizer) in the White House.

  12. Dennis says:

    I agree 100%, thanks Dan. I only wish there were people like you runninng for office!!! Thank you and your family and friends for your service and sacrifices to this Great Nation.

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  15. Spidey1961 says:

    Dann, I’ve been reading your stuff for a little while now, and I’m……relieved? happy?…well something, finding that there are many more of us out here than I realized. All we need now is the gumption to DO SOMETHING about it.

    I am 100 percent in agreement with you and others. I don’t own my weapons because I WANT to shoot someone, I own them in case I HAVE to shoot someone. Big difference. As a former SP from the Air Force, I recognize that each person is responsible for their own defense, and the defense of those who simply CANNOT defend themselves. I’d put an exception here. CAN NOT as opposed to WILL NOT.

    Lastly, as has already been said, who is willing to die to come and TRY to take mine from me? This is my protection for my family, my city, my state and my nation. How willing are THEY to die trying to take them?

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