I Have Seen Proof That the Two-Party System is Vulnerable to Defeat in 2016.

2partyprotestWith the recent passage of fiscal cliff legislation it grows more and more evident that neither side is truly happy with the support of their so-called elected servants. The democrats agreed to tax hikes on the middle class despite many promises that they would not. The republicans agreed to higher taxes without standing firm on the decreased spending that they so adamantly supported and allowed 24 billion dollars in Hollywood pork to be added to the legislation. In the end, American people felt betrayed by a system that just approved higher taxes on 77% of Americans.

Every election comes and goes and I believe that the American people feel like they are voting for “the lesser of two evils.” Some believe that the democrats are less evil and some believe it’s the republicans, but “less evil” is still evil. We pray that it will be different and we continue to get the same results. Politicians know how to lie to us, but they generally lack the backbone to stand up to do what is right. There is definitely a large and growing group of people who are begging for a third-party candidate that is electable. I believe that it is possible because I believe a lot of people, unbeknownst to any of us, proved it over the last several days.

Let me lay out the facts as I see them. Over the last 3-5 days I have seen proof that the internet is more powerful than any other media outlet in the world. I need to give you some background to see if you can agree with my analysis.

I am an independent blogger and I don’t take myself overly serious. Back in mid-November, after the elections, myself and a few of my friends decided to start a blog. We just wanted a place to vent. We wanted to talk about politics but we didn’t really care how politically correct we were, we didn’t want to be censored, and we didn’t have any dreams of making huge money or gaining serious notoriety. We just wanted a place to whine and complain about what is wrong with America. We didn’t buy our own domain or spend money on logos. We literally have not spent a dime because we just wanted to see where things went. We started DCC and had some fun with it.

I tried to promote it all I could. I’d end up sharing some posts 50-70 times myself on Facebook in conservative type groups and tweet a few times to my twitter followers. Out of that I would get a handful of people to share again, and a good article might get 300-500 total hits over a span of a few days. Up until about 5 days ago we were averaging 300 hits a day and I was actually really proud of that. Not bad for about 7 weeks of work. But then something changed.

I wrote an article about the 2nd amendment that was certainly some of my better work but I had no idea what was coming. Four days later 100,000 people have read that article and we may have our second consecutive day with 40,000 hits. Not bad for a free WordPress blog.

I am still knee-deep in all of this. I have pending messages everywhere that I haven’t had time to answer. I may never be able to answer all of them. We may get 100,000 more hits or a million more hits, I have no idea. But think about how it all started. It started with one small independent blogger that would get laughed at in any serious political think tank. I have no track record and it’s doubtful I will ever write something this popular again, but I learned something from this, and now I have hope.

  1. It doesn’t take money to spread your message if you talk to the heart of people. They will spread it for you (over 10,000 Facebook shares and growing).
  2. Ordinary people are much more powerful than any web advertising guru (we were receiving hits from 1000+ different websites within 2 days).
  3. People don’t respond to political correctness. They respond to the truth without a sugar-coating. They are sick of political rhetoric.

When you look at all the small lessons I learned, I am now totally convinced that a third-party or independent can make a huge splash in 2016 if they will speak to the heart of the people. That’s what I tried to do. There are well over 1300 comments on that post now but let me tell you about a few of my favorites.

eaglepatriotI heard from a sniper who was writing me from Afghanistan. He has been there 7 years in support of freedom.

I heard from a gentleman in Australia, who was begging the American people not to give up their guns.

I heard from a Native American who told me that the government took his people’s freedom once, and he would not let it happen again.

I heard from a Scottish emigrant who told me that this is not the America he swore his allegiance to. He moved here to escape being ruled and he felt like it was happening to him all over again.

I found myself in tears at times. Servicemen and women came out in full force to let everyone know in no uncertain terms that they would defend the constitution and the rights of the American people above all else. We had police officers visit to share the same. We had mothers with young children and veterans of past wars. We had grandmothers chiming in and people from almost every walk of life. The only thing that most shared in common was their Patriotic love of America.

This post is still going and my bet is that it will be getting comments for months or maybe even years. I haven’t even read the last 700 or so comments that have been left. Yet, it all started with one person who chose to speak the truth and didn’t care about what people thought. I had no real intention of making a difference but I did. Now that little blog post on an obscure WordPress hosted site, is one of the most widely circulated stories on the internet. It started with me but it flourished because of the people. The people are the key in this equation.

I didn’t sit around and think about who was with me and who was against me. I put out a plea for Patriotic Americans who were not afraid to stand up and fight for their rights. I am still in awe of what happened.

Do you think we could find a candidate that would be willing to do that for 2016? I don’t think you will find it if you are looking at mainstream democrats or republicans. The recent track record isn’t good. But I know something that some people don’t. These parties are not to be feared anymore because the internet is the great equalizer.

Money doesn’t matter on the internet. Do not believe a damn thing you read online. I have heard, like everyone else, that Obama dominated Romney on the internet, and maybe that’s true, but the numbers you see are lies. I will give you some proof now if you want. Just keep an open mind as you click over to the site I am about to share. It will open in a new window so you can come back here. No worries. When you go to this site I want you to compare my little twitter following of 4700 or so, deandg, to the followings of millions by barackobama and mittromney. I am going to show you something that very few people know but you are about to see proof that many of these huge legions of followers of theirs are and were fake. You do need a twitter account to use it but click here.

liarcheetOK now I realize that some of you don’t have twitter so let me share the numbers I saw when I used the fake follower detector:

  • Dean Garrison (The D.C. Clothesline) has 1% fake, 16% inactive, and 83% good followers.
  • Barack Obama has 26% fake, 43% inactive, and 31% good followers.
  • Mitt Romney has 21% fake, 49% inactive, and 30% good followers

I bet if you ran your own name you found roughly the same results. You probably have 6% or less (about average) fake followers and many more good followers. Everyone will have some inactives because people quit twitter or change usernames, I am not sure what the average number should be, but I am not as focused on inactive followers as I am the fake followers. For those who really paid attention this stuff was coming out over and over in 2012. Both Romney and Obama saw huge spikes in internet popularity for no explainable reason. Obama had over 1 million people like his Facebook page in one day shortly after the first debate, when the consensus was that he had his rear end handed to him. His previous averages were about 30,000 likes a day. Something fishy? There were similar stories about Romney so don’t think it was one-sided.

A lot of people don’t realize this but you can purchase Facebook likes and fake twitter followers. Do a simple internet search for “buy twitter followers” and you will see proof. The truth of the matter is that whether it was the politicians themselves, or their lock-stepping followers, someone wasted a bunch of money to look good. I must assume that they don’t really have a clue on how to use the internet for grass-roots viral marketing. They are politicians and they won’t spend money unless they are cheating. So they tried to cheat for the sake of cheating. That’s how it is done in D.C. It did them no good.

All the people really want is to be engaged and heard. Today’s political figures don’t know how to engage people. They are so far removed from the people that they have no understanding of how American people think and feel.

viraltweetingThe most effective internet marketing strategies are based on two things that do not involve large amounts of money:

  1. Organic traffic that is generated by people who know how to optimize pages for search engines, and
  2. People who know how to make content go viral through word of mouth advertising.

I am certain that they hired some egg-head internet marketers who acted like they knew how to manage multi-million dollar ad budgets but the bottom line is that the candidates didn’t have a clue what they were doing and it showed. There were too many cases of documented desperation on both sides. The only politician who I have seen using the internet effectively lately is Fred Thompson. Fred is a tweet-producing machine. I’m sure there are others but he is one that I follow.

Prior to the 2012 elections… When I looked at my own Facebook feed (about 1000 friends) I saw about 10-15 people who would share anything and everything they could about their chosen candidate but none of this stuff was really anything personal or engaging. If you do the math it’s easy to see that it was only 1% of my friends or maybe 1.5%. That doesn’t show me proof that a lot of people truly cared who was elected. A few people would hit like or maybe share but it cultivated little in the way of comments or new ideas. They were news stories and pictures and no one cared about that stuff. The candidates were giving people nothing to sink their teeth into. People are looking to see the heart of the leader.

We need a candidate who is willing to speak to the people with plain words and strong ideas. If we find that then we can pull off the greatest coup in the history of American politics. We can take that 2 billion dollars that Obama and Romney raised from special interests and big business, and we can defeat the new faces and new players who try to do the same in 2016, with little to no money.

Give me a candidate with a heart for the people of this country and I will give him or her everything I have. I will share his or her words everywhere I can find. I will gladly compete with billion dollar budgets and it won’t cost me a dime.

Call it a major epiphany but with what happened to me in the last few days I can now, without doubt, guarantee that it can happen. If I were electable I’d probably take the challenge myself, but honestly I have a history that would catch up with me. Plus I like to curse a bit and I don’t think the country is ready to see a presidential candidate dropping “f-bombs.”

But somewhere out there is a man or woman who we can all get behind. They are apprehensive to speak their mind as I was a few days ago. They don’t need to be because that is exactly what America is looking for. I went out on a limb and there were thousands of people holding a net out in case I fell. I had no idea I would run into so many people who cared and supported the same ideas and morals that I did. A leader with similar ideas and qualities is destined to really rock the vote in 2016, if they have the guts to try.

I am convinced that if we find this person, people will carry the cross for them. Give me a person who believes that ideas come before billion dollar campaign war chests and millions of people will rally behind them. People love an underdog. This country was built by underdogs. Show me someone, like Ross Perot, who is not afraid to carry the banner of “Independent” and stand on principle and I will help to get them elected to the highest seat in the land, as long as they support the constitution.

So many forget that Perot was leading in the polls before he dropped out. When he returned the people had simply lost confidence.

We need senatorial and congressional candidates who are willing to accept the same challenge. We could launch the biggest political revolution of all time in 2016 and they would never know what hit them. 8 billion dollars was spent on 2012 campaigns for senate, house and the presidency. I am telling you that we can prove how wasted this money is and create our own campaign reform, whether congress wants to tackle the issue or not.

Imagine if we could defeat the money. I believe it can be done. I believe in the American people and I believe they can do anything they put their mind to. If we defeat 8 billion dollars in advertising then campaigns will reform themselves. They will be forced to adapt to a new playing field. If candidates and political parties continue trying to buy elections the people have the power to turn on them. The viral nature of the internet is powerful enough to elect or reject anyone when you have people who care.

I am talking to anyone reading this now, who strives to make a difference. If you love the constitution and the message of the founders I will support you. I don’t get hung up on details. I am personally looking for a Patriotic American who believes in the people and who has vision for returning to the wisdom of our founders. I think for myself and will never agree 100% with any candidate. Just support the constitution and I will support you.

Republicans and Democrats be warned. There are seeds of revolution brewing and if the candidates step forward I will personally see to it that they control the internet like nothing you have ever seen. With no money and roughly 3 hours work I was able to reach 100,000+ people in four days. I now know how it is done, even though I was clueless last week. LOL

My plan is to build my base and strengthen my relationships with the people who helped me gain my 15 minutes of fame. And in a few years time you will not have a clue how to battle us. A billion dollars can buy TV time and print ads but it can’t buy the hearts of the people. My new goal is to find 1000 people who know what I know and bury both parties in 2016. You have had plenty of chances and failed. This is our time.

That is not a threat. It is a promise. We, the independent bloggers, are your worst nightmare. You can not buy us, we will be heard.

Pay off CNN and Fox News and spend American people’s money on ridiculous advertising that does little or nothing. Our plan is to engage people with real issues that you are too yellow to talk about. You are so scared to lose those votes in the middle that you have forgotten what it takes to win. There will be no more winning by default in this country. You will have to take it and earn it.

You are so conditioned to be politically correct that no one respects you. I doubt that you really even respect yourself. You go to your sheeples again in 2016 and you will find that the flock is following a new shepherd. This is my pledge. Find me a candidate with balls to embrace the constitution and I will fight for them and make sure they take the big prize in 2016.

This candidate will witness a miracle that I just saw myself. It is not about me, it is about us. When someone embraces the proud American people and their ideas, the people will carry them across the finish line. Your blood money can no longer buy our elections. The door is wide open for candidates who want to share that message.

As an update, I didn’t publish this article yesterday as originally intended. In a span of about 18 hours, another 30,000 people have read my 2nd amendment article because of continued word of mouth advertising. We haven’t spent a dime. You can never underestimate the power of the American people when they believe in something. You just have to give them something to believe in.

algoreasgodzillaWhen Al Gore invented the internet he created the weapon that had the power to destroy his peers. In a way he created his own tool of mass destruction but accidentally fired it at his own homies. Way to go Al “Jazeera” Gore. You never got to be president but your legacy lives on. 🙂

About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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23 Responses to I Have Seen Proof That the Two-Party System is Vulnerable to Defeat in 2016.

  1. Mark says:

    Good for you Dean – i don’t agree with all your views but if you can get people connected that’s got to be a good thing – Good luck from one of your former colonial masters in the UK (only joking!!)

  2. Mark says:

    BTW – in the UK we have the first coalition government for a long time, every election has multiple parties.

    • I think that is something we need to look at here. The thing here is that multiple parties are technically present but they are so small that no one takes them serious. They can not compete with the money spent by democrats and republicans. We need to find ways to compete in spite of the billions being spent.

  3. NEO says:

    And it still spreading, I doubt you saw it, but my reblog brought a request from Maggie’s notebook to crosspost as well.

    You, sir, are absolutely right, and many of us will be right there beside and behind you.

    Now, Where’s the men or women to run. Let’s get started.

    • I already had a volunteer hit my facebook inbox. I told him that I really don’t want to complicate things. If someone will support the founders and the constitution that’s good enough for me. I don’t need a platform a mile long that gives me too many reasons to vote against someone. I think to win we need to keep it simple. Just my opinion. We can tackle important things first and little things later. Most Americans agree on things like term limits, for instance. A grassroots movement needs to latch on to things that democratic and republican supporters both agree on. There are lots of things that Americans agree on. We can take care of those things and leave the debated topics for later. That’s how we win, we rally them behind the topics they agree on.

      • NEO says:

        I agree, the less organized we are the better, the truth that needs to be said out loud here may be different than there- BUT BOTH UNVARNISHED TRUTH.

        Your right also, we agree on lots, deal with that and then we can start disagreeing, but we’ll be something like 75% of the way home by then.

        • 75% home would be awesome. It’s things like this 28th amendment proposal which basically just says that we should make congress follow the same laws of the land that the people do. I was shocked to read the other day that insider trading laws do not apply to our legislators. WTH? I need to do more research but if that’s true it is just one more thing added to a long list of crimes being perpetrated by our government. I do know for a fact that the supreme court ruled it unconstitutional to make political candidates go through drug testing. These things are required by many employers but we can not make our own employees (elected “servants) submit to the same? The list is long and I agree, we could fix 75% of the problems because Americans are already in agreement on so much, regardless of their political party.

          • NEO says:

            And right there is the plan, I think, all that is needed are some people with the hide of a rhinoceros to take the sling and arrows that will be launched by the old guard and the media because you are right, the new media, and social media have taken over, the only question is if enough read and believe. I think they will.

  4. Tropical Gal says:

    Dean, you make some really great points. Like you, I drop a few too many f-bombs (especially for a woman lol), but I do what I can to get the message out, try to talk sense into the people who don’t have enough, and am waiting for that epiphany to show me my next course of action. I know there is something meaningful and important for me to do, yet like you, I don’t know who I’m supposed to be doing this important work WITH! I pray (hope) for this guidance every day (in my own way) and I encourage all Patriots to do so as well (in whatever way they wish).

    • I can relate to every word. I am not a professional blogger so I don’t even know how to handle the success I am having here. LOL We need leaders to step up and give some direction. I am getting away from these comments. This is how it started the other day and some 36 hours later I was still answering them. LOL I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  5. Six says:

    I agree with you and I’ll do what I can. The dinosaur media is already dead, it just hasn’t yet registered on their walnut sized brains. As a start I’ve blogrolled this site on my own modest little blog. I may even have to violate my own refusal to engage in social media.

    The time is now, not in 15 or 16. The midterms are coming up and the preliminaries for that election will start this year. Those elections will tell us whether or not any of us can have an impact beyond our modest means.

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  7. Ed says:

    Dean, I enjoy your rants and raves. I had my own mini family blog and did the same thing. It was cathartic. But now, I’ll live vicariously thru your rants; my family knows mine.

    Your 2A post has indeed gone “viral”. It’s on all the forums I read and has generated nothing but GREAT comments and agreements. You’ll be heartened to know that we indeed have many patriots amongst us. With all those more active patriots, along with the thousand if not millions of guns purchased recently (not to forget the gazillion rounds purchased too) I hope that somebody inside the rose colored belt is paying attention. I wonder if they realize the tinder box they are sitting on while they play with fire…. Rhetorical as we know the answer.

    Keep up the fight.

  8. Joe says:

    I enjoy your posts as well, and am glad to see someone standing up for their beliefs without using “political correctness.” I have a question for you though. I often find myself arguing these topics with my friends or people from work. They throw conflicting, far fetched statistics at me from biased sources (CNN or FOX) whenever I try to argue a claim. As someone who wants to become more informed the right way, and wants to be able to prove a point, where should I be doing my research? What are your favorite places to start looking? It seems we need a news source that people can go to that doesn’t lean either way that anyone can see the facts.

  9. Lordchamp says:

    Let’s do it Dean!! Just started a blog for the same reasons you stated and I agree completely. Americans are literally craving truth and straight talk. We all know in our gut that we’re being fed a constant line of crap and we’re tired of it.

  10. Dennis G. says:

    Thanks so much for your blog…I found it from a friend that shared it on FB…I was inspired to share it on fb as well…loved the patriotic 2nd Amendment post…in my heart I was waiting for something to happen….you made it happen…Let’s Roll!!!!

  11. Nick Brewer says:

    I like where this is going, a lot more palatable than civil war. Scary to think about, I’ve got a couple young ones at home. But finding a politician who will stand for the people is something this country desperately needs; not to mention the rest of the world. I’ll help any way I can, feel free to email me if you would like.

  12. RahnOwens says:

    I am glad people are stepping up for OUR country. It is way past time to take it back. I am an independant to the bone. I have voted for both republicans and democrates in the past but I have not in the last 12 years or so. NOT ONE of THEM actually ever answers a question ! Personally after reading Jesse Ventura’s books I believe he may be the ONE to lead US into a new era. Like this Blog, Jesse tells it like he sees it with honesty and integrity. Sure he doesn’t know everything and he will tell you so but he will follow the constitution and work for whats best for America. Like you, I followed and voted for Ross Perot. I have followed and voted for Ron Paul. But at this point Jesse Ventura may be the only person with the ability to win in 2016. This past presidential election I voted Libertarian. I don’t want any kind of violence. What I do want is my Country back. With everyone out there we can and will make a difference. Love to All. Rahn Owens

  13. Superman424 says:

    I feel the foundation of the status quo is finally cracking. It’s my first time following any of these blogs and this won’t be the last. It’s a relief hearing opinions from fellow patriots. I’ve really only begun to speak out against the stagnant ideas that our government officials have continued to force down American’s throats. It’s time to re-empower our constitution and actually put ordinary American citizens back in control. I look forward to continuing to read these blogs and hope to get involved in these debates in the future.

    Thank you

  14. Suzanne says:

    I just wanted to say that the reason I found you is because of the article you wrote about the Second Amendment on beforeitsnews.com. Great article! I hate to admit it, but I, so like many others, had no clue what was going on until Obama was elected the first time. I am 34 and voted for President for the first time ever last year. I didn’t know of my love for this country, I took all that I have for granted. Since then I have learned so much, And I can now never go back to the way I was before. Please keep posting your work- We have to get through to the people who keep saying it doesn’t affect me! It does! I love my country and I am prepared to fight so that my children will know the America that I love. Thanks to you and your fellow Americans for waking me up!

  15. Kate says:

    Dean, would love to hear your opinion of Dennis Michael Lynch. He made a movie called “They Come To America” , which is a look at the actual costs to our country of illegal immigration. He sounds like he might be looking to enter the political arena.

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