Mr. Obama, Are Your Daughters More Important Than Mine?

An Open Letter To Barack Obama…

President Obama:

I am a 43-year-old father of three beautiful girls. We recently found out that we are expecting twins, so that number will soon be five. I am very blessed and wealthy beyond measure. I am also, like any American parent,  very concerned with the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

I saw your speech and you seemed to be as moved as any of us by this tragedy. It was not your failure nor mine. Bad things happen. Evil exists.

My major concern is that I see potential hypocrisy surfacing and I don’t like it. Your two beautiful daughters attend Sidwell Friends School. I know you want the very best for your daughters and as a father I have total respect for that. I am proud of you.

What I can not respect is that you seem to provide one solution for your family and propose another for the rest of us. I completely understand that your daughters must be protected at all times. You are the President of the United States. We can never allow your family to be compromised in any way. I would give my life to protect your daughters or anyone else’s. Our kids are our future. I do understand that your children can never be compromised.

But, Mr. Obama, I don’t feel like I can allow my family to be compromised either. My girls are my whole world. My children mean everything to me. Are your children more important than mine? The school that your girls attend is reported to have 11 armed guards. Is it such a stretch for the rest of us to ask for 2 or 3 armed guards at our schools?

I will be honest and tell you that you look like a hypocrite now. Your own family gets one treatment and the solution for the rest of us is to start taking guns away or stop selling certain guns, or whatever it is you are proposing. I am not even sure what you want because you don’t ever seem to come out and say it. I need to know where you stand. I deserve to know where you stand.

Mr. Obama you very much look like a politician with an agenda…not a leader. The people of this country are looking for a leader. It has been a long time since we have had one. I will not lie to you. I am a conservative. But I will also tell you that I haven’t felt like this nation has had a great leader since Ronald Reagan, and before that I would say it was probably Kennedy. It’s not about liberals and conservatives. The nation will follow a true leader regardless of his political party.

I know you probably won’t answer this question but I have to ask it anyway. Mr. Obama are you using this tragedy to further your plan to take our guns? Are you automatically going to dismiss NRA proposals simply because NRA members are normally from that “other” party? You have spoken many times of how the bickering between parties has to stop. You need to be the example. It needs to start with you. That’s what leaders do.

Mr. Obama this is not about being a Democrat or Republican. This is about right and wrong. 

So why is it that something can be right for your girls and wrong for mine? I am not a Harvard graduate but I feel that this makes you nothing more than a common hypocrite.

I am not asking you to give me the 24 hour armed security that you need for yourself and your family. I am asking you to protect my children when I can not. I am also asking you not to go against the founders of this country and to respect the purpose of the second amendment.  Mr. Obama, there will be a day when the people of this nation may need to protect themselves against a corrupt government.

I pray that this is not one of those times because just like you or any good father, I will fight for the right to protect my family and I am willing to die for them. If this becomes about a political agenda then I will not hesitate to protect my rights as an American citizen.

I am begging you to protect my kids and leave all political agendas for another day. Mr. Obama, I know you love your children, but I love mine too.


Dean Garrison

About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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41 Responses to Mr. Obama, Are Your Daughters More Important Than Mine?

  1. Mark Stockdale says:


    Your argument is flawed as it takes no account of the risk from many sources that any incumbent of high office is brave enough to take as part of the job.

    By your rationale the President should fly on scheduled flights!

    For not accepting gun control (no assault rifles, ammo restriction/traceability, lower capacity magazines) you are wilfully leading your daughters and all of America’s children to a future of mass murders.

    The rest of the civilised world is aghast that some Americans believe that more guns could be a sensible outcome of the recent tragedy.

    I wish you luck and the very best for your family but believe that America needs leadership that will accept and guide your people to a safer future where gun violence is reduced.

    Mark Stockdale

    • Bob says:

      That will never happen. Evil is all around us and will do it’s bidding when ever it chooses. Without the ability to protect ourselves, evil will and has taken us over. Apparently you have no children and lean awkwardly to the left.

    • Brian Buchanan says:

      Mr. Stockdale,

      With all due respect, you are grossly misinformed. The only thing gun control will do is to disarm citizens who legally own firearms and leave them vulnerable. It will do exactly NOTHING to stop anyone who wishes to kill or commit any manner of crimes with a firearm. If you think it will, please, by all means, tell me more about how criminals obey laws….

    • Mark says:

      Responses to my posts have quoted inaccurate sources, discredited academics and “you wouldn’t understand ” .

      Hardly the basis of a sound argument.

      Americans murder more. Check the correct figures not those quoted by Mr Diaz. There are 300 million firearms which help make it easier. The helpful gun manufacturers now promote silencers on the basis that it will protect your children’s hearing. REALLY!

      You need to wake up.

      Others quoted violent crime rates. These are very difficult to compare due to collecting data and reporting. But even if I accept that crime rates are high here in the uk, which I do not, people are not killed or injured by guns. One responder mentioned club wielding thugs in a shopping mall. Stuff got stolen, no one was injured or killed and I’m sure the police are doing a good job of finding the criminals.

      You do not need high capacity magazines and semi automatic AR15s to protect your family.

      Another responder mentioned that no one talks about knife crime. They do in countries that don’t own guns!

      More guns =. More dead people FACT.

      Some of you questioned my background, which is disgraceful and should have no bearing on a debate like this but for the record. I have a young family, served in the UK armed forces, vote Conservative (right of centre). All my family have served and defended the right for people to have freedom. This freedom must be delivered with laws to protect the weak.



  2. Mark, per capita the United Sates has more guns than any country in the world. The problem is that taking away guns from law abiding citizens will not take guns from the criminals. There are complexities of the situation that those who do not live here may not see.

    No one in this country wants continued violence, at least not the average American. Yet we are smart enough to realize some things are not as simple as gun control. We face the reality of 200+ years of certain policies remaining in force. To change those policies now can not work because there are already 89 guns for every 100 people in this country. Taking guns away from those who are willing to abide by the law only creates more potential violence when criminals will attempt to keep their guns (or gain them illegally) and law abiding citizens will be forced to give them back.

    I mean no disrespect, but people who do not live here may not understand the reality of how we live. This country is not like most countries. The guns result in more random violence but they also protect us from foreign occupation. Have you ever wondered why no country has even attempted to occupy America? It is simply because you can’t. A country who has armed civilians is much more dangerous than a country that has just armed military. You can not dominate such a country because you would literally have to fight everyone here, not just our soldiers.

    We do have a higher murder rate than most countries and that is a shame. Certainly you have to blame the laws for some of that, but they are what they are. America was not built the same way as most nations. Our founders were rebels who chose not to accept the rule of England. We fought for our independence from them and today we are still a people who will not back down from a fight.

    Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, said something that symbolizes the view of the American people, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

    This is the vision that America was built on. So to decide that we want change is all fine and well but it is not easily accomplished. 23,000 schools currently have armed guards in this country. That is roughly 1/3 of all schools. We are simply asking for a little consistency. The shootings are not happening at these schools, they are happening at schools without those guards.

    We all want a safer future for our children, but if you don’t live here you may not understand the complexities of the situation. I appreciate your input and thank you so much for taking the time to share your opinions. I am not always right. I can not say with no shred of doubt that you are totally wrong. But sometimes the reality of the situation can not be fixed by theory. A lot of things that work in other places may not work here because it’s a little late for gun control in a country that has 300 million weapons that do not belong to law enforcement or military.

    • Mark says:


      Gun violence is like a cancer. The fact that you already have cancer does not meant that you need to give up and accept the situation. The treatment for cancer may have unpleasant side affects in the short to medium term but it may work.

      More policing, stricter laws, prison and punishment for offenders for carrying illegal firearms and ammunition.

      Will you be honest enough to say wether or not you or the people that fund you are funded by the NRA or other groups with a financial stake in the gun industry.

      Your argument that America has not been invaded is because your public have guns is preposterous. I wont waste time taking that apart.

      No one outside of America can understand, I agree. But this is because all the arguments against gun control only offer more guns as an alternative. because of vested interests.


      • Mark I do this for free. This is just a hobby. I make no money from this blog. I am an NRA supporter but it may surprise you to know that I don’t own any guns. I fully support the right to own them and I fully support the NRA. Everything is about vested interests in this country. I am not sure if you heard anything about the “Right to Work” debate in Michigan. Basically Michigan people wanted Right to Work by a small margin and President Obama did not. Obama does not care about what the people want. His political party receives tens of millions of dollars annually from labor unions.

        See, we already have a corrupt government that is built on greed. When you see our soldiers deployed to far off places, it is not always because the American people want that (in some cases we do when we feel it’s justified), the government just basicaly does what it wants to do, and young men and women all over the world lose their lives over political agendas.

        The political machine here is closely tied to the media and the two-party system keeps people divided. It is nearly impossible for the people here to overthrow a government when we can’t even agree amongst ourselves.

        I don’t know if people around the world know this, but America claims to be “land of the free.” Let me share something with you, and please verify this on the internet. I think you will be shocked.

        The USA has roughly 5% of the population and roughly 25% of the world’s prison inmates. Tougher laws is a great idea but, again, in reality how can we enforce such things? Our prisons are already overcrowded and very few people are sentenced to death here. Those that are can stay on “death row” for years. I know that it probably looks like an easy fix but it’s not.

        Guns are not a cancer in an of themselves. Switzerland has one of the higher gun ownership rates in the world. I think they have 47 guns for every 100 people. Yet they have one of the lowest murder rates in the world.

        On the same day that the shooting in Connecticut happened, a mad man in China stabbed 20 Chinese school children (my number may be slightly off). He had no gun. A mentally ill person is going to find a way to act no matter what we do. They would blow children up with home made bombs if that is what it took.

        I am not saying that guns are the only way to fix this. I am simply sick of the hypocritical nature of men like President Obama, and all of our leaders for the most part. It is easy for them to tell us to give up OUR guns because they will never be without THEIR guns.

        I understand your points and love the conversation. It’s not about being right or wrong so much as finding something that works. I am just not sure that these ideas will work in the present state of our country.

      • For the record, I was able to get in touch with Mark on twitter and he lives in the UK.

      • Dave says:

        I have to ask Mark a few questions.

        Are you aware that we already have 20,000 gun control laws here in the US?
        Are you aware that even in the cities that have severe gun control laws in place, their gun crimes are considerably HIGHER than areas that allow conceal/carry? Chicago is a prime example.
        Are you aware that your “preposterous” statement is truly the most preposterous and blindest statement of the year? The very fact that China and the former USSR could not entertain the idea of ever invading was and is due to the fact that We the People are the world’s largest “non-standing” army. Over 68 MILLION people in the US LEGALLY own firearms…..and we ARE everywhere. From Alaska to Florida, Maine to California and Hawaii too.

        You have presented a circular argument about the legislation and funding. there is a viable threat to OUR way of life. The Second Amendment is in place to keep the gov’t in it’s place. Your own King George III thought to limit our access to guns. The American Revolution was not just about taxes, it was about gun control and other freedoms as well. However I am sure that you really have no understanding of that. I am sure that is one of the things quickly glossed over in your own history classes.

        Please enlighten us Mark, about the good qualities that your country endures from gun control. I understand that just the other day a motorcycle gang traveled inside one of your shopping malls wielding axes. Violent crimes involving knives, clubs and axes are up quite a bit. To ignore that is to fall into the same idiocy that Obama and his cronies have.

        A gun is nothing more than an inanimate object. It can “sit” all day in the corner of your closet or gun case and not harm a living soul. The same can be said of the chef’s knife in your cutlery stand, or the ball bat, or your frying pan….all inanimate objects. YET, they are not evil, nor good. What defines that is what is in the user’s heart. I work heavy construction. I carry a large one-handed hammer with me all day long. When the idiot of our crew starts his whiny cry-baby stuff, I never hear anything from my hammer telling me to hit the guy in the head. Nor do I hear the utility knife yell out “Cut him up!”. For the record, I have never heard any of my guns EVER scream out “Shoot that %^&*!!!”.

        Furthermore the term “gun violence” is a misnomer. It’s just violence. No one goes around crying out against “knife violence” or “club violence”. Violence is just what it is, violence. If one wants to ban assault weapons, they should be prepared to do the same for assault: rocks, sticks, clubs, axes, frying pans, knives, pencils, nail files, keys, cars, golf clubs,fists, feet, hammers, screwdrivers, spoons, forks and anything else that can be used for a weapon.

        If I understand you correctly, you feel that Obama is the best leader possible to “curb” gun violence. Well when he is done taking our guns away only to sets of people with have the guns….tyrants in the streets and tyrants in the Capital building. There is no difference between the two…except that one gets paid monthly on time…the other just waltzes into your life and takes what he wants every time. Your wallet, your goods, your wife. Sure would be nice to defend yourself against a tyrant holding a gun with a gun eh? Must feel pretty manly explaining to your wife why the intruder raped her and the best you have to say is “Sorry dear, but at least we are both alive…..and we still can’t own a gun.” The scenarios can go on and on.
        It’s a shame, one impotent society wants others to be just like them, so that they are not alone. I have a wife and daughter…why is the president’s children more important than mine? His daughters won’t make sure that I take my medication in my dotage. Mine will however…..if and only if I can protect her.

        Let me give you one more teeny tiny dose of facts here Mark. The average response time for an emergency call to the police is about 9-10 minutes. In that amount of time a family of 4 can be murdered, raped and have their possessions plundered with time to spare for a getaway. Now that is an average. Look at LA or NYC…..the average response time is about 35+ minutes. Man I am sure glad that gun control works there. ya never know, you could get a lazy thief that doesn’t own a gun, then it would be equal ground. But here is the obverse of that Mark. A would be thief breaks into a gun owner’s home with the intent to kill and rape his wife and two daughters. However he doesn’t get very far past the front door because of the holes in his chest. I sure hope for your sake Mark that your children, if any, ever have to live through a violent attack or a break-in. Because the police are just there to collect clues that may or may not lead to a conviction for a crime. They don’t clean up nor do they put your life back together for you. They are just a response team. I’ve NEVER seen a cop stop an accident keep a kid from being run over NOR have I ever seen a police officer stop a rape or a murder. So please continue to live in your fairy tale world of how more laws and gun confiscation will end violent crime. Explain that to your wife or daughter.

        I won’t have to. Mine will ask why I shot the intruder and I can say “Just to keep you safe and sound.”

      • Jean says:

        I’ll give you points for trying (and nailing one key item).

        More policing, stricter laws, prison and punishment for offenders for carrying illegal firearms and ammunition.

        You NAILED that one. Funny how the felons get out and get their guns right away… And yet, if I went to get a gun, I’d be expecting a 3-6 month wait for all the hoopla to get done.
        guess which of us follows the law?

        DETAILED, PRECISE laws; DEFINED sentences; PRECISELY DEFINED methods of search. Exacly what the Constitution should have done. Instead, our “laws” are quite vague (Side effect of covering such a large and diverse area – you need some interpretation room), and usually “enforced” badly. IE, DUI checkpoints that find people without licenses, registration, or insurance, or owing fines – so the DUI checkpoint gets ZERO drunks, but TONS of revenue. One egregious example of what SHOULD be “illegal search and seizure” here – and, to drive this point home – in New York City, they impound and TAKE your car on SUSPICION – and even if you are found innocent, the car is gone and sold by the NYPD.

        Bet you the M13 gang bangers don’t get “targeted” too often, though: “Racism,” “Profiling,” and – OH, YES! THEY SHOOT BACK. And since most are felons… Why are they in posession of guns? I’ll bet they didn’t buy it at the local gun dealer… (Northern New Jersey has none; I’m willing to bet LA and San Fran are about the same.)

        You see part of our “unique” problem?

        They get arrested with an illegal gun, especially now with clip size limitations (already exist – for US, not the Police.), some are illegals…? Put a bullet in their head and forget the trial. Enough BS already. No, the ones with a rap sheet (list of crimes convicted for) is a MILE long… But they walk. WE go to prison.

        As to the “America never invaded”? Supposedly that was a Russian General after the cold war. THEY knew you couldn’t fight an armed insurgency – no need for “Red Dawn” to drive the point home. If even 15 people in a state the size of Arizona had decent rifles, they could RUN that state as long as they had ammo. With enemy military in the region? Ammo is limitless, just watch your provisions and shoot straight.

        Further, it IS impossible – which is the POINT. We are facing an aggressive, socialist/Cartel (companies own the government) system, which I am sorry to admit, we VOTED INTO POWER. Ultimately, we need a method of changing things. Soviet Union had elections, too. China does, IIRC. UK does, too. So tell me, when YOU vote… WHAT CHANGES? Now make it even more of a mess, with a few billion more people and a few billion more miles to cover… Plus we have a government that likes to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam). We’ll need to deal with these politicians eventually, while there are still US soldiers to bring home.

    • Lisa says:

      HI Dean
      I am unsure what you are asking for? Armed guards in school? I do not believe for one minute guns will ever be confiscated but maybe assault weapons should be looked at. I know how you feel I have two children. I would have been more afraid if teachers had guns. (sorry off topic just threw it in.)

      • Kevin Dailey says:

        Lisa, There are already laws that cover the true assult weapon. An assult weapon is full automatic. Yes I know the AR-15 looks like a very bad weapon and popular belief says the “AR” stands for assult rifle but it does not..but if you look at the AP-74 it looks just like the AR-15 but holds only .22cal rounds the only thing that needs to fear that is rabbits and small game. If we start with one type of weapon then it will move to the next and the next. I am fine not owning a rocket launcher or heavy weapons as such but when the Govts of the world come together to rule over us how and who will stand up to them with a shotgun? As you noticed I did say when, not if.

  3. Kevin Dailey says:

    Some people you can’t talk to, such as Mark. they do not understand that if the Govt wanted to take contol of the people and all we had were BB guns it would be easy. Mark, As the “assult” weapons are concerned we the people are still underarmed in comparrison to the militaries of the world but we would at least have a fighting chance if the Govt or UN would go bad. Everyone that hates these types of guns thinks the 2nd ammendment is about hunting and the only reason for an “assult” weapon is for killing people. Well guess what Mark,,, what do you think the Govts of the world have and when you get in their way when they try to take one of your rights aways what do you think they will shoot you with? Not a black powder weapon but a real assult weapon and you will take 3 rounds center of mass in 2 seconds. My AR-15 is a gun that could be used for hunting or protecting those rights that you love so much such as your right to free speach on this subject. Even you don’t like these guns Mark I will die to protect your rights. I don’t have to like your position on this matter but there are a lot of Americans who think the Constitution is a good thing but can’t afford to lay their life on the line to protect it or they are afraid of guns or can’t afford them. That is why people like myself have these weapons. This is not a political thing as Dean has made so clear. But a fight to protect the rights of people like you.

    • I don’t actually know where Mark lives but for people who do not live in the USA they don’t necessarily understand that landscape. Of course he admits that. I am OK with Mark’s opinions. I don’t agree with them for the most part but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t listen. I enjoy hearing ideas. Thanks for stopping in Kevin and defending my position. It does not really matter what people outside of this country want. I don’t mean that in a rude way but it doesn’t. This is our home. I like finding other people who believe in our constitution and way of life. I can’t expect anyone from the outside to understand. It is no real secret that there is a lot of hatred for American people outside of this country, which is another reason we can’t give up our guns. I am not suggesting that Mark is a hater. I feel like he is trying to help in his own way.

    • Kevin, one thing I would like to add to support your ideas is that I know many members of our fine military and to a man they all tell me that they took the oath to defend our constitution. If push ever came to shove I have to believe that MOST of them would side with the people over the government, so long as the people had a constitutional case.

  4. Kevin Dailey says:

    I took that oath and for 20 years I supported it. after my 20 I still support that oath

    • Bob says:

      I’m with you Kevin, My Dad was a WWII Vet and taught me what the Oath was all about before I enlisted. A lot of kids don’t under what they are Swearing too. I took my Oath in 1962 and and there was never any mention of a shelf life, therefore, it lasts forever.

  5. Dann Diaz says:

    As usual when anyone outside the US tries to use the failed less guns = less crime argument they fall way short. Lets take Mark for example. Mark uses only the US murder by gun numbers and not the overall violent crime rates. Another thing Mark’s argument fails to take into account is that the thousands of times that guns stop violent crime.

    Here are a couple of facts that Mark does not want you to know about: The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU. It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbors, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU. It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offenses than recorded in Germany and France. In the UK, there are 2,034 offenses per 100,000 people, way ahead of second-placed Austria with a rate of 1,677. Well above the U.S.’s.

    While the U.S. does have a higher Gun crime rate than the UK, well higher than Europe, our murder rate is lower than any European Country. Our Rape rate is lower by far. The U.S. has a violence rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents, Canada 935, Australia 92 and South Africa 1,609.

    These stats were taken from European sources.

    The fact is Mark, that Dr John Lott proved that more guns = less crime.

    • Dave says:

      I wholeheartedly agree Mr. Diaz.

    • Dann my friend. Thank you for posting. You can carry this torch far better than I can. You have a view from a side that I can’t really comment on with your military background. Plus…We are still doing Christmas here and I had no idea this was going to go viral like it has. I will try to catch up with everyone’s comments later. I promise. I have six kids here and this is a madhouse. LOL But it’s so much fun. We are witnessing a magic show from my 6 year old. Evidently this is something that a lot of people want to talk about because I just looked and 50 new people have shared it on facebook just in the last hour. Thank you ALL for your comments. I may not always agree but I so want to jump in the middle of this discussion right now. I just can’t neglect my family today. I’m still celebrating, so… I’m going to tell you all again. Merry Christmas.

    • Mark says:

      Mr Diaz,
      Your stats for murder are not correct, others stats are debatable also, John Lott’s work has been widely discredited. (UN sources for stats)
      No one has provided any proof that more guns = less crime (none is widely accepted as taking into account other causal factors). But undoubtedly more guns = more dead people.

      • Jean says:

        Boo Hoo, More dead gang members.
        Cry me a river…

        If they’d stick to killing JUST each other, I’d be more merciful. They spray bullets all over and try to kill everyone in the area – and no one gets to shoot back, except (most often) other gang-bangers, who have illegal weapons – just like the original shooters. Legally armed citizens Approaches zero; criminals STILL have guns. And that’s STILL true in the UK, even if less of a problem than in the US.

  6. Kevin Dailey says:

    The Oath states to support and defend the Constitution not support and defend the Govt. I will however support the Govt to the point that they go against the Constitution. This Govt is working with the UN to backdoor the 2nd ammendment. This is the point where we HAVE to put our foot down. If we let one freedom go we have to let them all go. Are you willing to give up all your rights? I for one will not. People say it would never happen in the US… well it has started and they keep pushing and pushing and the lies keep being repeated to the point that people will believe and the numbers do not help them understand they turn from the truth. Even the freedom of speach is under fire. The UN trying to make it a crime to slander Islam and the POTUS is supporting this. What about Christianity? or other religions. then why not make it a crime to talk about our freedoms and slander of the POTUS…. where does it stop? If you let it start then there is no stopping it. So don’t let it start and we won’t have to worry about stopping it

  7. Mark says:

    Thanks for your responses. America will have a debate, in time, which will define your futures. And it shouldn’t be decided by anyone other than Americans. The world is shocked each time these major atrocities take place and it would be wrong for the rest of us to keep quiet, if our opinions (from either side) would help.

    Both sides of this argument trade statistics and use spurious “facts” to justify the own ends but this should be an apolitical debate.

    Fundamentaly more guns does mean that more people (good guys and bad guys) will be killed (murdered, suicide and accident). This is fact. I’m not talking about crime rates, or about who and when, just people being killed.

    It is a pity that more people (Americans) who favour gun control are not in this blog, I would enjoy and be informed watching you debate.

    I trust and hope that 2013 is a safe year for all your families.

    • Jean says:

      Most Americans “FOR” gun control are unworthy of the moniker “American.” They are worthless parasites, and inane babblers. (read: Leftists One and all.)

      What happens when you have someone like me? I don’t own a gun; I AM the weapon. (Japan & karate, for instance: every karate practitioner is recognized as having lethal weapons: their hands.)

      If you want to kill people, there are ALWAYS ways. Disarming those who don’t intend to commit mass murder is pointless; they weren’t a threat to begin with. And once disarmed, “for their own good,” they aren’t a threat to the government, or any other thugs, either. At which point they can be executed, as the Bolsheviks did to the Russians. Mao. Pol Pot. Stalin.

      Over here, the same democide is simply referred to as a “good shoot” by the police…

  8. Kevin Dailey says:

    there was very little mention of the man in China??? the same time frame as the Ct shooting. He slashed 20 children with a knife in the school. If I wanted to mass kill in a dark place the knife would be the weapon of choice so not to alert the next victim. Good thing I have God in my life because without him I would be a lost soul. I’m glad I’m not unstable and I own a gun or 2,3,4,ect. The perp got off easy by taking his own life. Anyone that does this should be hung by the neck till dead by sunset.

  9. Jan says:

    Hi There also was a situation in Clackamas, OR just out of Portland, OR although I think that the Clackamas Town Center Mall is considered to be in Portland. Anyway there was an attempted Mass Murder that happened just a day or 2 before the Ct Mass Murder…. The One at the Clackamas Town Center (CTC) was stopped by an armed man who did not even have to take a shot as it was then the man choose to kill himself when he realized that there was an armed man there to oppose him. Unfortunately the Gunman took out 2 people before being confronted by the man with a legal gun. *****You don’t hear much about this because it does not line up with the Anti Gun Agenda!!! Personally I don’t think we should even have to register our gun as then the Gov. can then get them when they want… 😦

  10. rob.. says:

    i took the oath to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, i took that oath the first time in 1981 and then again in 1983 and then again every time i re-enlisted to serve over 25 years in defense of this great land. as i do not own a gun myself i will gladly stand by and fight to the end to keep the right to own a gun or a thousand guns if i so choose. and as i might not own one myself i can readily come to arms in a moment notice within in 1/10 of a mile from my front door… also i feel that if the president and his family and those in political offices can have have armed guards and own guns and carry them concealed then we the people have those same rights.. also i believe strongly if you are not from the US and you try to talk about rights and constitution then well stay out of my country. the UN has no place in the US nor do others that want to talk about taking the rights that i fought to protect.

  11. Lisa says:

    If you were in charge what would you do?

  12. Equus says:

    I love the intelligent response of Dean Garrison…never heard a position better stated.
    6th grade school teacher

  13. Ivan Pistov says:

    Marl. I’m somewhat insulted by your old saw “more guns = more crime”. I have been around guns, closely, as a hobby and markmanship competitor, for about 70 years. All my gun friends have multiple guns, of all types (including socalled assault rifles) and yet, not ONE of these guns has EVER committed any crimes. Nor have any of mine. And most of these gun friends also have concealed carry permits, which take time, money and work to acquire. Concealed carry most certainly does not lead to more gun violence. Its purpose is, as my instructor always says, A LAST RESORT. Thatt seems to be something that many non-gun people don’t get. Why would licenses to carry be issued for people to go arround terrorizing or shooting up a place? You do NOT need a license to do that as has been amply demonstrated. On any give day about 99.9999% of all guns are NOT involved in murder, mayhem, robbery, or violence. And by the way, Dr. John Lott has NOT been discredited, other than those who just grab discreditation out of thin air.

    • Mark says:

      I’m a little insulted that you didn’t take the time to read my various responses. I never said that “more guns = more crime”. I said that “MORE GUNS = MORE DEAD PEOPLE”. Tis fact.
      I’m sure that you and your buddies are good citizens, have good gun practices and could safely manage owning a firearm. Unfortunately that cannot be said for all gun owners. Hundreds of thousands of firearms get into the hands of criminals through theft and Federal Firearms Licensees illegally selling them or not carrying out thorough enough checks.
      As you say, statistically, very few of the firearms in circulation are used to murder people. But how about you make it harder for that crazy person to kill so many. Smaller capacity magazines, ammunition tracking and bans on assault rifles (oh those silencers promoted by the gun manufacturers to protect your childs hearing). None of these proposals would damage you and your friends enjoyment. I bet they can all reload pretty quick, dont waste ammo and wear ear defenders, so no worries there then Ivan.
      You should do some more reading, Dr John Lott’s research has been widely questioned and discredited. No one else could reproduce his findings, he never took into account enough causal factor. One chunk of research data, when questioned, was “lost”. He couldn’t remember the people he had worked on it. So yes he is dicredited.
      Some of the data used in this thread against my arguments have been false. I have replied and pointed this out. But no one has replied. I guess any TRUTH that doesn’t suit your beliefs can be ignored.

      MORE GUNS = MORE DEAD PEOPLE (Even Harvard said so – pesky left wing academics)

      • Kevin Dailey says:

        How about if you don’t like the guns you don’t purchase them and stay the heck out of my house… The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting its about keeping the Govt at more than an arms reach from me and my rights and any other Americans rights. If all we have to defend from the Govt is a black powder gun guess what? Keep the news papers from telling the crooks where to steal guns and let them take a chance on getting shot if they go in the wrong house. How many illegal guns are on the streets? Start there. now you have your starting point leave us the freak alone with our guns and ammo.

      • Jean says:

        More cars = more dead people.
        More aircraft = more dead people.
        More drugs = more dead people.
        more knives = more dead people.
        More regulations = fewer business startup = fewer jobs = more dead people.

        And arguing by appeal to authority (Harvard? SERIOUSLY? bought and sold, just like tony blair, Newt Gingrich, Pelosi, bohner, et al. guess who pays for “academic” studies to keep us commoners fighting each other?)
        Traffic accidents and doctors BOTH account for more deaths than guns in the US. But since we haven’t been able to stop Americans from drinking or drugging, what makes you think it’s possible to stop the guns? Prohibition didn’t work here for alcohol, EVEN WHEN OUR GOVERNMENT POISONED THE ALCOHOL. People STILL drank.

        People will still get shot.
        For another view of the differences between “civilians” owning guns and TPTB having guns, go over to
        Remember, if 5 cops empty their clips at a homeless guy, firing 30+ shots, hit him 10 times, and bystanders 5 times, it’s ALL GOOD. If a citizen shoots an attacker more than ONCE, he’s going to prison for excessive force – and God forbid he should hit someone else, too, that’s assault with intent.

        And just to be a complete @$$ – we had to bail you sorry lot out TWICE in the last century. STOP TRYING FOR A THIRD, we don’t have the money any more, we have our own problems on this side of the pond.

        • Mark says:


          More cars = more dead people. Cars require insurance, regular checks and highly regulated highways.
          More aircraft = more dead people. Aircraft pretty safe but same points as above.
          More drugs = more dead people. Illegal.
          more knives = more dead people. correct

          Almost infantile arguments…… but you may have a point with the next comment

          More regulations = fewer business startup = fewer jobs = more dead people. But would you guys pay a cent more tax to help fund businesses in poorer neighbourhoods if it could stop people from join gangs and killing people.

          I agree that the stats are difficult to consume but there are more academic sources showing MORE GUNS = MORE DEAD PEOPLE that are peer reviewed and can be reproduced. You only have Dr john (the dog ate my homework) Lott.

          In the UK Birmingham had high gun crime but with funding and education they reduced the offences for both gun and knife crime by 50% “The city council has been told that firearms offences have fallen from 728 in 2002-03 to 298 last year. Meanwhile, knife crime has also dropped dramatically from 2,202 incidents ten years ago to just 1,111 offences last year.”

          Americans led by the nose by the NRA will not let that happen. Recent revelations regarding the NRA stopping doctors from collecting data when treating patients that could be used by researchers for determining injuries caused by guns is a disgrace. If you are more likely to be injured by a gun if you own a gun, then maybe you should pay higher medical insurance or home insurance or whatever. I’d be pretty pissed if the high cost of my medical insurance was to help fund the treatment of careless gun owners. You don’t own a gun – does the higher cost of insurance make you angry.

          Oh and just to be a complete ARSE. We are happy not to have your funding for the IRA any more – thousands of people killed in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom (on both sides) with money from America.

          You chaps are basically fucked but you are going to be fucked some more and then some more after that.

          Good luck

          • Mountaineer says:

            Lovely comment Mark. Particularly liked you gleefully telling us that we’re fucked.

            For some reason there are some people in the UK that love to tell Americans how fucked up we are, how they do things so much better in the UK, how we’re too stupid to recognize our own best interests, etc. without knowing very much about the US. I’m not saying the US is perfect — far from it. But I am saying that you’re pretty ignorant about the US.

            Recently a young man in the UK thought it would be fun to anonymously post a threat on a memorial page on Facebook to get his father’s guns, drive at high speed in his motor to a school in Tennessee, and try to kill at least 200 kids. Almost 3000 kids stayed home from school in Tennessee thanks to this idiot. He’s now under arrest.

            I suspect that he was another Brit who wanted to show how superior he was to the stupid Americans. To be blunt, it looks like people in the UK such as you and this idiot like taking the mickey out of the Americans.

            Mark, you don’t really answer Jean’s points at all. As for your point about doctors asking questions about guns, maybe you don’t understand how the medical practices and the insurance companies work over here. Doctors don’t report on us to the insurance companies every time we visit them so the insurance companies can adjust their rates. If that was the real reason then doctors should be asking about items with significantly higher morbidity and mortality rates than merely having a gun in the house. Do you have a swimming pool? Does anyone in your household ride a bicycle? Do you have any 5 gal buckets around the house? Granite countertops in the kitchen or bath? Do you parachute? SCUBA dive? How old is your car? Does it have anti-lock brakes? Airbags? Do you use the seat belts? How is your driving? Always obey the speed limit? What about your weight? Need a bit more tofu and less McDonalds?

            Mark, while you engage in petty name calling about Dr. John Lott, you don’t bother to cite anyone who supports you. If they’re in public health then you would also need to address the weaknesses in most public health studies on crime where the doctors show little or any knowledge of criminology. (See for example “Guns and Public Health:Epidemic of Violence, or Pandemic of Propaganda?” by Don B. Kates, Jr. in “Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control” by Gary Kleck and Don B. Kates, Jr.)

            Did you ever go to a football game (soccer for the Americans) and watch someone watching yell about how wrong a linesman’s call is? Of course, the linesman is 10 yards away looking right down the touchline to see if the ball is in or out and the spectator is 80 yards away on the other side of the pitch. But that fan is absolutely sure that his view from a distance is so much better than the view of the linesman right at the scene and he’s sure that the lineman is an obvious oblivious incompetent. Your comments from 3500 miles away have the same loud self-assurance.

            So in the American vernacular, put up or shut up. Or in the UK vernacular, bugger off!

            • Mark says:


              Your points:
              “you don’t really answer Jean’s points at all” – I don’t see which points I missed. But more deaths by car? This is correct at the moment but the amount of deaths by car is on the decrease and the amount of deaths by gun are on the rise. Some predict that death by gun will rise above death by car in 2 years time. Death by car is on the decrease due to greater regulation and enforcement! I wonder what could work for death by car?!

              “doctors asking questions about guns,” I dont disagree with your point about insurance companies charging more for people who attract more risk. Cars with more power generally attract higher insurance premiums. Some research shows that gun owners are more likely to be injured in firearm incidents than none gun owners. Therefore, draining more money from the health insurance companies with the consequence of higher premiums for everyone.

              “petty name calling about Dr. John Lott” His studies have been widely discredited. This link will take you to a Harvard site which lists questions and their findings against common assumptions about gun ownership and it’s effects.

              “So in the American vernacular, put up or shut up. Or in the UK vernacular, bugger off!”

              The amount of murders in the US is dropping, but the proportion of murders by gun is rising, last year the proportion of murders committed by firearm was 70%!

              Homicides by gun
              2011 15,953 11,101 70%
              2010 16,259 11,078 68%
              2009 16,799 11,493 68%
              2008 17,826 12,179 68%
              2007 18,361 12,632 69%
              2006 18,573 12,791 69%
              2005 18,124 12,352 68%
              2004 17,357 11,624 67%
              2003 17,732 11,920 67%
              2002 17,638 11,829 67%
              2001 20,308 11,348 56%
              2000 16,765 10,801 64%
              1999 16,889 10,828 64%
              1998 14,276 9,257 65%

              Of course I don’t live in America and am “shouting from the stands” to use your football analogy. But when the television replay shows the linesmans decision was wrong the spectator may have a point.

              Since taking an interest in this debate I have found more reliable studies and commentary supporting control than against it. Your media is not helpful as both sides of the debate are guilty of following their own political agenda. Politicians rely on funding from the NRA which relies on the majority of its funding from arms manufacturers.

              It was more with sadness than glee that I put that you are fucked. Thousands more Americans will die before real change happens and that is a tragedy.

              I enjoyed reading your post, it was almost in English english, you must have some British influence (but not any that you liked!).

  14. Ivan Pistov says:

    Correction: my comment adressed to MARK, not Marl.

  15. LTC in Mass says:

    I share the same sentiments. Thank you!

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