So, Exactly How Much Manslaughter Does Obama being America’s First Black President Entitle Him To Get Away With?!? Part 2

I seem to have struck a nerve with liberals & Progressive’s in my initial publication of, “So, Exactly How Much Manslaughter Does Obama Being America’s First Black President Entitle Him To Get Away With?!?”. Such vitriolic scathing hatred they embody in their vernacular when they go on their profanity laced rants! Revealing their ‘true’ natures despite all of their hot air of being ‘tolerant’ & ‘sensitive’ towards others feelings. It’s obvious their held beliefs in regards to our First Amendment Rights should only extend to themselves & those of us who don’t agree need to be put in jail, OR worse (I’ll let those of you who’ve experienced first hand yourselves these type of impaired jackasses imagine what I mean by, “OR worse”). Brings a smile to my face I have to admit, which in turn has inspired me to write this follow up!

Since having published that Blog, I’ve had liberals & Progressives pour out of the woodwork on “MY” Facebook Page, Obama: The Enemy Within. Yeah, the way I had a couple go on about who I was there, you’d of thunk they discovered Batman’s secret identity, when I have a link to my Page listed here & I’ve made no secret about it. Dumb asses. Naturally, they proceed to do what they do best & immediately set about to incite & provoke a verbal confrontation, then after they pull the dogs tail & get their dumb asses bit, they run off to Facebook to report me like the sniveling craven little snot nosed Chickenshits they ALL are! In fairness tho’, ‘in fairness’, ‘some’ (like maybe 1 out of every 50 or so) do try to engage me in a modicum of civil discourse, but the astounding vacancy of reason or thought to some of their comments is so discouraging to the prospects of an intelligent discussion that I don’t even bother to try now. In all honesty, they are the best spokespeople I can think of to make the point for me as to what sort of vicious animals we’re dealing with in this politicized battle for the soul of our Country! 

But enough about these idiots. Like I said on my Page wall, when you have to deal with a piece of crap like Obama, it’s inevitable that you have to deal with the sort of flies he attracts too! I guess what’s so disturbing about the mentality of these uhh, people, is the total absence of any moral compass by which to discern the nature of the threat to our Nation, ourselves, & our very way of life that Obama & those he has infiltrated our Government with represent! Most notably in the aftermath of the Islamist terrorist attack on our Embassy in Benghazi that left our U.S. Ambassador & 3 other Americans MURDERED after a firefight lasting ‘several’ hours, during which time Obama did absolutely NOTHING to go to these peoples aid! Obama & his people watched it happen in real time from the safety & security of their own headquarters here in the United States, but it was the bizarre follow up on the heels of this terrorist attack (as Obama dodged accountability for his failure to protect our people in Libya) by both Obama & his U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, each citing to the public over the span of about 2 weeks, how some obscure anti-Muslim youtube video was responsible for causing this ‘spontaneous’ riot. The sheer enormity of this load of bullshit is astounding by its implications (at least it would be if we still lived in a sane & rational America, where right & wrong weren’t inverted to accommodate Obama & the lefts corrupting influence!). Especially in the subsequent released information reported on shortly after that our Intelligence Agency KNEW less than 24 hours after the attack that it was indeed a terrorist attack! 

Look at Obama’s track record. Before Benghazi, it was Operation Fast & Furious! That despicable ploy to try & subvert American’s 2nd Amendment Rights, resulted in the deaths of a Border Patrol & ICE Agent, not to mention hundreds of Mexican civilian casualties in their own Country as a result of this grievous debacle. No accountability resulted from that either, but then what can you expect when the Monkeys are running the Zoo?!?

I’m just old enough to remember Nixon & his Watergate scandal. Surprisingly, Nixon wasn’t going to be Impeached for the crime of the break-in itself of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., but rather the cover-up of the break-in that ensued. At least Nixon would have been Impeached, if not for his having resigned, but you know, I can reference several things in our culture today by which to use as a sliding scale of sorts to observe how far our standards in this Country have fallen since my days as a kid. For example, the PG 13 rating given to some movies. PG 13 today would have been an R rating when I was a kid. That’s just one example, but I’ll assume you get my drift. We are a Nation in decline. That’s pretty much irrefutable just by everything we see happening around us & contrasting those things by what they use to be 30 or even 40 years ago. By that reasoning then, Obama makes Nixon’s scandal seem like a Sunday afternoon Church ice cream social!

So again, I ask; Exactly how much manslaughter does Obama being America’s first black President entitle him to get away with?!? Because as far as I’m concerned, in the shadow of Operation Fast & Furious, following that up now with the Benghazi terrorist attack coupled with Obama’s having done NOTHING over a period of several hours during that attack to go to the aid of our now dead brethren, that makes Obama & certain members of his Administration as culpable & complicit as those radical Islamist’s who tortured & murdered our people! And we’ve seen how much Obama supports these radical Islamist’s in the Middle East, & those of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So at what point, if not for the death of American’s for God’s sake, do we hold this disgrace accountable for his dereliction of duty?!? For violating his own sworn Oath?!? Have we allowed such deranged & perverse individuals to lower our standards that much? Have we fallen that far?? If so, then we deserve this fate that we’ve earned thus for ourselves!


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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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