So, Exactly How Much Manslaughter Does Obama Being America’s First Black President, Entitle Him To Get Away With?!?

For anyone who knows me or has read the few commentaries I’ve wrote here at The D.C. Clothesline, the following statement wont come as a revelation, but I do not like Barack Hussein Obama! Not one bit! I do not like the Constitutionally subversive policies & legislation he has advanced! I do not like the “Fundamental Transformation” that this treasonous political Jihadist represents & has subjected all of us & our Nation to! I do not like Obama’s constantly expanding list of controversies & growing Scandals…Especially those scandals which have had the direct result of overseeing the ‘MURDERS’ of American’s!

For any rational critical thinking American, this whole phenomenon that has surrounded & permeated this remarkably unqualified Senator from the political cesspool of Chicago style politics has been patently ridiculous! Not to mention bizarre! AND surreal! Just with those radical associations Obama had maintained with such people as Bill Ayers. A known domestic terrorist responsible for a series of bombings that included the Pentagon & the U.S. Capitol when he was a member of the radical group, The Weather Underground! The Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Twenty years of Obama supposedly never hearing any of the Black Liberation theology Wright espoused from his pulpit as he God Damned America, telling his congregation of how Americas Chickens have come home to roost! Tony Rezko. A businessman & campaign fundraiser for Obama, & other Chicago politicians, who has since been convicted of 16 out of 24 counts involving ‘mail fraud’, ‘wire fraud’, ‘money laundering’, & ‘aiding & abetting bribery’. Then there’s a man by the name of, Rashid Khalidi. A Palestinian scholar & a supposed author on Middle Eastern affairs who believes Israel is a ‘racist state’, whom Obama met while both were teaching at the University of Chicago. Khalidi  & his wife hosted a political fundraiser for Obama back in 2000. Mr. Khalidi praised Mr. Obama as “the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause” and for his willingness to hold talks with Iran, which has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”                                        

These are just a few ‘extreme’ associations of Obama’s whom most of you are probably familiar ad-nauseum with. The point I’m making here tho’ (that I’m pretty certain a lot of you have thought about yourselves too), is that I come from a time back when a mans character could still be determined & was known by the ‘friends’ & the ‘company’ he kept. However, as we’ve since learned (as with so many other crucial principles), this standard was simply one more of several, which apparently does not apply to Obama!  If, however, Obama would have been a ‘white’ politician (irrespective of Party affiliation), then I have no doubt he would have been laughed from the podium & off of the political stage for daring to have the unmitigated hubris to feel himself entitled to run for the Presidency having maintained such associations. That’s just my opinion. 

I have no doubt Liberals would trip over each other to be the first to accuse me of being a racist who despises Obama (reasoning this simpletons conclusion in the moldy Swiss cheesed recesses of their impaired cognition) on the basis of his being black. That’s pretty much the standard counter argument you’ll get from these ass clowns if you are white & are critical of Obama. Obviously it doesn’t matter to these parasitic tumors at Obama’s deliberate & purposeful devastation of our economy. His intentional weakening of our Military defense capabilities, our unsecured borders, or his facilitating this insurgence of members of the Muslim Brotherhood into his Administration, & by extension throughout critical & sensitive areas of our own Government. I mean his junk yard dog he has appointed as our United States Attorney General, classified The Ft. Hood massacre as an act of “Work Place Violence” for God’s Sake!  

Political correctness allows no place for common sense or truth in its advanced stage cancer on our Country today! I despise it! I may lack the vernacular eloquence of expressing myself at times, but my words are real & unvarnished! If they strike a nerve, then I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. Personally, I hold Obama in the same regard as I would any other enemy sympathizing Traitor! The cumulative results I’ve seen of Obama’s actions in his time as President have contradicted the generic platitudes of his meaningless rhetoric in almost every instance! A shameless pathological liar with all of the inherent traits of a psychopath! But the ONE result I CANNOT abide, has been the deaths of American’s as a consequence in the course of this speck of a mans Treason! For those of you who need a definition to my accusation, I refer you to the following: 

treason [ noun ]

  1. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
  2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it all seems self-evident to me when you ignore what you hear from Obama & all the smoke he blows out of his ass, focusing rather on what he does & has done since McCain’s handing him the Presidency back in 2008! To any with ‘eyes to see’, the picture that begins to coalesce ought to disturb the shit out of you! Especially when you consider too, the chilling absence of any genuinely substantive effort to reign this son of a bitch in by ANY of the GOP establishment elitists. I don’t know tho’. Perhaps Obama’s latest scandal centering around him & his Administrations cover-up of the Islamist terrorist attack on our American Embassy at Benghazi, culminating in the slaughter of the 4 American’s there, may actually prove to be the straw that finally breaks Obama’s back! You’ll understand my skepticism I pray, if I still reserve some doubts however, but still at this point, exactly how much manslaughter does Obama being America’s first black President, entitle him to get away with?!? 

How much longer America, can we continue on under this inverted & warped version of reality, which those in our Government who are either too Chickenshit or else too complicit, foist upon us?!? How much more of our common sense will be assailed by the absurdities of this Traitor in our White House if accountability eludes him? How much more outrage can we anticipate from him & his servile ass licking lapdogs in the liberal media? Well, if these past 4 years have been any indication (as Obama has worked unceasingly to shred our Constitution, progressing his seditious despotism further & further along at the expense of our Freedoms & Liberties), I can only imagine the possibilities! But where Obama is concerned, you can be certain of one thing: it wont bode well for the United States & we the American people! Especially for those sycophantic retards who have supported this disaster by design! They’ll be in for one Hell of a crushing disappointment, & THAT is the only thing I will find amusing about the next 4 years of this unprecedented travesty!



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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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1 Response to So, Exactly How Much Manslaughter Does Obama Being America’s First Black President, Entitle Him To Get Away With?!?

  1. Holy shit Chad. I finally got to read this. It’s been a long day. You certainly don’t sugar coat anything do you? LMAO I certainly feel where you are coming from. I have no idea how a country that defended Israel like our own land has fallen away from what we once stood for. I also have no idea how “socialism” seemed to be accepted almost overnight in this country. When i grew up “socialism” was a dirty word. I am a capitalist and capitalism is the core of what built this country. My biggest concerns with Obama personally have been his economic policies. Word was just released that unemployment was down in November. REALLY? Several financial gurus agree that the numbers are down because a lot of people have given up and left the “work force.”

    They publish numbers of less than 8% but the real unemployment rate is close to 15%. These are not my words but the words of financial experts. They say that factoring in people who have unwillingly left the workforce and people who are working less than full time (despite a desire for full time employment) that the number is closer to 15%. I find that a travesty and can not believe that people re-elected an administration that led us toward this economy. I am not saying it was all their fault. Surely there is a cummulative effect from prior years too, but the bottom line is that people deserve and should demand results which they are currently not getting. Even so, and I guess I’m going on my own rant now, the administration doesn’t understand how little unemployment numbers truly matter. During the great depression (1930-1940) our unemployment figures hit double digits. At the same time Russia has ZERO unemployment, literally. Yet they were our biggest critic… They thought we were a nation of whiners. Why?

    Because so many “unemployed” Americans had automobiles. In Russia at that time, gainfully employed workers could not afford to own automobiles. My point? Simply put I feel that our country is headed more and more toward a socialist state, which has been proven not to work, and who gives a shit if the unemployment rate is 15% or 0%. What the current leadership, and I include them ALL, doesn’t seem to understand is that it’s not how many petty jobs they create, it is the quality of jobs they create. They can twist the numbers however they want to. More Americans are hurting now then at any other time in my adult life, and they just asked for four more years of this shit. WTF? Things like the Benghazzi cover up bother me immensely, but not nearly as much as the fact that I am seeing our country’s wealth vanish right before my eyes. None of it is very positive right now. Without people speaking the truth as they see it, nothing will get done. So even if I don’t agree with you 100% of the time, I will always respect the fact that you tell it like you see it my friend. You don’t leave any doubt where you stand and I have to respect that.

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