Obama Isn’t The Only One Guilty Of Treason! The Mainstream Liberal Media’s Guilty Of It Too!

In recent headlines, I’ve noticed that George Zimmerman has bobbed back up to the surface from the murky depths of selective media obscurity, to reveal his intentions to sue NBC News for allegedly defaming him in their altered footage of his 911 call to police, all in their effort to promote “Racism” as Zimmerman’s motive for shooting Trayvon Martin back on February 26th, of 2012. I’m sure many of you recall the massive fallout of this case resulting in so much racism on parade from those who make up the list of usual suspects in our Country today. Ironically, they are those same usual suspects who seem to profit more from the lucrative ‘promotion’ of racism than they do in having any genuine interest towards actually stopping it! How many still recall Obama, in his standard mode as our ‘Great Racial Divider’, publicly stating that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon?! Lets not forget either, to give the venerable (yes, I say that mockingly) Al Sharpton the credit he’s due for his part in orchestrating the subsequent race baiting & enciting of racial tensions in the aftermath for which he got a hat tip from our own United States Attorney General, Eric Holder! Then who can forget such other memorable moments as when The New Black Panthers issued a substantial monetary cash bounty for Zimmerman’s head! Dead or alive! Funny how I don’t seem to recall any legal consequences as a result of that brazen act of lawless vigilantism being conducted or enforced (much less reported about) by Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, but then look to who our United States Attorney General is if you need clarification for possible reasons why that was!

But my commentary however isn’t about the Zimmerman/Martin case & the debacle of justice that followed, but rather about this enemy within we have symbolized by our own cultural media complex. Not too long ago I seem to recall Glenn Beck saying to the effect that irresponsible media needs to be held accountable for ‘making’ the News as they go along to advance a political ideology that has become saturated in the biased narratives they push on the American people through misleading news & outright falsehoods expounded on in their skewered reporting. There’s no better example I can think of to illustrate this gross disparity than to demonstrate the bare faced contempt they’ve shown in their coverage toward The Tea Party Movement & its members, in contrast to their sympathetic fawning of the Occupy Movement & its cult following of useful anarchist idiots! Time magazine went so far as to declare ‘The Protester’ as their choice for ‘Person Of The Year’ if that tells you anything! The Tea Party, according to the gutter snipers of the liberal media rank & files, is made up of violent racist Nazis, & from this sad & shameless dereliction of journalistic ethics or integrity, the liberal media coverage of the Tea party just goes nauseatingly downhill from there. Meanwhile, they gave accolades to those poor, oppressed, disenfranchised Occupiers who, (in the midst of their setting up ‘Rape-Free’ Zones, crapping in the streets or on Police vehicles, endangering their own children, damaging the properties they infested like locusts, overdosing on drugs in these Occupy encampments that later developed into veritable health hazards for potentially infectious diseases due to overcrowding & unsanitary living conditions, & increasing homicide rates among Occupy members) whined because they’re basically otherwise useless apparently at making responsible life choices or providing for themselves! Those types & the deficit of character & conscience they represent are A-Ok with those in the liberal media, but don’t be a peaceful concerned citizen, simply bothered by this deliberately engineered downward spiral we’re all being sucked into by those running our Nation into the ground if you know what’s good for you!

I think we’ve all understood for quite some time now, that America does NOT have a friend in our Mainstream liberal media! They’re essentially an insulated organization of seditious traitors to the United States & the American people! I mean if we’re to put it in plain & easy to understand language! Saying it like it is, without relying on the reality warping rhetoric of political correctness. What really made this fact manifest I think for thousands (if it wasn’t already), came with the arrival of this obscure & unaccomplished Senator from Chicago a few years back, announcing his plans in seeking the Democratic Party nomination for President in the upcoming 2008 Presidential election. The subsequent tsunami of media bias that followed was virtually surreal! Not to mention disturbing at the obscene coverage, the total vacuum of journalistic objectivity or standards whatsoever in their support of & sycophantic deference to Obama. Calling it sickening doesn’t even begin to adequately describe this ever evolving American horror story that has ensued in the years since.

Many masks have come off among members of the liberal media elite (in some cases joyfully ripped off with brazen abandon I’m inclined to believe), with the rise of this Chicago travesty & Muslim supporting Sympathizer presently occupying our White House, waging this relentless political Jihad of his against our Nation & the American people! Through the heavy-handed bastardization of political correctness, it’s almost as if our entire Country has been conditioned to accept this state of decline by design as being our manifest ‘destiny’! A deserved fate for their radicals perceived view of our so-called American Imperialism! Personally, I don’t give a Rats ass what their motivation is! I just know that I’m fed up with Traitors constantly being given ridiculous credibility to base these baseless assaults on our way of life with & to continuously drive their treasonous narrative on! 

It’s almost as if an entire psychiatric ward full of psychopaths & schizophrenics have all simultaneously gone off their medication! They exude so much unreasoning hostility & bare naked contempt against their own Country that it defies reason & rationale! And they just go on with no accountability whatsoever! For us as average American’s, how do we effectively counter & oppose this kind of Crazy with any semblance of civility when these hedonistic animals are so dangerously & criminally negligent in their actions & irresponsible reporting?!? When we’re dealing with blatant & emboldened Traitors, so steeped in their own complicit treason at perpetrating the greatest political fraud ever to be pulled off in the history of American politics (and make no mistake, Obama IS a fraud!)?!? When accountability doesn’t seem to be high on any persons list, up to & including those in our corrupt political establishment (go figure I guess when you have the Inmates running the Asylum)! Yeah, we can tune them out, turn them off , but they still don’t go away! They linger on like an antibiotic resistant strain of S.T.D.! 

Maybe Glenn Beck does have the solution, when he remarked that, “It’s time for irresponsible media to be sued and made an example of!” I just didn’t expect George Zimmerman would be the one leading the charge, but if anyone has the right to sue the ‘irresponsible’ media, it’d have to be that poor railroaded bastard! More power to him!


About Chad Miller

Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obama-The-Enemy-Within/493345724020615?ref=hl
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