Did Obama’s Publishers Make a Mistake? Or is it a Cover-Up?

factcheckI have seen two birth certificates on the internet that mysteriously surfaced in 2008 and 2009. Both show that Obama was born in Kenya, and both look to be pretty convincing at first.  However, both have been proven to be forgeries. I have seen the evidence and neither certificate is real. Do some research if you want.

When you look at both sides of the story you will find that some pretty sharp people have debunked both copies, primarily because the people who fabricated the birth certificates were not as bright as they thought they were. I find it slightly amusing but mostly deplorable.

On the other hand… I have also seen a copy of the Hawaiian birth certificate and watched videos from an expert that shows inconsistencies in the background and type. You could make the argument that his Hawaiian birth certificate was forged as well. The argument seems convincing but I don’t really get into all of that. Again, I would have to question the motives of the “expert.”

I am not really an Obama hater, a “birther” or a conspiracy theorist. I am smart enough to realize that a lot of these experts are politically or maybe even financially motivated, so I have to take everything I see with a grain of salt. Hysterical right-wing and left-wing extremists manufacture evidence all the time. It’s not the first time it has been done. I need facts and clues that can not be questioned based on the motivation of the source.

There are arguments over his social security number and it’s origin/validity. For the most part these have been debunked too. There is some room for debate but most inconsistencies have been explained. The biggest problem with these arguments, is that even if you were to prove he had a problematic SSN, the evidence would probably never hold up in court.

The people that obtained all that evidence could be headed for prison. They got Obama’s SSN and records by fraudulent means. We have all seen enough Law and Order episodes to know that some things tend to get evidence thrown out, and obtaining evidence in a fraudulent way would be one of those…in my totally unqualified legal opinion.  Consequently I can’t buy into these arguments either. True or false it simply doesn’t matter because we can’t hang our hat on evidence that was obtained in a questionable manner. I’m not a lawyer but I am smart enough to smell a problem here. I don’t think Judge Judy would hear these arguments. 🙂

I think it’s important to note that I did not vote for Obama, but the politically driven witch hunts are nauseating even to a pseudo-conservative. When someone actually fabricates evidence because they think they are serving justice, I think it is pretty twisted. Some ends just don’t justify the means.

However, there is one piece of evidence that bothers me, and has bothered me ever since I learned about it. The one piece of evidence that was not fabricated, and is possibly a production of Obama himself, is from his book publisher. In a minute you will see a video, but for those who have not heard, Obama’s publisher printed a biography of him in 1991 that stated that he was in fact born in Kenya. Now the publisher claims that it was a mistake.

How convenient was it that 21 years after the mistake was printed, the publisher decided that it was a mistake? How convenient is it that the mistake was fixed when the issue of Obama’s birthplace was crucial? After all, one can’t be president unless he or she was born here. That’s the center of these arguments and I think this is the one piece of evidence that needs to be talked about in a serious manner.

I am not saying that people and even publishers can’t make mistakes but why did it take 21 years to acknowledge this? It is obviously and issue now, but why was it not an issue then? It is quite natural to wonder…Was it really a mistake? Or is it a cover up?

Why was Obama willing to live with this “dishonest misprint” for 21 years? I think that’s a fair question. I can not assume that he lied or that Obama was born in Kenya. I can not assume anything, but I think his biography, printed by his publisher, is a valid reason to raise the questions.

Is Barack Obama eligible to be President of the United States? Was he really born in Kenya? What I will say is that it is really convenient that this matter was resolved 21 years after the publication was released.

I want to give equal time here and speak for one of many possible explanations. This was an “industry” publication and not actually his book. The forthcoming book they were promoting was actually never published to my knowledge (oh how I would love to read the manuscript). It is possible that Obama felt the misinformation was minor. After all, his father was Kenyan. This was not his book, it was simply a promotional piece. At this time he wasn’t running for president so the mistake may have been viewed as minor and inconsequential. I feel obligated to print that because I am not a brain-dead lock-stepping ultra-conservative that only cares about Obama being removed from office. I don’t want to be part of the problem. I would like to be seen as part of the solution.

On the other hand, I have some limited experience with publishers and I happen to believe that it is customary for a publisher to send advance copies to make sure that all information is correct before it is printed. Even in a case where I simply endorsed a book, I was given the polite opportunity to “double check” my quote, which was no more than 50 words. However, in my limited experience, publishers tend to be very detail minded. I think sending advanced copies is customary. Publishers who fail to check facts end up with law suits, so I think that is why they do it. So, even if Obama was not born in Kenya, it is fair to ask if he was lying to try to procure some sort of gain from misinformation. I also think it is entirely possible that he could have written his own biography, but I have no evidence to support that.

We have to come to our own conclusions. I prefer to keep an open mind until I have absolute proof. I do however think that the American people are justified in asking these questions. No one manufactured fraudulent evidence here. This was not politically motivated to my knowledge. This came from his own publisher.

To me this piece of evidence is more important than any fabrication from politically motivated “birthers.” This piece of evidence came from publishers that were legally representing our current president. We may never know the truth, but I think Americans have the right to ask. I think that no ultra-liberal defender can deny that this piece of evidence raises some questions. Honest mistake or cover-up?

I embedded a video from YouTube that shows the original biography that was printed. Seek the truth my friends and always be cautious of the source. Most of the other “birther” stories you hear about have been officially debunked. This one has not. We only have an admission by a publisher, some 21 years later, that they made a mistake. An honest mistake? Or a cover-up? I can not tell you what to think. I am trying to stay open-minded but I definitely have questions.

About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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6 Responses to Did Obama’s Publishers Make a Mistake? Or is it a Cover-Up?

  1. TJ says:

    You shouldn’t fall into the LeftCult’s trap of using their invented term “birther” which is used to marginalize anyone concerned about the WHOLLY LEGITIMATE issue of where the Marxist revolutionary was born. Also, anyone who loves America as founded, and liberty, SHOULD hate him since he’s intentionally trying to destroy both bad create a new Soviet Union here!

    • I simply am trying to reject that label because I don’t want to be seen as an extremist with a political agenda. I don’t like Obama’s politics and what I feel is a new love for socialism in America. At the same time if I look like I am on a witch hunt, I can’t expect to be taken seriously by a large percentage of the population. That is what I seek. I seek to be less confrontational so that an Obama supporter can read what I wrote and respect it. I have found that people need to be fed only what they are hungry enough to eat. If I come out and write an article about how I think Obama is Socialist and out to destroy our county, liberals automatically reject the story immediately as confrontational. I seek to offer rational discussion. I don’t disagree with you at all, but a certain amount of sugar coating will draw more people to my words. That’s all I’m after. I believe I have more chance to make a difference if I don’t automatically put liberals on high alert as soon as they see my name. People are quick to defend themselves when they feel threatened. Just my style. Thanks for your input. It is duly noted.

  2. TJ says:

    …and create…
    (Oops, stupid auto-correct)

    • LOL no worries my friend. Typos are not a big deal in this publication. They might be in another source…say…ummmm…let me think…maybe a future presidents biography? Just a wild example.

  3. I worked as a design engineer for about 20 years with 7+ as a master machinist also (no CNC for me). I had a pretty good track record of solid designs and problem solving (much of which was for the DoD.) The greatest factor is being able to deduce certain facts and spot patterns. I owe a great deal to some pretty simple thinking like “Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.” The other was the ability to research, gather facts and opinions and make my own conclusions. Well, here’s my opinion: Obama is simply a pawn in a greater deception perpetrated by a group of socialist and powerful, wealthy people who would profit. No greater defrauding was that of the banking/housing/GM collapse. No one was arrested, no charges filed. Green energy was a flat out scam. (pause and really think) Now you know 1/2 of the players, the rest are elected Socialist under the guise of the Democratic Progressive Party. Here’s an old document: http://rense.com/general32/americ.htm which states the goals and policies of the Democratic Progressive Party http://www.restoreamericanliberty.com/WhoaretheSocialists.pdf It was a given at the time, (the apple was ripe) in 2008, that control of the media was successful and that the outcome could easily be manipulated.. We’ve seen proof of that by it’s unwillingness to give an unbiased report on current events and more over to ignore certain treaties that are NOT in the best interest of America and for which she stands. Why Obama? Plausible Deny-ability. (how ever un-plausable or undeniable, after all, we’re talking about Lawyers here.) Add in the pawn, someone foolish enough with a narcissist personality and excellent lair. We also have to include the Florida Congressional finding that the Democratic Party purchased software that would be undetectable in “fixing” the election results. So, in closing, I’d stop worrying about Obama’s eligibility and worry about the larger problem of Socialism, which always goes hand-in-hand with massive corruption..A friend and ex-Goodfellow once stated, “to find corruption, follow the money”…. problem is, no one seems to know just where the money went since there is no budget, an intentional move.

    • Butch I love it when someone takes the time to post an intelligent comment (not that I don’t love them all but some people put forth more effort). Well done my friend. You seem to see the big picture and I applaud you for that. It’s a little naive to think we can take care of something that should have been taken care of in 2008, but that won’t keep me and a lot of other people from writing about it. We just keep swinging the hammer and hoping we will hit a nail. We hammer on socialism and other topics too. My big thing lately has been unions because I was victimized personally by unions. I thoroughly enjoyed your take on this. If you ever want to do some guest blogging, let me know. I loved reading your comment and I’d love reading a few blog entries as well if you are up for it. Hope you visit us again either way. Thanks again Butch. If you want to do some blogging with us, you can tell me here or email me at dean.garrison.99@gmail.com You can also catch me on twitter @deandg

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