Truer words were never spoken!

The following quote is from a venerable source of deep insight & profound understanding of the human condition, having been handed down from the highest Authority on the subject! It also happens to be the most apt & fitting description I could find to sum up, in a nutshell, the percentage of voters who re-elected this seditious usurper in our White House…

Proverbs 26:11

11) As a dog returns to his own vomit,                                                                                             

So a fool repeats his folly!


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Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see;
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10 Responses to Truer words were never spoken!

  1. Bret says:

    Brought to you from the same book where two of every animal fit on a boat smaller than the Titanic and in 40 days and nights magically neglected the food chain. Quoting the bible is like fucking for virginity or bombing for peace.

    • Jim says:

      You arrogant atheist,,, it might help if you read the book of which you speak,,,, It was a great deal more than 2 of every animal and it was for 100 days….
      With man (read Bret) it is impossible, but with God NOTHING is impossible….

      • Hi Jim, thanks for your visit. I personally believe in God and believe that through Him all things are possible. What I also practice… is that I try to keep my religious beliefs out of my writing as much as possible. We all have different opinions for sure. My approach is this…

        If I am writing for a wide audience which may contain the atheists of which you speak, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. (I can’t speak for Bret’s views) then I try to reach them without including my religious beliefs. Why? Well it’s kind of like the whole NA/AA approach to helping addicts and alcoholics. You bring them in first with a message they can relate to, and introduce them to God later. Obviously I have some experience with 12 step programs, and I can tell you that when people first enter those programs they don’t normally want to hear about the Bible. But eventually many become upstanding and active members of the Church community.

        I can’t speak for Bret. I am just saying that from my own perspective I try to write for a wide audience. It’s also why I try to write as an independent in the middle whenever possible and slowly lead people toward the right. I also don’t get as many readers to my articles as Chad Miller. LOL He is a very talented man. I have known him for a long time. Hope you have a great day Jim and thanks for visiting us.

      • Bret says:

        Genesis 6:15 in the Bible tells us the Ark’s dimensions were at least 135 meters long (300 cubits), 22.5 meters wide (50 cubits), and 13.5 meters high (30 cubits). That’s 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high! It could have been larger, because several larger-sized cubits were used. But the 45-centimeter (18-inch) cubit is long enough to show the enormous size of the Ark.
        (A cubit was the length of a man’s arm from fingertips to elbow.)

        The Titanic:
        882 ft. 9 in. Long
        92.5 ft Wide

        So… “A great deal more than 2 of every animal” and it was for more than 100 days… Somehow in more than 100 days The Lions didn’t polish off the Gazelle, The Wolves didn’t finish off the Rabbit either… Shit! Wait! I get it now! That must be what happened to the Unicorn, Big Foot, Snipes, Chupacabras, and the Leprechaun.
        Also doesn’t the story go that all of man was wiped from the earth except Noah and his family? So in order to repopulate Noah and his family would have had to have done what exactly?

        I’m not an Atheist at all. I just choose to see the Bible as a good guide to living right rather than the anything else. You yourself throw the Bible at me? Yet “Do not judge lest thou be judged” etc? Laughable. Tell you what. I will make you a deal. You have lied to your parents so go be stoned to death, then be castrated because you have lusted in your heart. Then come talk to me about how important your beliefs are to you and how I’m going to hell. I’m not going I’m already here!

        “Here” is the great land of jackasses that take good ideas and turn them into belief structures then try to shove them on everyone and expect people to not push back or be pissed.

      • Bret says:

        “a venerable source of deep insight & profound understanding of the human condition, having been handed down from the highest Authority on the subject!”

        Please take some time and defend your source material. Your making potentially exaggerated claims and torts versus providing any fact.
        Venerable – Accorded a great deal of respect, esp. because of age, wisdom, or character.
        Source – A place, person, or thing from which something comes or can be obtained.
        A source that has a great deal of respect because of its age and wisdom? Okay? so this volume is on the same par as Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes , Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, The Divine Comedy by Dante then? I’m sorry please allow me to make it more to your target audience. How about T.V. Guide Magazine? TV Guide is Wise, it knows when everything will be on TV. Its old, it began in 1948 as “The TeleVision Guide for the New york Area” Its first national publication on April 3rd 1953. so fifty-nine years in existence as “TV Guide”. In essence TV guide is by far the highest authority on the subject. It even might have little cross word puzzles containing monosyllabic words so even Jimmy Joe Bob can finish them.

        My understanding is that we are composing pieces for a blog that has the intent of: “Airing Out the “Dirty Laundry” of Government, Big Business, or Anyone Else Who Stands in the Way of A BETTER America!” In what way is calling people names or furthering slanderous remarks urging towards this goal? Or am I misjudging the intended audience of your anecdotal drivel?

        If your target audience has difficulty changing light bulbs and has more than one family member named Bubba then I should say sir you are on the right track. You cannot expect your opinion or your facts to be taken seriously if you are going to take these sorts of childish jabs at those you wish to discredit. I do not like Obama any more than you do. Calling him a moron feels good but all it does is make people look at me like “Okay your an idiot”.

        As for Noah (Jim),
        Size of the Titanic:
        Length: 882 ft 6 in (269.0 m)
        Beam: 92 ft 0 in (28.0 m)
        Height: 175 ft (53.3 m) (keel to top of funnels)
        Draught: 34 ft 7 in (10.5 m)
        Depth: 64 ft 6 in (19.7 m)

        Noahs Ark:
        135 meters long (300 cubits), 22.5 meters wide (50 cubits), and 13.5 meters high (30 cubits). That’s 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.

        So, more than 2 of every animal and more than 100 days you say? A ship smaller than the Titanic?

        For Modern Comparison:
        The Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship is:
        129,690 Gross Tons
        Length 1,115
        Beam 137 Feet.
        Passenger compliment of 4,000
        Crew: 1,450

        So please take your fairy tale somewhere else. Next your going to claim that the animals ate the Unicorn and other fable creatures which is why they do not exist today LOL.

  2. We should permanently silence him just in case he really is Muslim, or maybe he’s a Jehovah’s Witness. Either way…better safe than sorry. Right?

    I kind of agree Bret. I am a Christian, but I have love for many friends who are of different beliefs. I have some very good friends who are Muslims and Hindus. At any rate, I have quoted from the Bible on occasion but if I quote from the Bible about politics I have to understand that the only people who will take me seriously are conservative Christians. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that group of people, but if I want to reach a larger group of people I need to find a different way to spread my message. For what it’s worth I used to consider myself Conservative Christian, but I moved a little more toward the center over time. Either way, if you start pulling out Bible quotes, those are likely the people who will listen. Other people tend to disregard and move on.

    Then again, I usually drop a bunch of “f-bombs” and if I do that then the conservative Christians don’t respect my opinion either. Fuck it! It’s a free country so I will just write what is on my mind at the time. LOL

    I do know that we can’t always take the Bible literally. It is possible that on Noah’s ark there were a few hermaphroditic animals who were able to procreate by impregnating themselves. In this case the story is entirely possible. OK I don’t believe that either, but I also don’t believe that any religious book has to be 100% accurate to be useful. I think for any religion to think that they have all of the answers (and everyone else is burning in eternal flames) is very naive. And it’s also the reason that so many men and women end up in body bags. You don’t believe that Noah’s Ark was real? I’ll kill your face off you stinking Muslim. I try to be as open-minded as possible but it’s tough to stay that way with my upbringing. There are people who think like that. There are also people that will kill your face off just because you are black, brown, red, yellow, or white.

  3. Chad Miller says:

    Bret, you sound like the standard liberal, whose idea of posing an educated debate is simply to take it down to gutter sniping & resorting to typical ridiculing of peoples faith & trashing the Bible! If that’s the best you can do, then perhaps it’s better you not say anything at all!

  4. Chad Miller says:

    Besides, it was a pretty straight forward quote & one I thought apt. If you don’t like it, then suck it up Buttercup, cuz you haven’t seen anything yet!

  5. Chad Miller says:

    Jeez Bret, isn’t it about time to find another bone to gnaw on man?!? While you’re at it, I have an idea! How about you staple your asshole closed and keep your drivel to yourself if you don’t like the material I’ve chosen to quote in ‘MY’ Blog! Since you obviously have an inherent prejudice and discriminating bias against the source material from which I quoted, judging by the derisive and condescending manner in which you’ve chosen to express your opinion when it comes to matters of other peoples beliefs, you’ve only achieved at demonstrating to everyone that you’re an asshole. You might be Dean’s friend, but you don’t mean shit to me. I must have really struck a nerve tho’ for you to dedicate so much ridicule to try and make yourself feel better. Apparently it’s not working tho’, since I posted this Blog on the 3rd, and here we are on the 17th, AND you’re still commenting! For God’s sake, do yourself a favor, dredge up a little dignity, and move on already! Besides, nobody likes an asshole, so feel free to fuck off! This is all I have to say on the subject.

  6. Vernon says:

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