Obama: The Enemy Within!

“Obama represents to America, the American people, our Constitution & rule of law, our economy, our national security, & our Military defense what the Bubonic plague represented to 14th Century Europe!”        ~Chad Miller~

Well America, four more years of “Punish your enemies” & “Vote for revenge”! From the nihilistic anarchist Party of socialist entitlements, abortion on demand, free contraception, Occupation, death threats, gay marriage, & rioting if we don’t get our way! That’s pretty much what has taken over our Country now! Like I’ve said previously, I’m of the opinion Romney was never intended to win this election & I understand there are those of you out there with the same conviction. I think this entire electoral process was a show to appease the masses, but that the outcome was never in doubt. Obama KNEW it too, & let it slip out in his hot mic ‘gaffe’ to the Russian Prime Minister several months ago of his having more flexibility after the elections! Recall as well his anemic performance throughout the Presidential debates. He knew & didn’t give a damn! That was just another, “In your face America!”, salute from this divisive fascist!

Now folks we’re truly witnessing the accumulated efforts of the past several decades of those enemies within our Country grinding down America, insinuating themselves into positions of political influence to weaken us with their political correctness, further advancing their seditious goals! But yet, all we have in the line of defense is a GOP establishment that seems to have settled comfortably into the role of just bending over & taking it in the ass from this party of Treason & sedition!

Four more years America, of Obama’s lawlessness! Of Obama aiding, enabling, & financing our enemies with our own money in the middle East in the aftermath of his overseeing the murders of our American Ambassador in Benghazi & three other American’s, without his even lifting a finger to help them as his equally subversive cronies watched this hideous ordeal play out in real time! Then subsequently, Obama lied directly to our faces about it for well over a week, despite there having been a massive repository of contradictory evidence to refute Obama’s misleading assertions, falsely claiming the motivation for this terrorist attack as ‘allegedly’ resulting from some obscure youtube video!

Four more years of this worthless Bastards monotonous Treason! Four more years of Obama’s unaccountable corruption & malfeasance! How have we fallen & declined so far in our Country?!? From a virtuous & diverse group of men & women (indeed, a hardier & more authentic breed of people than what so many have digressed into today) who sacrificed so much & strove together to form a Republic, granting us a Nation, in posterity, of freedom & liberty! Procuring a legacy passed down through almost 237 years worth of history & generations of American’s, to where we find ourselves at now: with a group of divisive, Constitutionally Treasonous & subversive, two sides of the same coin, political establishment Elitists! Slavish to the deranged insanity of political correctness, intent on destroying from within this that far superior men provided us!

Feel free to visit:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obama-The-Enemy-Within/493345724020615?ref=hl


About Chad Miller

Ours is not a government of the people, but an aristocracy of oppressive elitists, & the Tree of Liberty's roots have grown parched! You can follow Chad on Twitter. Also see; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Obama-The-Enemy-Within/493345724020615?ref=hl
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4 Responses to Obama: The Enemy Within!

  1. Chad, looks like you are out of the gate with a bang. Tell it like you see it my friend.

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