Determine-Nation: What Our Country Was Built On…

My husband and I started a small business 16 years ago.  It was something I knew he would not only enjoy but make far more income than his then present job.  Needless to say getting started was a challenge.  We had little help from anyone outside the situation.  What we did have was determination.  Americans traditionally came to this country with that very trait.  Determination.  Break that word apart and you will find 5 syllables, but you will also find two root words…determine and nation.  Ironic isn’t it then that these two words are exactly what our country was built on, and a lack of which we are falling to pieces from???

When I look at my 18, 16, and 12 year olds, I often wonder if they have learned this same determination from us?  I mean it isn’t like a pill you take or food you eat.  Is it?  I see soo many young teens and college age students feeling entitled these days.  They weren’t born that way.  Their parents, friends and friends parents, not to mention teachers, coaches, and the like contribute to some silly idea of prosperity.  Silly because it isn’t based on work ethics but instead on who and not what you know.  Who you know can get you started, or aid that in happening.  When you want staying power in a job, a relationship, in life itself…you must have determination to do so.  Determination also contains motivation.  Most children today are motivated by the same spoiled things their parents are.  Whatever is good for them or gets them who or what they want.  We have a whole society of people who whether deadbeats on fraudulent Social Security or wealthier income level persons who want tax breaks…have lost  our determination.  I would not only suggest…but emphatically insist that both kinds of these sectors of society are not only a danger but impending doom of our society.  No system, whether as small as a family or as big as a nation can operate successfully without the humility of a servant.  The humility and dignity our forefathers had.  People need to get with it and get together or we will lose more than our right to our unborn.  The bible says that Satan comes to us as an angel of light.  While most throw the perverbial mud against President Obama, they need to get their brooms out and clean off their own doorsteps so to speak.  Stop blaming and start doing.  Stop taking and start giving.  Stop expecting and start living.  Your future depends on you.

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