Sifting Reality

For all the protest from Liberals and Democrats that they do not favor socialism, the fine folks at Gallup find otherwise.  The results from the latest survey find that the majority of  Liberals and Democrats have a favorable view of socialism.

Because socialism has worked so well everywhere it’s been tried, right?  On a positive note, the results show that Liberals and Democrats hold favorable views of free enterprise and capitalism also.  However this isn’t borne out when discussing economic issues with them, not in my experience anyway.  In fact I can’t think of a Liberal or Democrat who doesn’t disparage free enterprise in some fashion or another.  They persistently begrudge the rich their wealth.  Whether it’s demanding a more heavy tax burden for them, even though it will not have any effect on the deficits.  Or proposing caps on earnings.  Or even profit sharing within a corporation, i.e., reducing executives…

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About Dean Garrison

Dean Garrison is a husband and father of six, who faithfully pursues the American Dream. He has been MOSTLY self-employed for the last 20+ years and has been a top earner, executive and leader for several direct sales companies.
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